Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We of the DegrassiPwns blog sincerely apologize for not being available in recent times.  We never reviewed anything after Wanna Be Startin' Something.  We might turn back and get them in slower times, but for now I want to plow forwards and address all things 10.  That means the 10 days marathon, the big season 10 surprise, and my guesses and news for season nine in 2010.  Because I'm supposed to be working on my biology honors (that's right I'm smart, too :P) poster about the lymphatic system, I'll break it down into 3 posts.  Within 48 hours, I promise you all (those of you who stuck with us, anyway) that you'll have something to read.

Since this is post one, I'll start with the 10 day marathon.  From what I've gathered thus far, it's going to be every episode played in order according to season.  Just reassuring anyone who was weirded out last time when the turned on their television expecting "Mother and Child Reunion" or at least something with cute little Emma and J.T. but was greeted by mop-head Manny flirting with Peter in "Venus."  By the way, when I say every episode ever, I mean EVERY episode including Accidents Will Be Happen... FINALLY!!!  It'll last 10 days (whoa, big shock) so they'll probably do a little less than a season a day.  This means that those of you, like me, who finally want to see seasons one and two (and I mean all of it not just a few episodes and then read about the others... because I'm a Degrassi nerd that's what I do) it provides the perfect opportunity while school's still out.  Then school kicks in but the newer episodes are all available online if that's what you're eager for (Mango refuses to end a sentence in the word for but my grammar's sketchy right now as is my sentence structure so she can get over herself).  Okay, I'm gonna go write about the amazing lymphatic system (it digests fats, helps with immunity, and drains fluids that get caught in tissues.  Big whoop.) while my friend yells in my ear about "tropes" (I don't know what they are, neither do I care).  More blogging later!

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