Friday, July 30, 2010

Twitter Things, Again

More character Twitters!



Degrassi LARPing Society


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P.S. I tried to upload the episode descriptions for 1013 - 1024 but something was wrong with the HTML formatting.  Those will be up soon though :)

P.P.S. Character Twitters coming soon: Fitz, Owen & Chantay.  You'll know when we know!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Twitters

I never posted this when I started following them, but there's new Degrassi character twitters.

HeartAlli - officially Alli, feel free to follow :)
kcdegrassi - KC
TrueClare - Clare
RealEli - Eli
FunAdam - Adam
SongBirdJM - Jenna

I'm gonna go tweet Adam like he's a real person, cuz there's nothing I love more than Jordan Todosey and her new Degrassi character!

Speaking of which, if you get the time, check out her youtube ( for a video of her and the Degrassi cast visiting Wonderland!

Okay, byee:)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Meet in the Middle

Some of you may have read my Glee-Degrassi comparison post.  Well, the other show I watch religiously is Make It Or Break It.  Although I'm not going to make a chart comparing the two or anything, recently I've been noticing something in the music of Degrassi that is making me so ridiculously happy.

Zach Berkman's songs "Start a New Day" and "All That I Know" played during Make It or Break It and I'm absolutely obsessed with them now.  What A Girl Wants (1) had "Start a New Day" in the beginning when Holly J was leaving.  And today during Breakaway (2), "All That I Know" played while Holly J was lying on a bed with her computer.

Now I'm just waiting for "Tightrope" by Paul Freeman to play and I'll be so happy it's ridiculous.
So yeah, props to Degrassi for making good music selections.

I love it when my favorite shows meet in the middle.

Degrassi Twitters

 I promise you all, faithful readers, I'm working on my review of "What a Girl Wants (part 1 and 2)" but I need to share this with you.  I realized the awesomeness of this when ROCKSTARSAV started following us on Twitter.  At first I was like, "Oh, that's cool," but then I realized it was more than cool.

It was INSANE.

ROCKSTARSAV is run by Epitome Pictures, which is basically responsible for Degrassi and it's awesomeness.  Epitome Pictures' newest idea for Degrassi marketing and stuff is to make Degrassi character twitters.  These twitters basically embody the the characters and tweet things like "Holly J for president" to the general public and sometimes things like "@fificoyne OMG are you okay? skype me if you EVER need anything" to each other (oh, and someday things like "@DegrassiPwns OMG you're so awesome I love you with all of my heart!").

So far, there's 5 Twitters (I'm following them all) but the network promises more to come.

Riley - QBRiley
Drew - DrewTheOne
Fiona - Fificoyne
Holly J - TheHollyJ

Also, this Tweetless twitter might possibly be Alli, but I'm not sure yet...

Alli (?) - HeartAlli

Have fun stalking your favorite Degrassi characters!  I know I will :)

Poll Results :)

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Degrassi Takes Manhattan

I know technically for a TeenNick lover I've titled this post wrong, but I don't care.  I love you TeenNick, but "The Heat is On" is an infinitely lamer name that "Degrassi Takes Manhattan."  Anyway, I've decided that I prefer my reviews when I don't ramble on about the plot and talk more about the significance of events, the quality of the acting, the script, the content, and the episode overall so enjoy my perfected (or slightly improved) review of DTM.

Okay, so the first thing I must address - Spinner and Emma.  3 words - What. The. Fish.  I mean, sure, there have been equally awkward couples, but those couples broke up.  They didn't get married.  Don't get me wrong, the whole thing was very well done and not at all forced, but it was just... ick.  I foresee a divorce in their future.  I dunno if it was originally suggested as a joke or if someone was like "Oh, you know what we haven't tried?  Emma and Spinner!  Wouldn't that catch everyone off guard!"  And so Spemma was born (ew, even their name sounds gross, like some sort of artificial meat).  All of their interactions were all so spontaneous and rushed that I just sat there waiting for it to fall apart.  But it never did.  It was like a giant hormonal lovefest that, for two characters that always seemed to have their feet on the ground and somewhat decent judgement, was completely unexpected.  Other than the bizarreness of the couple, though, I really have no problems with the story-line.  It was a cute way to end their Degrassi life.  Considering they stuck around forever I personally felt they needed a memorable exit, and I do believe they got it.  Oh, but before I move on.... something specific to only TeenNick watchers - The whole being married after waking from a drunken stupor you were only in because you were sad because of a break up thing seems to be stolen right from What I Like About You.  And it's fine to share story-lines, but not if you're playing on the same network, sometimes one after the other.

Next thing to address - Declan-Fiona-Holly J love triangle.  First of all, I was expecting more focus on the incest and maybe more clarity as to whether or not this had happened before, but that wasn't the case.  It focused more on Fiona's dependency on her brother and the defensive reaction she has when someone else tries to date him.  Fiona finally got to actually do something and I really enjoyed her performance.  Annie Clark proved her worth on Degrassi and I officially believe she earned her role.

Also, just wondering, did anyone think of the episode when Marco almost had sex with Ellie when they were watching Declan tell Fiona to go to the Hamptons?  The whole "we depend on each other for everything (even intimacy) but we need to find our own lives" type lecture brought back memories.  I enjoyed that... 
I also enjoy how it didn't focus too much on "OMG WHOA I'M IN NEW YORK!" and all the New York glamour shots were used in the sight-seeing montage.  But anyway moving on.

Unfortunately, the most boring part for me was Jane.  I love everything she does, even when she's stealing a car from Declan or making out with some random jerk of a guitar-player in the random band she joined called "Flashin' Midnight."  But her character had no point in this and I was really hoping she'd have a cooler send-off.  She was useful up until she joined Flashin' Midnight and then once again when she called Spinner and found out he was getting married.  So why did she even get involved with that band?  It was very weird, and even weirder was the way she left it... I mean, I've only been in two bands all of my life (and neither one has more than one song... I feel like the Zit Remedy) but I never heard of walking into practice to find someone else standing where you're supposed to stand, being all flirty with the guy you made out with less than 24 hours ago.  So clearly that whole block of time in the middle was very frustrating because this was the end of Anastacia "Jane Vaughn" Valeri and I wanted it to be all about her (which of course I knew wouldn't happen, but I wanted a little more).  Fortunately, though, that final scene with her was very touching.  I really liked that last line she had, "I can't wait to find out" or something to that extent.  I'm glad the end of her Degrassi chapter leaves room for the imagination.  I get to picture her doing whatever it is I want.  Right now, I'm picturing her curing cancer while also teaching Venetian orphans to fly.

One other thing that bugged me (I don't know why) is that Jay and Manny are back.  DGH (which was a better movie than DTM, by the way) gave them a very cute ending and bringing them back was just a little unnecessary.  I don't know what they were supposed to be doing but it was just kind of annoying.  Emma could've taken Spinner to Niagara Falls alone.

So final comments: great performance, as always, from Landon, Paula, and Charlotte.  They always manage to blow me away and have me hanging on their every word until the credits role.  Equally notable work from Annie Clark, who I'm looking forwards to more of in season 10.  I love watching Shane Kippel as Spinner and I loved that performance.  And Miriam McDonald?  I have been waiting for her to just GET ANOTHER JOB for the past year.  I'm glad she had such a memorable send-off.  That was one of her greatest performances since season 8.

So, DTM?  A very good way to wrap up a very solid season 9.  Whose ready for some season 10?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good News!

This world is very confusing.  Some people never graduate, it seems.

In Degrassi, you just hang out with anyone.  Peter hung out with the people who graduated two or three years ago, as well as Riley who's finally a senior now.  He's replacing Spinner now, as a useless graduate like Spinner who, somehow, wound up with a job at the Dot and instead of using his Above the Dot money to go to college as he planned he's doing... nothing with his life?  Admirable.  Truly admirable.

It also seems that Riley was some sort of honors student who was taking all 12th grad courses because this is his actual senior year now.

Oh well, the longer students stay seniors, the longer we get to enjoy them as Degrassi characters.

So... yay :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Clips

Thanks to Kary from "" this footage has been made available on YouTube.  Check it out!

Look! The Dot explodes!  This one looks like a scene from the movie...

Bands are a-traveling again, just as I suspected, and they're singing a few songs.  One is Maybe Love and the other is The Great Escape.

Also, Fiona = ...jerkface.  This one's not from Kary, but it's worthy of this post.

Canada AM? My New Hero

So guess what's happening at 8:40 AM on "Canada AM?"  RAYMOND ABLACK AND PAULA BRANCATI ARE APPEARING.  My hero and Mango's hero IN THE SAME ROOM ON THE SAME SHOW AT THE SAME TIME... it's so exciting I could die.

Except I'm not Canadian, so I can't see it.  Blah the world.  CTV has everything interesting.

Let's see what else I can't tune in to?

Stefan Brogren will be mocking me by also pleasuring the Canadians on Flow 93.5 FM.

Charlotte Arnold (oh, that's real nice, you too?) will be on CP24 which is broadcasted in Toronto.

WHY DOES THE WORLD HATE US?  I want exclusive Degrassi interviews and movie premieres and SOMETHING that takes place in AMERICA.

Life would be so much better if I had dreams about American television.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Spinner and... Emma?

So for anyone who's seen the newest Degrassi: The Heat is On promo, a couple of things might be running through your mind.

For instance:
1) Fiona just kissed Declan?  Is he okay with this...?  I mean, I kinda saw something creepy coming, but that was some pretty hardcore making out.
2) Holly J. and Jane are crying together?  Uh-oh...
3) Why does Declan's car have a New York license plate?
4) Ooh, Holly J and Declan are going to see Phantom?  I'd go with Wicked, it's a great show.  But you might wanna take off your... bonnet... thing, Holly J, it might interfere with your view.
5) Who's the blonde Spinner's kissing?
6) What the fish... *rewind, slow-motion, pause* Spinner is stroking EMMA'S face and she's wearing a WEDDING VEIL?

I do believe I just figured out who that blonde was.

WHAT.THE.FISH.  Hold on, Degrassi-ites, we're in for a wild ride.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Night Encore

Whether you're Canadian or American, I'm sure you've been thinking this one thing: How the fish am I going to manage to watch four episodes of Degrassi a week?  Well, TeenNick and MuchMusic realized that it was going to be pretty hard, so they're airing a 2 hours encore every Friday night.

From 9 PM to 11 PM on Fridays there will be an encore of the episodes you might've missed when you were maybe at camp or helping the needy or trying to get out of the hole your koala bear shoved you in or chasing said koala with animal control right behind you.  By the time you've completed your daily shenanigans, Degrassi just might be over.  Thank God for Fridays.

It seems that MuchMusic plans to do the same thing but from 6 PM to 8 PM.

If you want to read all of the article released which just touches on the airing style and other things I believe we've already mentioned, then you can see the article here.  Oh, it also touches on one other sentence I shall post about as soon as I get home from camp.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MuchMusic & MSNTv Descriptions

PEOPLE: This post contains spoilers, something we usually don't do until after an episode is showed.  But I just had to post this!

MuchMusic: -none-
MSNTv: Holly J plans to spend the summer with Declan in New York City; Spinner breaks up with Jane; Spinner, Jay, Manny and Emma go looking for excitement. 

MuchMusic: Holly J is back for her senior year at Degrassi with a mission. President of the student body equals entrance to Yale and Declan’s life. But when Sav decides to run against her, will HJ will do anything to get votes, no matter how ruthless?
MSNTv: Holly J returns from leaving Declan in New York City to attend Vanderbilt Prep; Fiona has a new boyfriend.

MuchMusic: Fiona is doing great after her "break" in the Hamptons... new outlook, new boyfriend... But when shining knight Bobby turns out to have a few anger issues, will anyone believe that Fiona isn’t just being dramatic... again?!
MSNTv: Fiona discovers that Bobby is abusive and unfaithful; Holly J worries about her re-election; Alli and Dave share a moment. 

MuchMusic: Fiona cannot handle the scrutiny in New York and runs to the only friend she can trust. Holly J and Sav go at it in a debate and Holly J panics.
MSNTv: Fiona turns to Declan for support; Holly J's plan to sabotage Sav fails; Jenna starts a rumor about Clare. 

MuchMusic: Sav has a final chance to stand up to his class president supporters about Anya’s pregnancy secret…and to his parents about his relationship with Anya. Holly J has to decide if she’s willing to risk friendships to get into Yale.
MSNTv: Anya and Sav bond over a lie that they are telling; Fiona returns to Degrassi; Clare uncovers a rumor. 

MuchMusic: Riley will do anything to win the QB position on the football team. But when his rival, Drew, threatens to “out” him, Riley is forced to take matters into his own hands. Alli tries out for the Power Squad.
MSNTv:  Drew is Riley's rival for the quarterback spot; Alli tries out for the Power Squad; Jenna becomes jealous. 

MuchMusic: Riley takes his feud with Drew too far, putting his position on the football team and relationship with Zane in jeopardy. Alli starts a Dance Troupe to rival the Power Squad.
MSNTv: Riley and Owen play a prank on Drew; Alli wants to create a dance crew to rival the Power Squad; Jenna's jealousy gets the better of her.

MuchMusic: KC’s mom shows up to win back custody, but is KC ready to give her a second chance? Clare’s new English partner helps her confront her parents’ marital problems.
MSNTv: K.C. tries to stay away from his mother; Clare struggles with writing; Alli asks Dave for advice.

MuchMusic: KC hangs with a tougher crowd to cope with his mom’s return. But the mischief he gets into with his new buds may change his life forever. Eli convinces Clare to express her family frustrations through her writing.
MSNTv: K.C. resists moving back with his mother; Clare's parents' marriage is in jeopardy; Alli thinks that Drew is her boyfriend.

This just in...

MuchMusic: Sav is desperate to prove to his parents that he's responsible.  And it works...until honesty suddenly stops seeming like the best policy.  Meanwhile, Jenna obsesses over her weight for the upcoming Power Squad Calendar photo shoot.

Save makes one bad decision that could cost him his presidency and parents' trust.  Jenna tries diet pills and suffers humiliating results.

Holly J's job search becomes the least of her worries when she finds incriminating photos of Declan.  Can their long distance relationship really work?  Dave Wesley and Connor form a band to get girls.

Declan offers financial help to Holly J.  But when she starts to feel like a woman, Holly J must choose between her relationship with Declan and her self-respect.  Eli comes up with a plan to put and end to Fitz's bullying.




Monday, July 5, 2010

The Boiling Point #5


Clare and Eli
Spinner punching Declan
KC and a ringing bell in the background
Sav driving a car
Holly J.
Football player pushing another football player (Riley to Drew or vice versa?)
Someone hurting Adam
Bobby (aka that guy) hurting Fiona
Riley and Owen pranking Drew
Alli looking pissed or determined
A foot stepping on paper in a messy hallway
Someone being pushed to the ground (It looks like Fitz to me?)

Honestly?  It cannot get any better than this.



DTM Soundtrack

That is the link, alright! :D

I previewed all the songs, and I'm pretty much tempted to purchase the album right now!

I wonder why they're not making a huge deal out of DTM/DTHIO as they did with DGH... I was so excited for DGH but now all I can't wait for it THE BOILING POINT!  WHO'S ECSTATIC RIGHT NOW?!