Friday, October 9, 2009

I Gotta Feeling, That Tonight's Gonna Be THE DEGRASSI PREMIERE

That's right Americans!  Degrassi Season 9 aires tonight!  Tonight is THE night!  Be excited with me!  *happy dance*

I've been waiting FOREVER for this.  Forever.  Okay, since DGH.  Which is like, forever. 

Everyone is talking about it.  I swear, everyone.  Like, JJ and I were taking a bathroom break during fifth period, and these girls were squealing & gossiping about it.  "Oh my God, I freaking love that show."  I wanted to scream out, "Go to!"

Okay, I just listened to the new theme song.  Twice.  It's kinda creeping me out... who is singing this??  It better not be Raymond Ablack and his band... if it is, I just might cry.  Upon the end of the second round of the theme song, I clicked somewhere (I really didn't care where, because the song was horrible), and ended up on "Whatcha Say" by Jason DeRulo, which is really big in America right now.  I love this song.  No joke.

Dude, CTV promos are ah-mazing!  I mean, CTV was awesome before, but check this out:
^ I don't own this, please don't sue me.  No copyright infringement intended and all that jazz. ^

Look at this picture of Manny and Darcy!

Now look at K.C. and Clare.  Love the shirt, K.C.

Hey, look, it's Sav!  He looks yummy :D And you can see Spinner in the background!  w00t!

Ciao for now!  JJ and I will be back by tomorrow (or maybe late tonight) to obsess over every detail of the first season 9 episode!  Love you all, non-existent readers and followers!

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