Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love Games

True to my word, I am posting again.  It's midnight and I'm blogging just to try and get another post in.  So I'm sorta adding my own little bit to the 10 series, this one being Degrassi Returns to TeenNick and the first episode of 2010 (see, I worked in a 10 there just incase you were beginning to question its relevance).

Canadians, don't even bother to read this post.  It's basically me alerting Americans about a sugar-coated version of "Waiting For a Girl Like You" and "Somebody."

For those of us Americans who remain ever faithful to our dear TeenNick (or just don't have parents willing to get you CTV just to indulge your unhealthy television obsession... when I get a place of my own I'm getting every channel that might possibly air Degrassi), those two titles above are new.  Well allow me to introduce you to the couple that saved my life, Holly J. and Declan.  Thank.  God.  Holly J. is not with Spinner. Jane + Spinner = pwnage.  I knew Holly J. wouldn't ruin it.  And Declan, you can have her, the two of you both creep me out a little bit.

Anywayz, "Somebody" and "Waiting For a Girl Like You" already aired in Canada but because I feel like a traitor when I watch episodes online, I haven't seen them yet.  However, thanks to my two favorite websites ever (Boycott the Caf and Kary's Degrassi Blog, without you I'd be nothing), I understand basically what happens.  Here in America, though, they'll be airing sometime in February under the title "Love Games."  I guess it's this year's attempt at a Valentine's Day special.

Although us Americans are getting the sugar-coated and overhyped version (that will most definitely come with one of those annoying promos they play over and over again) it does mean one good thing for us.  It means more Degrassi.  Because CTV is a major network, Degrassi won't be airing in Canada this winter.  The Olympics will.  (Okay, even I have to admit they're good enough to bump Degrassi out of the line-up.)  But because TeenNick is a smaller branch of a large network, it will still be our constant provider of Degrassi-goodness.  Yay :)


  1. What do you mean by sugar-coated? Did they edit it or something that changes it? :( And when did it air in Canada?

  2. No, it's the same, it's just done in an overhyped TeenNick way, as if it's something special whereas in Canada it was just another episode. It aired back in '09 in Canada under the titles "Waiting for a Girl Like You" and "Somebody."