Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Formal Fairwell

Well, since I've now come to terms with the end to all good things in the land of Degrassi Community School, I can now type up my tribute to Lauren Collins and Stacey Farber... I'd write on for Spinner and Jane's fabulariffic couple-ness but since Lauren Collins and Stacey Farber are actually real people I figured this one would make more sense.  Plus, I have imaginary readers named Lauren and Stacey (there's also an Adamo and I'm pretty sure Mango's got one named Raymond... plus I have a Shirley, just because no one names their kid Shirley anymore and I felt bad).

Since the beginning of Degrassi, Lauren Collins has been a reliable actress on Degrassi.  She first perfectly depicted that mean girl character we all love to hate but can't live without.  She then shocked us all by proving she was more than just a nasty stereotype when she did some amazing acting as a date-raped Paige... and from there on out you just kinda had to love Paige.  Okay, not so much Paige, I'm probably one of the few Degrassi fans who puts Paige in my top 5 favorite characters.  But ya know... you at least had to love Lauren Collins.  She didn't mumble (which is probably my pet peeve about Degrassi... they talk so quietly and then the commercials come on and you're like "holy fish that was loud!"), you understood everything she said, and she said with just the right amount of feeling, which would change depending on how much was needed to the perfect level.  Not once did you see anyone but Paige on screen when watching her character.  Because that's how perfectly the character was captured.

Stacey Farber captivated my attention from day one.   But it wasn't until season 2 that I truly fell in love with her as she portrayed someone who was cutting herself.  I think people who get where they wanna go even if someone throws some sort of obstacle in their way are more admirable than those who just pranced on through to whatever they wanted.  And the way Stacey Farber performed with a respect for Ellie as she cut herself was just kind of magical.  And then I was just addicted to Ellie Nash and therefore Stacey Farber.

So fairwell to two of my all time favorite Degrassi characters.  While I pray for guest appearances I also wish you luck in your new pursuits, which I don't know exactly what they are, but I'm sure you'll do them fabulously.

Wow.  I just looked up the resume of Lauren Collins on IMDb (which is the God of all websites, fyi) and then some other Degrassi stars (and James Marsden because I just need to look him up every time I'm on IMDb... that way I'll know if there's any movies I have to see soon).  Poor Adamo Ruggiero has done nothing with his life other than Degrassi... and "Make the Yuletide Gay" which sounds fabulous but also slightly obscure.  But from the plot summary, it does sound like a good movie to check out if you can find it anywhere... which I'm sure you can, it just requires some looking.

Anyway, yeah... okay, bye.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shout Out to Mike Lobel

Guess what I just learned while watching Degrassi Goes Hollywood!  Mike Lobel has been playing drums since he was nine.  Which means in DGH, that's actually him.  He just looks like he's trying wayy to hard.  Yeah, this is the most irrelevant thing ever, just figured I'd briefly give him some props... and offer my imaginary Mike Lobel the reader some advice to make his drumming look less... awkward.

And check out DGH Special Edition this weekend before The N becomes TeenNick!  And then gear up to get to know ever Degrassi character by watching every... episode... ever.  (Except Accidents Will Happen.)

Okay, yeah, the end.  Bye... I really need to learn some parting phrases in other languages.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Degrassi Season Nine Air Date!

Haha, you Canadians have nothing on me anymore!  Because I now know the US airdate!  Yes, tune in to the new TeenNick on October 9th at 8 PM for the first episode of Degrassi season nine!  It's a two-parter, Just Can't Get Enough, which is about Mia and Peter, the episode in which we officially get rid of Nina Debrov.

Okay, if you're Canadian, the first few episodes will be as follows: Just Can't Get Enough (both parts premiere on the 4th for you), Close to Me, Wanna Be Startin' Something, Shoot to Thrill, You Be Illin'.

If you're American, the first episodes will be this: Just Can't Get Enough (parts one and two are both on the 9th), Shoot to Thrill, Close To Me, You Be Illin'.

Isn't that the stupidest thing ever?  Whose idea was it to air the episodes in different orders?  And what were they smoking?  Oh well, but for all of you who watch on both networks, pick one for the first bit of season nine and just watch that one to prevent extreme confusion.

Shoot To Thrill will be about Alli pulling a Darcy with photos... but Alli might go a little farther.  Can anyone say "nude pictures"?  That was hypothetical, you don't actually need to say it.

Close to Me is the much dreaded episode in which Jane and Spinner will... ya know... either stay together or... gah, I just can't think about it.  Jane can't be attracted to Declan!  Or can she...? *shudder*

You Be Illin' is some more Johnny and Alli.  I don't have too many details on it, other than that.  Sorry people, you'll just need to watch it.

That's it for now!  Just get ready to watch every episode of Degrassi ever and then some new ones.  And hold your breath on the 16th (unless you're Canadian) because Jane really can't dump Spinner.  It's like gravity stopping or the moon turning purple... but less cool than a purple moon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Degrassi Photography

I recently created this picture, and I'd just like to say that I, being an overly-obsessive shopper, noticed that Judy Jiao's (a.k.a. Leia) shirt is an American Eagle Outfitters product.

This was when they went to see Spring Awakening at the Canon Theatre in Toronto, Canada in April, 2009. Pretty fly, don't you think?  Raymond looks ah-mazing, as usual.  They all look really great; I am so jealous!
***JJ informed me that Jake Epstein was in Spring Awakening (a rock-musical that has won a Tony-Award); he replaced Kyle Riabko as Melchior.***

Also, please take time to enjoy this picture of Marco and Paige from DGH, which I find very awesome for some unknown reason:

Marco looks so epically pwn!  And Paige looks as if it is one of the better days of her life.
Plus, it's Adamo Ruggiero (which is the most fun name to say in the history of names... Adamo Ruggiero, Adamo Ruggiero... it just dances on your tongue).  So that means the picture's amazing no matter what.
That is also true.  Here is another picture I just editted... It's fuzzin' amazing.  I looooove Nina's hair.  It's ridunkulously (which is 10 times ridiculously) near-perfect.

Obsessed With YOUUU

This post is entirely devoted to my obsession with Sav Bhandari/Raymond Ablack.  Yay me!  (Note, I do not have PicnikPremium, so some of the pictures are blurry and suck-ish quality, but I love Ray, so what does it matter?)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Even More Season Nine News!

Yup, I'm just accumulating the stuff!  Season nine news, that is.  Anyway, this one'll be short, but here it goes.
1) As of September 13th, it has been declared that Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (affectionately known by Degrassi fans as Liberty Van Zandt) will be making an appearance in season nine.
2) Starting October 2nd, another "every Degrassi episode ever" marathon will be airing on TeenNick.  Of course we all know that's a lie since Accidents Will Happen never aired in the US (if you really wanna say you watched EVERY SINGLE episode, check on The N's website under Degrassi and then click videos.  It's not there right now but they change the episodes they're showing every now and then so check back when you can).  While you're watching every single episode ever (which I hope you're not... I mean, please, stop, eat, do homework, walk around, live a bit) look out for the release date of Degrassi Season Nine on TeenNick since the stubborn people there refuse to tell us thus far.
3) Season nine will now be airing in Canada on October 4th... so us Americans can be a little less jealous.

Okay, so now here's the bigger news.  I've just stumbled upon some actual plot.  Not just like "episode 919 is about Johnny DiMarco (I don't know if it actually is, that was just an example)" plot but like serious, actual episode plot.  But the thing is... I don't wanna ruin it for ya.  That's terrible, isn't it?  I'm actually reluctant to give you the spoilers.  So here's what I'm gonna do.  I'm warning you.  If you wanna be patient and wait it out, watch it live and be shocked.  In all honesty, I wish I'd have done that, but I was too busy servicing you imaginary readers.  Now, if you find yourself curious, read on.   And if you're not satisfied enough with my summary, you can go here to see my source.  But otherwise, read on or exit this link.

So... according to the CTV website, we've gotten another Darcy.  Actually, it's ironic.  Darcy was dating Peter and just got sent off to Kenya like no one was going to be suspicious of a fake and plotless departure.  And now Mia's getting sent off to Paris for a major modeling contract.  So, screw Up Where We Belong, Mia's back on modeling and going off to Paris.  Peter decides to go with her since he's got nothing better to do with his life.  So I imagine they'll be some sort of "Yay fabulousness!" music montage, but that's just a guess.  But soon, the fabulousness fades away and it becomes apparent that Peter doesn't fit into Mia's sophisticated world.  Now, since Peter isn't exactly Mr. Good Judgement, it only makes sense that a frustrated and insecure Peter would accept some drugs from an "unlikely guest star."  And since it's Degrassi (and it's Peter who's a total jerk and deserves it), his "trip" goes horribly, horribly wrong.  There's only one subplot mentioned, so hopefully that means we're going back to the old format of 2 plot episodes, which, in my opinion, worked much better, anyway.  So the second plot features Alli, Jenna, and Clare.  There's definitely some potential for a good group now, with rivals instead of just four friends.  You see, Jenna's focused on becoming Clare's best friend and Alli's not such a fan of that plan... we'll just have to see how this works out.  But all I know is that (hopefully) the Degrassi writers aren't stupid enough to ensure everything working out all hunky-dory for everyone.

Good News!

This'll be the shortest post in the history of short blog posts, but it's important.  I stumbled upon the cast of season 9 and Adamo Ruggiero will be in it!  Lauren and Stacey did leave, but Marco's still on the show.  Oh, and Adamo Ruggiero has an official fansite, which I think is kinda cute and amusing at the same time.

To see Adamo Ruggiero's official fansite, click here.  It doesn't have that must important information on it... just his name and bio and such, but still, it's cute.

And to see the full cast (with little head shots and their names underneath them) click here.  By the way, if you click on the faces you'll get information about the character and the actor... the actor info is legit, but the character stuff is... a little... out-dated, to say the least.  If you want some good bios, check out the Degrassi wiki.  Or check out our character spotlights.  And be patient, more are in progress...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Degrassi Season Nine News

Yes, provided you're not blind or illiterate, you just figured out I have more season nine news!

Before I get started with that, guess what I figured out! I figured out how to upload images! Because there are no cool images that correspond with this post, I'm just gonna put up a picture of a baby sea turtle. Why? Because I want to post a picture and I'm too impatient to go write a relevant post and then put the image with it.

Well, for starters, allow me to mention that Degrassi season nine will, once again, go out with a four part episode (which in America, we call a movie). Now, don't panic yet, I don't know a thing about the plot, but the title is "The Rest Of Our Lives," which could be interpreted to imply an end to Degrassi if you want to be really pessimistic. But, I'm going to be optimistic and just assume that it means they're ending one generation of Degrassi students so that the new crew can get more screen time (i.e. Alli, Clare, K.C., Connor, and any new freshman season nine may hold).

CTV enjoys being vague, but from an article the published (read here to see full article) I've gathered this:
1) This is the "final chapter" for some Degrassi stars. It just says "some" and since I know Mia's leaving (see "Degrassi Season Nine Confirmed" for news on that), I'm not taking that to directly mean that Adamo, Lauren, and Stacey are officially off the show, but my hopes are getting low. Lauren seems to be deciding to move on and it's only a matter of time before Stacey and Adamo do, too. It seems three of my favorite characters are actually officially done. Wow... *sigh* that kinda made me sad. Okay, moving on.
2) Okay, this one's even worse: STEFAN BROGREN IS LOOKING FOR FEATURE FILM DIRECTOR POSITIONS OUTSIDE OF DEGRASSI! Now, I know it doesn't seem quite so tragic. You know, okay, so Snake will be less apparent in the show, we'll cope. But take a moment to really think about that. Now, it's pretty agreeable that Stefan Brogren is the spark that lights Degrassi. Not only is he a phenomenal actor from the original Degrassi Junior High, but a wonderful actor as Snake in Degrassi: TNG. But he's also a BIG behind the scenes influence. One of the best directors on the show, he's been really influential in a positive way. And without him, Degrassi just won't be the same. But, once again, let's be optimistic. Just because he works outside of Degrassi doesn't mean he'll completely abandon the show... right? And at least we still have him season nine, in which he's directing six episodes... get happy again, people!
3) Degrassi season nine is not completely a season of loss and sadness. No, although we're losing Adamo Ruggiero, Stacey Farber, and Lauren Collins (oh, the horror... now I'm sad again... okay, moving on again). We're also gaining some interesting plots. We've got an "unhealthy relationship" between a character and their older mentor (who? I have no idea), an unhealthy meth addiction (from who? I have no idea), and some more Riley drama. So it looks like we have a pretty good season ahead of us.

Jane is going to be a big character in season nine. And according to Stefan Brogren's twitter, it may be in ways we won't expect. We've now probably all come to terms with the heartbreaking reality of Spinner and Holly J. Which means, an end to the fabulous couple of Jane and Spinner, the most stable couple since Sean and Ellie. Why can't good things last? And another good thing that's not lasting? Johnny DiMarco. Rumor (and various Twitter pages) has it that he's not going to be a great role model season 9. Nope, quite the contrary.

Now for the freshman stories. KC will have a big storyline season nine, something uncovering his dark secret past. And Jenna is going to be trouble. Like, backstabbing, welcome-to-Degrassi trouble. Clare's coming out of her bubble of protection season nine.

I can hardly wait.

Attention Canada!

Okay, so I've always kinda known that Degrassi was funded by Canadian production companies. It's on CTV, a popular network in Canada and... well, it's a Canadian show. The don't say sorry, they say "surry" and they don't say about, they say "aboot." It's always been pretty self-explanatory. But I never really put 2 and 2 together to realized that Degrassi, being funded by CANADIAN production companies, is pretty dependent on it's CANADIAN ratings.

So guess what I just learned... Degrassi ratings are lower in Canada than in America. Now, because our readers are imaginary, they can be whoever we want. So, attention imaginary God of Canadian television ratings... go increase the Degrassi love in Canada. Because if Degrassi fails in Canada, not only will Degrassi-awesomeness be put on hold while they find a new production company and such, but if the new company is American, the odds of Degrassi lasting another 9 seasons is lower. Because here in America, we're very quick to cancel shows. And that doesn't exactly make me happy if Degrassi hits a rough patch. So... yeah. And Canadians? Go watch some Degrassi! Increase the demand, or whatever it's called when something is wanted! Yeah, that's demand... the laws of supply and demand. They'll make it if we want it and are willing to pay for it. Now, of course this is television, so we won't pay for it, but people will pay to advertise on the networks we're watching and if Degrassi is being watched then- oh, who cares, this isn't JJ's blog of economics, it's a Degrassi blog. Moral of the story? Go watch Degrassi! But don't get worried yet, there's been no talk of cancelation since DGH (er... Paradise City in Canada) and it's major Degrassi psych-up. You know they just gave out wristbands in the Canadian premiere? If you got there first, you got in. Lucky Canadians, do you know how jealous I am of those who got the opportunity to go? Like, incredibly. Just in case you didn't actually know and you were just smiling and nodding.

Okay, that's all. I'm gonna go do some math homework (yum).

Friday, September 4, 2009

Las Bandas del Programa Realidad Degrassi

For those of you who are familiar with the epic pwn teen show Degrassi, you are aware of the fact that every Degrassi generation has a band.

Starting with the Zit Remedy (affectionately "The Zits"), the band composed of Snake Simpson, Joey Jeremiah, and Derek Wheeler. Not that they really got anywhere with their one song, "Everybody Wants Something".

Then going to Paige Michalchuk and the Sexkittens, who had a million other names ("Two Girls and a Keyboard", "Three Girls and a Keyboard", "Paige and Terri", and "P.M.S."). Later on, with Ellie Nash substituting Terri, the band takes on the name of Hell Hath No Fury. w00t!

Skip to Downtown Sasquatch. The 'Squatch has gotten several minor gigs and consists of Craig Manning, Marco Del Rossi, Jimmy Brooks, and Spinner Mason. The band was also once called "Mysticles" which is awkward for the 4 guys and Ashley, but you know Ashley. *cough* DIVA! *cough*

Last leaves Studz, without a doubt my favorite Degrassi band of all time. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav! But seriously, they are like, really good.

Why did I write this post? That's a really good question. Wait until next time, and I promise I won't have an answer. ;D