Thursday, December 31, 2009

Season 10 Spoilers (I mean 9... in my defense, it's 1 AM)

Since it's 1 AM I'm gonna be cheap and do this in list form by episode title and then characters involved/basic plot stuff.  Then I'm reading the novel I need to read for honors English and going to bed.  I think I'm overworked. :P

Waiting For a Girl Like You and Somebody (Love Games) - Declan and Holly J.
Heart Like Mine (2 parts) - K.C.'s relationship with his coach goes to new limits and he begins to question it.
Holiday Road - Emma and Kelly stop by Degrassi for a visit with some big news.  (Miriam McDonald go get another job!  You being on Degrassi is just getting awkward now.)
Start Me Up - Peter opens up his very own club in the Dot.
Why Can't This Be Love? (2 parts) - Sav, Anya, and the reality of his arranged marrage.

Now although it hasn't been officially confirmed, there's been some talk of a pregnant Anya as well as of an STD.  I don't know if the STD plot could apply to both Bhandaris with out being awkward so I'm betting on the former but again, nothing's been confirmed.

That's all I know for now.  Next on my blogging agenda is officially completing my Paige spotlight but I'll be sure to tell you if any more season nine news comes my way.  Good night, all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Season 10 Already?

I know, I know, season nine is only halfway over and we're already being taunted with secrets about season 10.  Yes, that's right, the ominous figure "The Exec" (Stephen Stohn) has already begun posting about a big season 10 secret via Twitter.  Wouldn't it be cool to be referred to as "The Blogger"?  It's sorta mysterious... I like it.
Anyway, so far the following has been posted by him:

I can't wait to tell you about what will be happening for Degrassi Season 10... something new and surprising..

Hint: The new and surprising thing about Degrassi 10 is not that it will become hour-long...

(it might be shown as hourlong sometimes, but that's not the new and surprising thing I was talking about!)

well, not sure if there will be a theme change, but there probably will be at least a couple of new characters...

.. but of course neither of those would be surprising... and not what i'm talking about! (lol rather, NOT talking about!)

Just noticing something, Stephen Stohn tends to post his tweets in pairs.  That, and the Twitter font is really cool.  Anyway, what we know so far is basically that it's not a new character, not a new plot, not a new time frame, and not a new theme song.  So what is it?  I have absolutely no idea.  All I know is that it's either something ridiculous we're not expecting or it's something pathetic we don't care about.  Here's hoping for the former.

By the way, sorry about the weirdness of the font color and the prior hugeness of the font size.  Blogger's not being agreeable right now.

Oh, and did I mention that season 10 has officially been confirmed?  What's that?  You figured that out?  Oh, you're so smart!

Spotlight On: PAIGE

I was digging through some old posts and stumbled upon this.  I haven't touched it since late July and rereading it, it appears that I gave up after season 4 without thoroughly touching on season 3.  And I never mentioned anything about Lauren Collins... wow, this is gonna be a freakishly long post when I finish, but I figure you guys can enjoy this much of it thus far and as soon as I finish my "Freshman Wellness Project" (that's code for gym homework... I know, right, gym homework?  Us honors students never get a break...) I'll add on to this.  Then I'll finish my 10 series.  Just want to assure you that I haven't forgotten about my promise.  Okay, enjoy.

Paige Michalchuk... where to start? So much Paige. So much time. But there's only so much I can say about her before you say "This is stupid!" and close the link. And since, according to Google Analytics, the most number of readers we've had in a day so far is 15, we need all the readers we can get.

I think I'll do this chronologically. Paige starts out as the queen bee character, almost a Mean Girls style ruler but more realistic. She discreetly insults people on backhand and gives them looks that you just know are not happy smiley looks (much as they may appear so) instead of just calling you names and ruining your life. Which means right from the start, Paige Michalchuk was a believable character. Paige starts out as a bad friend. Well, not bad. She's sorta there for her friends. But she's also sorta not. For instance, she manages to meddle into a relationship between Jimmy Brooks and long-time "frenemy" Ashley Kerwin, pressuring Ashley to have sex. But she also helps Ashley come to terms with having a gay father (although that ended interestingly... try picturing Ashley throwing milk in Paige's face because she thinks Paige is being mean and later realizing she was trying to help). Paige tried to be a good person... it just wasn't in her blood. For instance, she tried forming a band with Ashley, Terri (another friend), and herself, but even that wasn't the greatest thing for their relationship when tensions are raised at the talent show. But she tried.

Now, Paige and Ashley didn't last very long.  Pretty soon, Paige had an exciting falling-out with Ashley (I dunno if "falling-out" was the right term but it's so much fun to say). Okay, maybe not the most exciting thing you've ever heard, but when you get high on Ecstasy and call your friend a hag, you might burn some bridges. And when you're friend then becomes the most popular girl in school who completely abandons you when you need the most help (I mean, come on, you were just high on Ecstasy for crying out loud), she probably burned down the remainder of the bridges you managed not to burn. By the way, in that statement, Paige was the not-so-loyal best friend and Ashley was the one on Ecstasy (not that I think my imaginary readers are on Ecstasy, it was just a metaphor-ish thing... no, I believe it was an analogy).

Although Paige is still angry, she manages to forgive Ashley. But this is Degrassi, so that lasts a few episodes and then their right back to hating after a little dating incident. In a confusing series of insults and misconceptions, Ashley winds up isolated by Paige and, after Paige forcibly made it so, Terri. Terri, Paige, and a new character, Hazel, become friends. But in this season, Paige's problems are much more intense than just friendships.

Paige attends a party with Dean, the Bardell sports star, as his date after a soccer game. At the party, Paige is warned to be careful with Dean by another girl, but Paige just assumes it's jealousy and dismisses the precaution. She later asks Dean if they can go upstairs so they can talk, but Dean misunderstands and thinks Paige wants to have sex. Paige tries to tell him she isn't ready for sex in their relationship yet, but Dean pushes her down and rapes her... isn't he just darling?

After the rape, things just get worse. Spinner confronts Paige about the party and calls Paige a slut. Then Ashley joins Paige as she reunites PMS (their old band) in an attempt to win a songwriting competition. Ashley writes a song about rape which Paige disapproves, leading Ashley to accuse Paige of having "no emotions." Paige opens up to Ashley and confesses to her about the rape. Ashley tells Paige they won't do the song, but when Paige sees Dean in the audience, she sings the song, anyway. Afterwards, Paige goes to the school counsellor, finally coming to terms with her rape and after a few months of therapy, she accepts the rape and feels ready to move on. The episode has been dismissed as in the past in her mind, but then she learns that Dean will be visiting Degrassi for the basketball play-offs. She tries to avoid him, but after that fails, all hell breaks loose.

Well, not all hell, but a lot of it. Paige admits the truth about her rape to JT who gets in a fight with Dean on the basketball court. Dean is suspended from the game. Then, Spinner also learns the truth and goes after Dean. Paige interrupts the fight that the two wind up in and tells Dean she is going to press charges. It isn't until season 4 that the trial happens (don't worry, I'll jump back to season 3 after this). After a long and intense trial, the judge must reluctantly find Dean innocent due to the lack of witnesses and physical evidence. Devastated the result of the trial and trying to cope with the stress it provided, Paige goes to a party at Dylan's (her brother) college where she gets drunk and flirts with guys (lovely way to deal with stress, right?).  Now drunken and upset, Paige goes to see Spinner and have sex with him, but he refuses.  The two argue and Paige claims that no one seems to be showing any compassion for her while Spinner rebuts that she'll never get over the rape.  How do you solve a problem with your boyfriend?  Well, if you're Paige Michalchuk, you steal his car keys and drive back to your brother's frat house where you announce to the world (or the portion of it that's there) that Dean raped you.  And Dean, being the indifferent jerk that he is, first reacts angrily and defiantly but then admits to everyone he did rape her and doesn't seem to care.

Love Games

True to my word, I am posting again.  It's midnight and I'm blogging just to try and get another post in.  So I'm sorta adding my own little bit to the 10 series, this one being Degrassi Returns to TeenNick and the first episode of 2010 (see, I worked in a 10 there just incase you were beginning to question its relevance).

Canadians, don't even bother to read this post.  It's basically me alerting Americans about a sugar-coated version of "Waiting For a Girl Like You" and "Somebody."

For those of us Americans who remain ever faithful to our dear TeenNick (or just don't have parents willing to get you CTV just to indulge your unhealthy television obsession... when I get a place of my own I'm getting every channel that might possibly air Degrassi), those two titles above are new.  Well allow me to introduce you to the couple that saved my life, Holly J. and Declan.  Thank.  God.  Holly J. is not with Spinner. Jane + Spinner = pwnage.  I knew Holly J. wouldn't ruin it.  And Declan, you can have her, the two of you both creep me out a little bit.

Anywayz, "Somebody" and "Waiting For a Girl Like You" already aired in Canada but because I feel like a traitor when I watch episodes online, I haven't seen them yet.  However, thanks to my two favorite websites ever (Boycott the Caf and Kary's Degrassi Blog, without you I'd be nothing), I understand basically what happens.  Here in America, though, they'll be airing sometime in February under the title "Love Games."  I guess it's this year's attempt at a Valentine's Day special.

Although us Americans are getting the sugar-coated and overhyped version (that will most definitely come with one of those annoying promos they play over and over again) it does mean one good thing for us.  It means more Degrassi.  Because CTV is a major network, Degrassi won't be airing in Canada this winter.  The Olympics will.  (Okay, even I have to admit they're good enough to bump Degrassi out of the line-up.)  But because TeenNick is a smaller branch of a large network, it will still be our constant provider of Degrassi-goodness.  Yay :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We of the DegrassiPwns blog sincerely apologize for not being available in recent times.  We never reviewed anything after Wanna Be Startin' Something.  We might turn back and get them in slower times, but for now I want to plow forwards and address all things 10.  That means the 10 days marathon, the big season 10 surprise, and my guesses and news for season nine in 2010.  Because I'm supposed to be working on my biology honors (that's right I'm smart, too :P) poster about the lymphatic system, I'll break it down into 3 posts.  Within 48 hours, I promise you all (those of you who stuck with us, anyway) that you'll have something to read.

Since this is post one, I'll start with the 10 day marathon.  From what I've gathered thus far, it's going to be every episode played in order according to season.  Just reassuring anyone who was weirded out last time when the turned on their television expecting "Mother and Child Reunion" or at least something with cute little Emma and J.T. but was greeted by mop-head Manny flirting with Peter in "Venus."  By the way, when I say every episode ever, I mean EVERY episode including Accidents Will Be Happen... FINALLY!!!  It'll last 10 days (whoa, big shock) so they'll probably do a little less than a season a day.  This means that those of you, like me, who finally want to see seasons one and two (and I mean all of it not just a few episodes and then read about the others... because I'm a Degrassi nerd that's what I do) it provides the perfect opportunity while school's still out.  Then school kicks in but the newer episodes are all available online if that's what you're eager for (Mango refuses to end a sentence in the word for but my grammar's sketchy right now as is my sentence structure so she can get over herself).  Okay, I'm gonna go write about the amazing lymphatic system (it digests fats, helps with immunity, and drains fluids that get caught in tissues.  Big whoop.) while my friend yells in my ear about "tropes" (I don't know what they are, neither do I care).  More blogging later!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wanna Be Startin' Something

Oh, this title is just dripping with creativity.  "Wanna Be Startin' Something" is a song by one of my personal favorite performers, Michael Jackson.  I'd just like to say that it's only because he's dead that he's so popular now.  No offense, Michael.  I still heart you.  Billie Jean FTW.  Okay, moving on.

Yayy, another unofficial continuation!  Only this time it's from "Close To Me" (which we actually reviewed hahaa).  So of course it's centered around Jane and Declan.  Only this time with the addition of one of my on-again-off-again favorite characters, Holly J.!  Only now several people call her Holly which is typically an innocent little girl with pigtails, not a jerk student body president with a devil horns just dying to pop out of her head.  (As you can see, Holly J. is not one of my favorite characters right now.  And yes, she is Holly freaking J.)

Jane feels like one of the guys.  She wants to feel special, like a person, like a girl.  She wants to break free of the name she has made for herself and be somebody, and she finds this in Declan.  Why not  Danny, Sav, or her boyfriend Spinner?  Well, they're in "Janie and the Studs" together anyway, so they treat her like a guy.  But Declan is also this chick-crazed psychopath waiting to attack every girl on the planet.  Can you spell c-r-e-e-p-e-r??

Holly J. and Jane aren't exactly the best of friends, associates, or pals.  But they happen to be the only girls enrolled in the economics class, so they decide to join girl power forces to fight against the sexist stereotype that boys are better than girls!  (Sorry, got a bit carried away...)  And of course, influenced by Holly J.'s stellar personality, they start a babysitting service.  Not the typical one, where they take turns burping children.  No no no, they train people and organize babysitting jobs, plus get a guh-reat profit.  Win-win :)  Actually, they technically become agents, but they redefine the word since usually I picture someone dressed up in a suit talking loudly into a cellphone trying to schedule appointments (usually looking sorta like Sandra Bullock did in that movie "The Proposal" in my mind), not awesomeness like Jane... and Holly J.-ish.

So a bizarrely natural friendship evolves.  I thought Jane and Holly J. would be a forced and awkward duo but the two actually worked really well.  This is definitely the best Jane and another girl friendship I've ever seen.  MUCH better than Jane and Darcy... can you say awkward?

Anyways, Jane and Holly J. seem to be the perfect pair until the truth of Jane and Declan comes out.  Then they're more an angry, black-mail-threatening pair... more what I was expecting.

But the episode resolved in a much more natural way than I was expecting.  I thought it would either end Jane and Spinner or start Holly J. and Declan in the rushed and almost unnatural way season 8 did, but I keep forgetting this is Season Nine, which is code for season awesome :)

Overall, the episode was a great one.  Season Nine is proving to be ah-mazing.  Or A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Whichever one conveys more meaning to you.

The subplot was more like the comedic relief.  I have absolutely no idea what the point of Dave is considering he's pretty useless now that he and Jenna have given up on each other.  But he did make me laugh, so I guess that makes the episode okay... the mainplot put this to shame, but had it been a subplot in season 8 it would've been good.  Degrassi's reached a higher standard, though, and they slipped a bit in my opinion.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Got a Blackberry, Need to Return It, Degrassi Pwns

I was planning to be more available to you with my new Blackberry, but because Verizon lied to my dad, I need to return it now. Sorry faithful readers, I promise as soon as I get out of this chaotic store I'll blog about the Halo Awards, Degrassi, and its awesomeness.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Facebook, Anyone?

Okay, so I know you readers are all already pissed at Mango and I for not yet posting those long overdue episode reviews, but if you have it in your heart, then maybe you could possibly find the time to become a fan of us on Facebook.  I know it's no Twitter but it's sorta the same idea... okay, no, not at all, but still, we'd really appreciate it.  Here is a link to our page.  Just become a fan.  Please.  Kay, thanks, bye.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Total Waste

This is a t-o-t-a-l waste of a perfectly good post, but I could've deprive you readers of this ah-mazing (if I do say so) picture I just drew with Paint.

Tweet Tweet!

A new method of stalking has risen... via TWITTER! No, I don't have one, and I don't think JJ does either. But even if we did, we probably wouldn’t give it out :) Sorry!

Anyhoo, if you go to Melinda Shankar's Twitter page/profile/thing, you see that her background is a picture of the Season 8 Degrassi cast. That picture is my desktop background! Every time my grandfather looks at it, he's like, since when do you go to "Degrassi Community School"? Oh, I love my senile old-ilocks!

THANK YOU 4 all ur kind messages this week. I'm glad we can finally discuss life's vexing questions, namely, "Why can't Ellie keep a man?"
^ Stacey Farber, guys and dolls! She is so flipping awesome I LOVE HER but not as much as JJ does! ^
Ellie Nash also has a Twitter page/profile/thing, but it's rarely updated. But I still love it. "Spinner, rule No.1 of puberty: Shower every day." Ha-ha!

Dude, all the DCS students have Twitter pages/profiles/things!! Oh boy, I am going to be sitting here for a while!

I am not pleased. On Sav's page it says:
@Spinner_Mason dude, you have a gay photo, i pray you change them!
I'm not a Tweet-er, so I'm not sure if that was from or to Spinner, but doesn't Degrassi teach that "gay" is not a synonym for stupid?? Uh, hello, MARCO and uh, RILEY?!

Stefan Brogren! "Is in editing...again. Almost on a lock for our new degrassi movie." Three beautiful words. New. Degrassi. Movie. JJ, I smell another screening part-ay!

Cassie Steele! Classic Degrassi. And she went to Mani's! I read about that in a book, it's supposed to be ah-mazing.

AHH Adamo Ruggiero went to see Lady GaGa last night! I am soooooooo jealous to the nth degree!

Annie Clark is following Lea Michele. My day just got brighter. She's a GLEEK! Like me! We have something in common!!! You're all jealous ;)

Jamie Johnston's band, SoundSpeed, is now of hiatus. I love that word. Hiatus. Hiatus. Hiatus. Okay, I'm done.

Aislinn Paul has one, but she never uses it. But I feel bad about not having anything remotely awesome to say about her, so... I love her name :) Aislinn FTW!

"So I lost a bet and got my legs waxed today. I think I would rather write a kafabillion word essay than do that again" -Samantha Munro. Ha-ha, Anya, if I ever meet you I WILL bring wax. D-I-E! L.O.L. Kidding! You're on Degrassi, I love Degrassi, and I love youuu!

Oh, Landon. Same Twitter pic as the YouTube pic? You disappointed me. Ha-haaaazz.

Argiris Karras' page/profile/thing has a background that is his face. But if you look at the very top, you see the cast's faces. I posted that picture a while ago, surf around the blog if you want to see it again. You know you want to.

Lauren Collins: "inspired, organic, epic. all words i HATE for their over indulgent use. cannot help but apply all of them to gaga. her brilliance is sick." I can t o t a l l y relate! Those words are totally cliché, but Lady GaGa... God she's a freaking genius. In my world, Lady GaGa is queen, Raymond Ablack is king and Alexa Chung is princess. Landon Liboiron and Adamo Ruggiero are fighting for prince.

Adamo Ruggiero is already Prince and he's more than worthy of kingship.  No contest.  Landon Liboiron can be court jester... or princess... or... something.

Well, I suppose I'm boring our readers to death, so I'll stop. JJ and I are debating whether or not to get a Twitter so we'd be easier to reach and follow, but... eh, get over it. We luh-vvvv youuu!

YOU to the t u b e

Oh, how I live off of YouTube! It is a totally free, totally awesome way to exercise the first amendment. And the implied freedom of expression. (Note: I am not endorsing/advertising YouTube. Please don't come after me!)

As a crazed Degrassi-ite, I subscribed to and stalked Landon Liboiron (a.k.a. Declan Coyle at DCS). And he wrote this song, called "It Sounds So Beautiful". And really, it does sound so freaking beautiful. Is it on iTunes, you may ask? Well... I'll be right back let me check ;)

Darn you Landon, it's not available on iTunes!! Sure, I could be illegal and download it off some Russian website, but that would be morally wrong. So the day we meet, the first thing I'm going to do is slap you.

Just kidding. I'd probably freak out, as in squealing and most likely pouncing. Keep a sharp eye out for me and JJ...
Ha-ha, Landon's fridge is making weird sounds :) (Video name: Re: iloveeethemaine)

Friday, November 27, 2009

You Be Illin'

We haven't blogged in 13 days, and that post wasn't even what readers want to read. So I'm not going to do my Cornell notes but instead blog because honest-to-goodness who would choose the Odyssey over Blogger? :]

This post is a review of You Be Illin', which aired so long ago that I can't even remember what character was on the screen 16 minutes and 12 seconds into the episode. Just kidding, I couldn't remember that if my life depended on it.

The title of this episode really annoys me, because it just looks like three capital I's or three lowercase l's. UGH!

On a similar note, the title of this episode is the name of the song by Run-D.M.C. They are such an awesome group that I can't hear my own awesomeness over the sound of theirs. That's intense stuff.

The term "be illin'" can be translated into Basic English by saying "acting wack" or "kidding around". Example conversation:
JJ: Yo, Mango, I just got two backstage passes to Z100's Jingle Ball 2009!
Mango: You be illin'.

Moving on... "You Be Illin'" is an unofficial continuation of "Shoot To Thrill", meaning it's centered on Alli and Johnny. Alli makes Claire and Jenna help her break into Johnny's locker in an attempt at getting back her dignity (so not happening, All-star). They come up empty, but Alli still has her heart set on getting over Johnny. But then she finds out that he wants to talk to her. Saint Claire (as Alli has referred to her) basically flips out and prepares a lecture on how bad-butt Johnny is. When they meet, Johnny tells Alli that he found a wart... okay awkward moment you know where it is and how she reacts flash forward... Alli spazzes out and runs for a computer, revealing her inner nerd (yayy!). She concludes that she has HPV (human papillomavirus); therefore resulting in her and Jenna in a clinic. Alli demands every possible test, shot, and precaution to make sure she is perfect (woohoo equilibrium). Later on, in Media Immersion, Alli and Jenna come up with a plan to get comeuppance (best word in the dictionary). Jenna tries to seduce Johnny and make him admit that he has an STD, but instead he calmly states that the "only girl I want, is your friend Alli". Ha ha for him, everyone hears and does the typical "awww!” and good-girl Johnny gets tucked away and bad-butt Johnny comes out to kill Alli with his detention mop. Eventually, everything falls into place when Johnny talks to Alli face-to-face at her locker. I must say I ah-dore her top at this point (sorry, girl-icious moment). Johnny tells Alli that she has all the cards now, and needs to decide what she's going to do with them. Alli shuts him down by saying she can't play with someone she doesn't trust (*cough* REJECTED *cough*). He makes one last attempt, like Dave when he shoots the basketball and it actually goes in. Except in Johnny's case, it doesn't go in (once again, REJECTED).

^ Tee hee, big paragraph ^

The subplot of this episode was Peter trying to serve a purpose in Degrassi: The Next Generation (Season 9). He tries to regain his friends, but they shut him down (word of the post: REJECTED), exchanging him for Jane (who is ahhh-mazing).

I would write more about "Janie and the Studs" (not stoo-dz, but stuh-dz), but Cornell notes on the Odyssey are calling my name. Peacesicles!


You guys and dolls have NO idea how much I lament not making this blog one of my top priorities.  JJ is really, really busy with things that I could never dream of doing.

So since JJ is being a normal American and celebrating Thanksgiving, I am taking over the blog (for today, hahaa).  Oh, and I am changing my font the tiniest bit (notice it's no longer bold, which was really annoying me).

I am going to go change the poll RIGHT NOW, then I'm going to obsess over how we have to wait and wait and wait until 2010, when the new Degrassi airs.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

So Sorry!

JJ and I feel SOOO bad for being too busy to blog!  We're sorry to leave you hanging!  But alas, JJ is away for the weekend, so over the the next two days I'm going to whip up the reviews for the recent (or not so recent) Degrassi episodes. 

Wow, this post was short.  I just reaaaaaally hope we didn't lose any readers!  Hang in there, I'm going to throw together a few posts within the next 48 hours!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spotlight On: DECLAN

Hope all of you lovely readers have noticed one of the newer additions to our fine blog, the poll!  Every week, JJ & I start a new one, and this one was my idea.  Someone chose choice D (choice 4?), "Who the fish is Declan Coyne??"  One, if you don't know, then why are you reading a Degrassi blog?  Ha ha.  Just kidding.  You all know verrrrrrrry well that we appreciate and heart all our readers/followers/random-ers who stumble upon our site by accident.

Anyway, since someone asked, I figured it might be a Frosted Flakes greaaat idea to do a 'Spotlight On:' (especially since we haven't done one in a while).

Declan Coyne is one of the newer students at DCS.  He joined during the second semester.  Fiona (who is 'dating' Riley) is his sister, and they are apparently insanely close.  I'm so jealous.

Declan is basically a notorious jerk thus far.  He's good at destroying lives, breaking hearts, and taking names.  He's destroyed Peter's life, or at least deprived him of his band and the accompanying rock star fantasies (can you say karma?).  He's also basically begging Jane to cheat with him and she obliged (a bit too easily, but whatever, I love Jane so I'm blaming him).

He is played by Landon Liboiron, whose last name I am not even going to try to sound out.  Li-boy-ron?  Comment on this post if you know.  I was re-reading the second book in the Clique series (fantabulous books, I highly recommend them), and the party planner was named Landon.  But then again, maybe 'Landon' is on the list of boy & girl names, like Ryan or Jordan.

Landon Liboiron... Wait.  I just searched him on Google (great site, I also highly recommend it), and his YouTube came up.  I'm going to subscribe and attempt at friending him (though I sincerely doubt he will oblige, but maybe he's heard of our blog!). 

"I have always said, it's one thing to act and tell a story, but it's another thing to perform someone's actual life story." ~Landon Liboiron

Wow... that was deep.  Landon is from Jenner, Alberta (which is in Canada).  His parents are Lorraine Mack Liboiron and Marcel Liboiron, and he has two older brothers, Lance and Blake.  His brothers appear as extras in the Hallmark Film "Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness", which was a 2007 film that starred Dean Cain, Peri Gilpin, Shiloh Fernandez, Julie Warner, Chelah Horsdal, Ryan Kennedy, and of course, Landon Liboiron.  Aww, and if you go to IMDb, their names aren't even listed (but Landon's is!).

His middle name is Ryan (boy & girl list! [see above]).  Apparently he is 5' 9½", which means he is like, four inches taller than me.  And he's a senior in high school (that means 12th grade) at St. Joseph's Collegiate in Brooks, Alberta. 

Landon has won two AMPIA (Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association) Awards, one for "Best Performance By An Alberta Actor" for Wild Roses (a Canadian television drama series on CBC Television) and the other for "Best Performance by an Alberta Actor" for Mayerthorpe (another Canadian TV drama).

So... yeah.  There you go, anonymous poll-taker.  Do something crazy :) Ccciiiaaaooo for now!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Finally Getting Back!

This is Mango finally getting  back to those two anonymous people who commented on the post "Just Can't Get Enough".

Jessica Tyler is available on iTunes.  I was very surprised, but figured since so many people watch Degrassi, her music must be in high demand now.  I'm going to go buy "Shine" now, because I am totally hooked.

"What is the song playing when Peter is in his loft dancing and Mia comes in and turns it off?"
^^^It's "Black Butterfly" by Cure Gravity.  Gosh, Degrassi must be affiliated with iTunes, with all the music they feature on their show.  Like, "No You Girls" by Franz Ferdinand is now exceedingly popular.  Pretty fly, don't you think?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Close to Me

So I, one of the ah-mazing owners of this blog, have committed sin.  I missed the premiere of Close to Me last night.  So I'll watch it now, and comment as I go.

1. Sav Sav Sav is totally there for like half a minute at the beginning!

2. Why is Manny going to DCS with Jane..?

3. When Manny calls Declan "Johnny Eyebrows", is that like a twisted reference to Johnny Eyelash from American Cowslip?

4. Why is Declan wearing a red tie?  And to school, of all places to stand out!

5. The loft is at 473 Adelaide Street West.  Well, whenever they show Peter's (now Spinner's) place in Degrassi, they always show the exterior first.  It was really bothering me, so I looked it up.  Apparently, it's in Toronto (which is Canada b-t-w).  It's a complete building with 4 floors.  It's designated for commercial and office uses, and its type is "low-rise".  Fascinating...

6. Spin just said "negatory".  I now love him.  Go big words!

7. Again, Declan and his freaking tie!  But Jane sent out the invitation, and... the party was the same night!  God, do these DCS kids like, refresh the page on their email waiting for a message?

8. Good times, good times!! =) I never thought Jane would be singing.  Well, not when I first met her, and she was dark and gothic-y.  But now she's happy and merry and smiley.  IMDb said that she was recently in a production of Footloose, which is the musical our school is aiming at for next year.  Anyways, I feel like making a mini-summary of JJ's old "Spotlight On: Jane".  Paula Brancati has been on Life With Derek (hasn't everyone?), Cow Belles (that movie was awkward), Radio Free Roscoe (the guy who played Griffin was also on that), and Jump In! (that looked so awkward, I never watched it).  People have said she looks like Kat Dennings, which she kind of does, from far away.  But she looks muuuuuch more like this girl JJ and I follow around while yelling Jane.  Look how short that was!

9. Okay, the door to the loft is like, moldy and rusted-ish!!!

10. "Join the Larping Society.  Seriously!"  That's what the board outside DCS reads in the scene after Jane runs away from Spin and his rusty loft door.  LARP is an acronym for "live action role-playing".  It's like... an RPG where the players literally act out their characters' actions.

11. "Yeah guys, that's wicked."  I like the word wicked.  Sav used the word wicked.  I  l-o-v-e SAV!

12. "Together we can all achieve" reads the poster in the boys' changing room.  Wow, and the new kid says I'm cheesy.

13. Awww, Jane's putting on lip gloss for Declan!   Have we ever seen a scene where she puts on any makeup whatsoever for Spinner?

14. K.C. reminds me of Craig, sort of bipolar-y and cocky.  Ew.

I give this episode a... *tries to drumroll, fails, so pulls a K.C. and starts pushing the drums over* A-. Yay! =D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Degrassi Shot to Thrill and Definitely Did

Well, for starters, I'm glad the Riley plot was followed through on.  I really can't wait to see what happens as his character develops.  As you all know, I absolutely adore Marco, so another character dealing with the bumps along the road of coming to terms with your sexuality completely enthuses me.

But Riley wasn't the main focus of this episode.  Johnny and Alli (Jalli?  Allnny?  No, they don't have a nickname... Mango was right as always, cuz she's a genius :D) was.

I've gotta say I love this plot.  It works really well with previous events in Alli and Johnny's relationship, not seeming out of place.  Melinda Shankar has completely captured the essence of Alli by now, so the acting was 100% flawless and Scott Paterson has really evolved as a performer, going from greasy and tough guy in the corner to someone who you really believe.  Heck, even Bruce the Moose did a good job, almost making me laugh as hard as I did when Stefan Brogren looked at the phone (and I laughed really hard, so hard that my sister and I had to utilize our DVR and pause the show so we could gather ourselves and stop).  All the performers have really improved as far as the greasy jerks and the genius niners go.  In addition to the improved performances, the scripts have gotten much better.  I've gotta say, this is one of my favorite episodes since season 8.  The writers seem to be going back and fixing all their mistakes from last season.  For example, instead of painting a black and white picture of who made the mistake and who was the victim, it's more realistic this season, with some room for doubt as to whether it was Alli's fault or Johnny's fault.  Everything from the issue we're dealing with (sexting, definitely never done, especially since the concept is rather new) to the way it flows to even the dialogue was just way more free-flowing and for once, it actually "went there."  I think Degrassi actually IS getting real.

The episodes are back to their former 2 part formula, thank the lord.  More importantly than just 2 parts, though, they're also back to the old formula in which they let some incidents drag out over time.  You see, Johnny kept the cellphone and I promise you this incident isn't over.

But, as I said at the top, the selling point for me was the Riley story.  I loved Riley season 8 and wanted more of him.  And that's exactly what I got.  Moreover, Fiona actually has a purpose now.  Riley and Fiona are "dating" now, Fiona dating him to get the scumbags off her back and Riley because... well, we all know why Riley wants a girlfriend.  And Fiona's taken a liking to him.  But, surprise surprise, Riley's old boyfriend (that guy named "SoccerStud" who was like kissing him in the woods when he was on steroids) is back and seems to be seriously pissed considering he liked Riley first.  Although, as said before, they're not cramming everything into one episode, so cut the heart to heart conversation and watch Riley drag Fiona out of there, claiming SoccerStud (does he have a name?) was on drugs.  But Fiona's suspicious.
This episode's subplot managed to not only present a good foreground for Beat It (big two parter about Riley) but also managed to have a plot (unlike the subplot in "Touch of Grey" which had no major plot developments).  It's definitely very well done, and I really like Annie Clark.  Both her and Argiris Karras did a really good job.

Shoot to Thrill is the dawn of season 9.  A season of good plots, deep subject matter, and fearless screenwriters.  Let's hope they keep this up.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shoot to Thrill

The title of this post is super-duper extra-buttery creative, no?

Didja see it?  Didja love it?  Ha ha ha.

I loved it and so did our other friend (we'll call her Bugs).  Alli and Johnny (they don't really have a couple name, like Pia or Deter) are one of my personal all time favorite Degrassi couples.

The main plot of this episode was Alli and Johnny (it just doesn't sound right saying Johnny and Alli).  "Alli discovers the joys, and possible risks, of cell-phone photography."  That does not tell you much, so if a person was going to watch Degrassi for the first time and read this, they would've changed the channel. 

Alli is trying way too hard for Johnny, even though she already has him.  She laid down rules, and now she's finding it hard to live with them.  I would call her a hypocrite, but I like Alli, plus she is Sav's sister, and I love Sav. 

Johnny is really bothering me.  One moment he's all tough and bad boy-esque, then he's cuddling up with a stuffed animal in Alli's bedroom.  But Alli is definitely having an effect on him, because he asks Bruce (the Moose) why he is stealing that sign.  He is also becoming more open with his reading.  A bit of my Sav-loving wore off onto Johnny at the end of the episode, when he and Alli officially break up but he insinuates that he wants to remember her forever.  But I also one-uped the Sav-Love-Meter when he was speaking to Anya on the phone.  "Hey pookie!  Yes, loud and clear.  No, you're the sweetest.  You are!"

Bruce was extremely good in this episode.  I loved when he was like, "OH, MY GOD!" He paused between "oh" and "my", which is a very smart technique for emphasis on the "OMG" of the moment.  Mr. Simpson then somewhat followed up on Bruce's reaction when he saw the picture of Alli.

The subplot is Riley yet again avoiding the bare reality (he's gay, in case anyone cares).  He starts something (not really a relationship yet) with the "new fashion-y girl", Fiona.  She is Declan's sister, and even though Declan refines "jerk", I am very fond of him.  When I meet him for dinner someday, instead of wine I will bring tweezers and scissors.

Riley uses really big and fancy-schmancy words to impress Fiona, and she totally falls for it.  It was kind of high-larious.  She's always wearing those legging/tights/stocking things, and they're growing on me.  I want a pair.

This post obviously lacks enthusiasm, so I'm going to add a bunch of smiley faces and an inspirational quotation.

:) =) ;) :D =D ;D :] =] ;]

Ch-ch-ch-CHAO! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How To Be Indie

Okay, I know the title of this post sounds racist, but don't take me to court yet.  That's the name of Melinda Shankar's new television show.  Don't freak out, she's not abandoning Degrassi, but she is starring as Indie in the new show "How to Be Indie."  Along side costars Sarena Parmar, Dylan Everett, and Marline Yan (never heard of them, but maybe you have, so I mentioned it), she stars as a young Indian-Canadian girl trying to balance her Indian heritage with her new Canadian customs in Heroic Film Company's latest tween comedy.  Supposedly 13, Indie is dealing with the pressures of growing up carrying out Indian customs while trying to maintain a regular Canadian childhood.  Although Melinda Shankar is most definitely NOT 13, she actually does an adequate job of appearing like one (see below).

The first season was filmed in 2008 and it was supposed to air in the summer of 2009, but it seems to have been delayed.  Tune in to YTV (if you have it) and check out Melinda!

Chao for now!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tonight is a New Degrassi... Be Excited!

That's riiight!  Shoot to Thrill premieres tonight!  Now although I am a Degrassi-ite, I know nothing about this episode.  Except that it's about Alli Bhandari and Johnny DiMarco.  And the part of the title is the second song on the album Back in Black, which is by AC/DC (we play Back in Black in band -  it's horrible).  The other part is by Run-D.M.C., who also sang that awesome song from the Sex and the City soundtrack.

I know a little more... but just a little.  

Look at this shot of Jane and Studz (sorry, too lazy to get the accents for the U).  The image on the shirt looks strangely like Fiona... Don't ask how I saw this...

This post is really short... Oh well, I'm off to watch teasers of the new Degrassi.  Toodles!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Degrassi Goes Hollywood Album Review

Hey, all imaginary people.  I was looking through our posts and realized I never actually published this, so enjoy!

Well, before I get started on this, I must mention that the big Degrassi fandom nations (e.g. America and Canada) have now both officially aired this fantabulous movie, so the craze is ending as people finally get their hands... er... eyes on this masterpiece. And, as I mentioned in my initial movie review, there was GREAT music. And now that I have purchased the soundtrack (be jealous) I can review it for the enjoyment of imaginary people. Yeah, I have no life.

Crash My Party - Cassie Steele: Now, just looking at the song alone, it's pretty good. Sure, the lyrics are a tad (or a couple of tads) repetitive, consisting mostly of "crash my, crash my, don't you wanna crash my party" as the chorus which is maybe played a couple times too many. But still, when it starts playing, you drop everything and sing along, because it's catchy. Now, evaluating the singer, I believe I've already proclaimed Cassie Steele's amazing vocal ability. But in case you missed that, Cassie Steele is one hundred percent awesome. It's not just a movie soundtrack song, but really more of a single. Like the movie, it fits in with the group but also stands well on it's own.

Good Year - Keith and Renee: You start out with a very driving down the country road-ish opening, almost Juno soundtrack-esque, but not quite, more of potato chip advertisement. Then suddenly you're at more of a rock concert and the 2 singers (who I'm assuming are Keith and Renee) are screaming about how it's going to be a good year. The perfect selection for music to show while sight seeing in LA which I what I believe it was used for. It's melodic but not so complex that you stop focusing on the images and on the song. Repetitive is a bit of an understatement, but it's not the same thing over and over again, it's just that the chorus is a little short, so "This is gonna be a good year" is an infectious line that gets drilled into your head until you just want to listen to something else (like Crash My Party). Keith and Renee, who I've never heard of, seem to believe in the singing and shouting at the same time philosophy. Or at least Keith does. Renee sings, though. It's a solid song, but not really memorable (unless of course you're talking about the chorus, in which case you'll remember it considering it's just "This is gonna be a good year" over and over and over again).

My Fair Weather Friend - The Blue Seeds: You open up with a bluesy and slightly 90s rock bass line and then some one comes in with a drawling slur of lyrics. At first you can't really tell if it's gonna be good or bad, but the instrumentals start to pick up and the song gets a bit more interesting. And if you give her some time, the singer gets going and the song picks up. It's got a nice moderate beat and is a pretty solid track as far as a soundtrack goes. You may remember this track from the beginning of the Degrassi Goes Hollywood commercial. When you listen to the whole thing, towards the end you get kinda sick of it, but if you listen to a snippet, it's fine. Not something you'll get your money's worth out of, but not something that'll make you change the channel if it's playing on the radio.

Rescue You - Jake Epstein: It's Jake Epstein. That in itself says it'll be worthwhile. This supposedly 9 minute song doesn't seem to stretch on that long. In fact, you'll love all four minutes and 47 seconds and still beg for more... provided you like the little clip The N provides. Because it just gets better. Jake Epstein isn't just one of those people forced to sing because his character should, or because he's on a network which features many singers (*cough cough* Disney Channel *cough cough*). No, Jake Epstein is a true artist. Every song sounds like it's being sung to you. It's sung with passion, like there's a secret meaning in each song that only you know. So, without a doubt, Rescue You is a song of awesomeness.

Watch Out For The Fuzz - Howie Beck: Well, it's very upbeat.  Basic instrumentals that make you want to shake your head back and forth are the accompaniment to this uptempo song with some nice lead vocals.  It's a solid track, but not very complex.  Predictable, but still entertaining.

Life Is a Show - Cassie Steele: Okay, this song is life.  Like, seriously.  It is the best friggin thing ever.  It's only 4 minutes and 12 seconds.  I guess that's a long length for a song since they usually average at around 2 minutes (although they seem to be getting longer recently), but you never want it to end.  Repetitive, yes, but it's so good you never want it to end.  This is by far the best song on this entire album.  Possibly ever.  It is just so amazing.  I'm like, obsessed.  I'm sure everyone's heard the song.  I'm also sure that, for at least a day, you lived, breathed, and practically were this song.  Whether by performing yourself or just getting it stuck in your head.  Our once Degrassi-hating friend (I saw once because the world is starting to realize how fabulous Degrassi is and Mango and I are conforming everyone to Degrassi fans in our school) was even obsessed with this song.  You don't need to know all the words to enjoy throwing your head back and belting out "Life is a show!" when the chorus comes along.  Even my tone-deaf songs can't resist!  It's just the greatest song ever.  Listen to it.

All I Wanna Do - The School:  You open up with a very sixties drum beat and some nice tambourine work (I'm afraid Nina Dobrev just got schooled).  Then the beat changes a bit and the guitar and other instruments come in.  Next the lead singer come in with some drawling raspy singing in what sounds like the very peak of her range.  If raspy singing or screaming is your kind of thing, then it's definitely a good track, with a catchy and memorable melody.  But if you're someone who lives for that moment when you finally get what choir directors mean when they shout "round sound" and you produce just the warmest, fullest sound possible, then maybe it's not so much for you.  Me personally, the singer's lack of technical ability just gets on my nerves, but everyone has different styles so ya never know.

The Bee Hell - The Two Minute Miracles: Definitely a solid track.  Not too repetitive and definitely memorable.  It's not exceptional, more of your standard rock song with a bit of an indie-rock twist to it.  Not something I'd go out of my way to listen to, but definitely worth it if you do.  The vocals are good, both technically and artistically.  The band seems to have a good sense of unity, they're one of those groups that sound like a unit, not a group of individuals.  It's a good song, definitely worth your money.

The Swan Song - Jake Epstein: Not Jake Epstein's best work.  There's some notes that take you out of the moment, like when you're listening to your favorite song on the radio and the car drives under one of  those little bridge things and it fuzzes out for a second.  But it's definitely a good song.  If it were to be taken down just a half step it would fit perfectly in his range (although I trust there's a reason that didn't happen) and just be blissful.  But it's still a good track, definitely worthwhile if your willing to forgive Jake Epstein for a few clamps.

Come On and Go - Scout: This song is another one of my favorites.  In the movie, it plays when Ellie is out in the ocean and Craig and Marco come to her rescue.  It's a slower song with a darker feel, but not painfully so.  The lead vocalist has something captivating in her tone quality that just makes you want to listen.  Although the lyrics are not as powerful as they could be, the way the song is presented, it seems as if they should be really deep and moving.  Definitely a good song, although probably not something to add to your party playlist.  Still, though, completely worth it.

I Just Want to Party - The Stüdz: This is the only Stüdz song with the exception of "Like Whoa" which will be in the season nine premiere episode, "Just Can't Get Enough."  Although the latest Stüdz song is much better, that's excusable considering this was from a while ago, back when Stüdz was relatively new.  This song is something to buy if you're a diehard Degrassi fan or if you're one of those music fanatics who just like to have every song imaginable (like yours truly).  Thick instrumentals, heavy base and guitar, very hard rock drumming.  And of course Jamie Johnston screaming (this was pre-singing era, right before the transition from shouting to singing).

One Saturday Night Away - Cassie Steele and Michael Seater: Okay, sure, Michael Seater won't be winning a Grammy anytime soon.  But Cassie Steele might be and she compensates for his subpar vocals with her amazing ones.  It's very High School Musical, but not in a bad way, just in a big happy dance number way.  A good way to wrap up a show, with lots of energy and a positive, optimistic message of unity or love.  It's not as big and finale-ish as it should be, but to a degree, that makes it more believable and less corny.  A must have for musical fans or Cassie Steele fans, otherwise maybe not worth it.

Crash My Party (Ralph Sall Mix) - Cassie Steele: Personally, I'm not a big fan of remixes, so my opinion is biased.  Basically it's Crash My Party in space with some very thick synthetic effects.  Worse than the original (less rocking more... astronauting...), but still, it's the amazing Cassie Steele, so it's got some quality.

Life is a Show (Ralph Sall Mix) - Cassie Steele: Same general idea as above.  Just a very synthetic version of the original.  I prefer the original, but it depends on your music preferences.  Still, you can't go wrong with Cassie Steele!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Eyes Without a Face (Not an Episode Review)

Just to start, I want to say that this post has nothing to do with the episode, Eyes Without a Face.  I just named it that because... well, Billy Idol is pretty fly :D (horrible smiley face) And also, in that particular episode, Darcy posted photos of herself on the Internet, and I'm going to post pictures as well. =)

So... why did I make this post?  Because I found some ah-mazing photos of Degrassi!!

This is Alli being smart.  And that science teacher, Mr. Bince.

Look at the cast, everyone looking young and awkward...

This is Linus, who I sort of thought was cool until he was being all beef jerky (translation: a jerk) to Marco, who will forever be amazing.  He is talking to Spinner, who is also on the list of amazing people.

Here is Kendra Mason.  Very short-lived character. 

Look at this shot of Spinner cannon-balling (if that is even a word) into the pool the night of prom.  I am very jealous.  Note the blow up shark in the water.

Don't you freaking love this little icon??

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Degrassi Season Nine Premiere!

Okay, now I'm assuming you all saw last night's fabulous premiere.  For those of you that didn't, it contained 3 main plots, the first one being about Alli, Clare, and Jenna, the second about Holly J and Blue, and the third about Mia and Peter.  The episodes seem to have gone back to 2 parts each, which is good, allowing more time for focus on the plots and the ability to go further into depth.

The main plot was about Mia and Peter.  The plot was really well done.  I really believed Jamie Johnston's acting as a meth addict.  Granted, you never see him actually take the meth, but he exhibits the symptoms in a believable but not too deliberate way.  Jamie has always been reliable, though, throughout all the stage's of Peter's life.  Nina Dobrev, however, has had some shaky episodes.  Luckily, this wasn't one of them.  Dobrev nailed her final performance.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as much her send off episode as an episode about Peter's meth addiction.
Then again, Degrassi writers have consistently proven to poorly send of characters.  For instance, when Darcy moved to Africa, the episode was about everything but that.  Peter was dealing with the grief and hooked up with Mia, moving Darcy right out of the picture in the most deliberate way possible.  Peter seems to always to steal the spotlight when one of his girlfriends have moved away.
Although I was initially fearful that the send off would be corny and fake like Darcy's sudden departure for Kenya, Mia's job in Paris was much better done.  Instead of just up and going, there was more emphasis on the emotional strife both she and those close to her were going through.  The episode was solid and had little to no plot flaws (with the exception of little things that didn't really effect the plot, like Peter saying "why not?" after his performance at Declan and Fiona's).
Speaking of his performance at Declan's and Fiona's, we're introduced to the newest siblings, brother and sister Declan and Fiona who come from a wealthier family.  When they first arrive, they're introduced to everyone by Chantay (or is it Chante?) Black, who has become the school's newest video blogger in a weak attempt to give her character a purpose, they soon gather their bearings and begin to show their true colors.  Fiona seems to be nice, but Declan is a professional jerk.  Specializing in humiliation, scheming, and lying, Declan causes Peter trouble from the start and seems to be a new Peter, causing trouble, flirting, and pissing everyone off.  I'm excited to see what he brings in the near future.  Especially with Jane in next week's episode.  Meanwhile, Fiona hopefully has some more interesting plots coming than the knowledgeable but kindhearted sister who sits back while her brother wreaks havoc.

The subplot of part one revolved around Jenna Middleton.  Jenna's the new bubbly and incredibly fake freshman at Degrassi.  Her episode was relatively well-done.  It wasn't as captivating as the main plot, but still wasn't one of those plots that made you want to change the channel for a minute or so (like that boring Danny/Leia plot in Jane Says...).  It basically establishes a foundation for some potentially good episodes.  Jenna lays down so massive foreshadowings when talking about her old school which was apparently filled with back-stabbers.  She also mentions how she was a "boyfriend-stealer" in her old school, as well.  It soon slips that she likes KC... uh-ohh... be careful Clare!
The little that does actually happen during the episode is about a jealous Alli.  When Clare and Jenna become close, Alli feels threatened.  When put on the spot, Clare doesn't know how to react to Alli's accusation of Jenna stealing her best friend.  But Jenna then points out that she wants to be friends with both of them.  So we have an almost happily ever after.  Emphasis on the ALMOST.  Because then comes that foreshadowing and we all know that's not gonna end well...

Part two's subplot is about Holly J and Blue, the couple that was so short lived they can't even have a creative nickname, like Pia or Crellie.  Apparently after the shooting, Holly J and Blue became a thing.  Although they did have one dance, it wasn't enough for them to become a true couple in my mind.  The episode was well done, but seemed a bit to rushed for me.  The episode worked to hard to establish Holly J and Blue as a couple and then end them.  Blue tries to force Holly J to be a generally nicer person, but when she loses her cool and just wants a friggin taco, Blue is less than impressed.  Holly J lays out the facts that she's not just a superhero and he's got to accept all the parts of Holly J.  When Blue decides he can't do that, he ends them with an affectionate "Goodbye, Holly."  And she calls back "it's Holly frickin J," the perfect conclusion to their little subplot.

Quick notes: Well, in this episode we meet all the new characters, including Dave who introduces himself to Holly J as the future grade nine class representative, which means we can be expecting a good student, almost like a new Liberty but in a boy's body.  Additionally, at the end of the episode, Peter calls his mom and asks her to come home.  So we'll definitely be seeing some more Mrs. H season nine.  All the new characters come with a quick escape, depending on their ratings and the way fans except the characters.  Jenna seems to be a solo music act, so worst come to worst - what's that?  Jenna's going on tour?  Oh darn.  Meanwhile, Declan and Fiona will be staying for a relatively undecided time frame.  Ratings go down?  Oh, sorry guys, Declan and Fiona's father got a new job in... somewhere else.

Season nine is off to a good start.  It seems potentially better than season eight and will hopefully continue to push the standard set with some subpar episodes (**cough cough, Touch of Grey, cough cough**).  Degrassi: I think it just got real, again.  Season nine is looking up.

Just Can't Get Enough

Don't you think the title of this post is so creative?
I'm so jealous of your titling skillz... not that I do any better.

I've watched the season premiere five times, noting every little detail. 

1. When Alli brings Clare a burrito, you see Jenna's shoes in the background.  They're Ed Hardy!  I have Ed Hardy's!
What is a breakfast burrito, anyway?

2. I love how when Peter and Mia arrive at the party, Mia just takes off her cardigan and holds it back for the coat lady to grab it.

3. Declan: "Here's the coolest guy at my new high school- Peter... something."
That line was classic, along with "Since when did our school become a white version of Fame?"

4. Why'd Peter say "Why not?" after bombing his little performance in front of "those rich snobs"?
He was so depressed he forgot how the English language works.

5. What is that song playing when Jenna, Alli, and Clare are in Clare's bedroom?  I really like it!

6. How are Alli and Clare still niners?  Alli says "We niners have to stick together".  But it's a new school year, and they were at DCS last year...
Yeah, that confused me, too.  Turns out, this is second semester of the same year.  I believe I mentioned that in a previous post, but for those of you imaginary people new to our blog and too lazy to rummage through old stuff, yes, that means Degrassi alumni and students are in a different time frame than us, but it's Degrassi, so deal with it.

7. For some reason Jenna sounds super congested when she's asking about the boys who are off limits...

8. Ew.  Peter ate fish eggs.

9. Ugh, half of the scenes played during the theme song are the same as last season!
Where's Kelly?  If Emma and Manny are still there, what happened to him?

10. Shine, just believe, touch the sky :)

11. Jessica Tyler (who sings "Shine" and portrays Jenna Middleton) was in a Bella Dancerella commercial!
^ Once again, I don't own this, so no copyright infringement and stuff ^

More later! ~MANGO!~

Friday, October 9, 2009

I Gotta Feeling, That Tonight's Gonna Be THE DEGRASSI PREMIERE

That's right Americans!  Degrassi Season 9 aires tonight!  Tonight is THE night!  Be excited with me!  *happy dance*

I've been waiting FOREVER for this.  Forever.  Okay, since DGH.  Which is like, forever. 

Everyone is talking about it.  I swear, everyone.  Like, JJ and I were taking a bathroom break during fifth period, and these girls were squealing & gossiping about it.  "Oh my God, I freaking love that show."  I wanted to scream out, "Go to!"

Okay, I just listened to the new theme song.  Twice.  It's kinda creeping me out... who is singing this??  It better not be Raymond Ablack and his band... if it is, I just might cry.  Upon the end of the second round of the theme song, I clicked somewhere (I really didn't care where, because the song was horrible), and ended up on "Whatcha Say" by Jason DeRulo, which is really big in America right now.  I love this song.  No joke.

Dude, CTV promos are ah-mazing!  I mean, CTV was awesome before, but check this out:
^ I don't own this, please don't sue me.  No copyright infringement intended and all that jazz. ^

Look at this picture of Manny and Darcy!

Now look at K.C. and Clare.  Love the shirt, K.C.

Hey, look, it's Sav!  He looks yummy :D And you can see Spinner in the background!  w00t!

Ciao for now!  JJ and I will be back by tomorrow (or maybe late tonight) to obsess over every detail of the first season 9 episode!  Love you all, non-existent readers and followers!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Who's excited for tomorrow?  There's nothing like Peter getting high.  Ah... one more day!

Of course, you Canadians already had your premiere (although it was on a Sunday which must've been annoying) so you're just waiting for me to go watch the first friggin episode and talk about it.  (Oh, you love our babble about Degrassi, don't deny it.)  But because I only have The-N - no, TeenNick - and if I have CTV I don't know the station, you'll just have to be patient.

You know what would be friggin amazing?  Paramore performing on Degrassi.  As Mango said, Natasha Freaking Beddingfield did perform on the show.  And Paramore's Misery Business (one of the greatest songs ever) is on the Degrassi soundtrack (the one titled "Music From Degrassi The Next Generation" not the one with Life is a Show and all that other crazy awesomeness on it).  Plus, there's the Degrassi theme on that album, but it's the instrumental version by Jakalope (which is my favorite when accompanied by visuals, but you have to sing along which is not as much fun to listen to as, say, Cassie Steele or Paramore).

Speaking of the Degrassi theme, who's heard the new one?  I have, and it's terrible.  Not like, "Oh, stop the madness" terrible but like "this... is the corniest thing ever" terrible.  It's like someone trying to make "whatever it takes, I know I can make it through" a heavy rock song with some light-hearted but very rock-ish guitar and a thick base line.  Plus, there's some strange male vocal track, almost like Jamie Johnston singing as Peter in Studz, but a bit more mellow and less filled with angst.  My favorite is still the Jakalope instrumentals with season 3 theme coming in second (season 1 was a little too elementary church choir for me).  But, Paula Brancati still holds the coveted seat as the person whose back the logo comes from.  And awesome people always have that position (Adamo Ruggiero did for almost half the show's life... it's obviously for awesome people).

Before I go, I must admit that although Degrassi will miss Nina Dobrev, Vampire Diaries will be good for her.  Although Americans are pretty dependent on other nations for everything from our shirts to our vacuums, we do produce our own entertainment (with the exception of Degrassi, made by Canada, of course).  And since we're the entertainment of the world (okay, fine, there's Bollywood [Bollywood is epic pwn!] and such, but we are pretty capitalized in North America, at least), Nina Dobrev landing a role on an American show is good for her.  And it's just as Vampire Diaries is becoming a big deal.  Such a big deal that it's being compared to Twilight (which is ah-mazing).

And in reality, Degrassi is a springboard for people springboarded by Life With Derek (I believe Michael Seater is the God of Canadian television... EVERYONE has guest starred on Life With Derek if they made themselves a name in Canadian television).  Well, it's a springboard unless you fall in love with it and join the Degrassi community.  That's the way the show's structured.  Perfect for introducing new characters and getting rid of them as needed.  It survives high and low.  I don't know why I'm talking about this...

Oh well, moral of the story, Degrassi is life.

One more day!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten Degrassi Moments You Are Required to Know By Law (Edition 1)

Time Stands Still, Season 4

When Rick gets a little too fed up with bullying, he comes to school with his A-game (this is really bothering me... what is an A-game??) ... and a gun.  And there's no happy ending when he winds up dead and Jimmy ends up paralyzed.

Rock This Town, Season 6

Manny's throwing a party... but how far will things go?  When J.T. winds up dead, no one's celebrating anymore... nope, now they're all crying. (No no NO! This is sad!)

Standing In The Dark, Season 7 - Degrassi Spring Break Movie
**Note: Took place over the course of many episodes, the rape being Standing In The Dark, the steps towards healing in the Spring Break Movie**

Our favorite little church girl (actually, Darcy always annoyed me no matter what stage of her life she was in) is suddenly slapped in the face by reality when a rape leaves her angry, sad, and confused... and a little (did I say a little?  I mean a lot) self-destructive.

Death or Glory, Season 7

Spinner's working hard to maintain his reputation as school bully-fighting superhero... but a diagnosis of (testicular) cancer gives him something more important to worry about (just a teensy bit important =P).

Shout, Season 2

Paige is excited when Dean, the star soccer player at Bardell, seems to be interested in her.  But what is he really interested in?  Can anyone say rape?  That was hypothetical, just so ya know.

Pride, Season 3

Marco's coming to terms with being gay... but now the problem isn't himself, it's those icky homophobes who beat him up.  What's wrong with them?!  Don't they know Adamo Ruggiero is life?!

Fight the Power, Season 8

Jane is clearly the best football player (or at least the best running back... why is it that most football-playing girls are running backs?  It's probably because running backs don't need to be HUGE like other positions... and I mean HUGE.  Like, seriously, the other day I was at my first pep rally and I stood right next to the football team.  I felt like I was about to get stepped on.).  It's not her skill that's holding her back.  It's the complete lack of support from her teammates and coach/principal (obviously not her pal) and the subsequent violence.  Don't do that!  Stop hurting awesome people!
**Note: This episode is also important because Paula Brancati (Jane) is nominated for a Gemini (Canadian version of the Emmy's) Award for her performance in "Fight the Power" which happens to be this very episode.**

What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?, Season 6

Craig's back, everyone!  Yay!  Oh, wait, no... he's on cocaine.  Whoops.  Oh, and he's taking advantage of Ellie... and ruining his relationship with Manny... trainwreck, anyone?  That is why we watch Degrassi, right?
**Note: Does the pic above look familiar?  Well, it should.  And if you'll allow me to make some sketchy connections you can know why.  Craig, Ellie, a guitar, someone lying down... I told you it was sketchy.  But, anyway, moral of the story, Stacey Farber is also nominated for a Gemini Award for her performance in "Paradise City" (Degrassi Goes Hollywood for us Americans) because of that heartbreaking scene I'm trying to reference in the bit with Ellie's father (the best plot of the movie, if you ask me).  So congrats... but oh, who should I want to win?  Paula Brancati or her?  Oh, I'm so conflicted.**

Our Lips Are Sealed, Season 5

Okay, before I give my brief ominous commentary, I must mention that Manny's shirt is just ah-mazing.
Okay, so anyway, Emma develops a passion for dieting.  Or sorta dieting.  More of an eating disorder... and as she pushes the only people who can help her away, she continues to starve herself.  Can she get help or will she be the very cause of her own destruction?

Turned Out, Season 5

J.T. needs money.  And he needs it now.  So when Jay comes around with some advice, he listens. NEVER listen to Jay.  Ever.  Because Jay's idea of some quick cash is illegally selling oxycodone.  This can't end well... and by "not well" I mean JT in the hospital from an overdose, Liberty and Toby furious with him, and a heartbreaking decision to give their baby up for adoption.

And now, before I go, check out this awesome picture of Marco with an accordion!

Kay, thanks, bye.