Thursday, October 8, 2009


Who's excited for tomorrow?  There's nothing like Peter getting high.  Ah... one more day!

Of course, you Canadians already had your premiere (although it was on a Sunday which must've been annoying) so you're just waiting for me to go watch the first friggin episode and talk about it.  (Oh, you love our babble about Degrassi, don't deny it.)  But because I only have The-N - no, TeenNick - and if I have CTV I don't know the station, you'll just have to be patient.

You know what would be friggin amazing?  Paramore performing on Degrassi.  As Mango said, Natasha Freaking Beddingfield did perform on the show.  And Paramore's Misery Business (one of the greatest songs ever) is on the Degrassi soundtrack (the one titled "Music From Degrassi The Next Generation" not the one with Life is a Show and all that other crazy awesomeness on it).  Plus, there's the Degrassi theme on that album, but it's the instrumental version by Jakalope (which is my favorite when accompanied by visuals, but you have to sing along which is not as much fun to listen to as, say, Cassie Steele or Paramore).

Speaking of the Degrassi theme, who's heard the new one?  I have, and it's terrible.  Not like, "Oh, stop the madness" terrible but like "this... is the corniest thing ever" terrible.  It's like someone trying to make "whatever it takes, I know I can make it through" a heavy rock song with some light-hearted but very rock-ish guitar and a thick base line.  Plus, there's some strange male vocal track, almost like Jamie Johnston singing as Peter in Studz, but a bit more mellow and less filled with angst.  My favorite is still the Jakalope instrumentals with season 3 theme coming in second (season 1 was a little too elementary church choir for me).  But, Paula Brancati still holds the coveted seat as the person whose back the logo comes from.  And awesome people always have that position (Adamo Ruggiero did for almost half the show's life... it's obviously for awesome people).

Before I go, I must admit that although Degrassi will miss Nina Dobrev, Vampire Diaries will be good for her.  Although Americans are pretty dependent on other nations for everything from our shirts to our vacuums, we do produce our own entertainment (with the exception of Degrassi, made by Canada, of course).  And since we're the entertainment of the world (okay, fine, there's Bollywood [Bollywood is epic pwn!] and such, but we are pretty capitalized in North America, at least), Nina Dobrev landing a role on an American show is good for her.  And it's just as Vampire Diaries is becoming a big deal.  Such a big deal that it's being compared to Twilight (which is ah-mazing).

And in reality, Degrassi is a springboard for people springboarded by Life With Derek (I believe Michael Seater is the God of Canadian television... EVERYONE has guest starred on Life With Derek if they made themselves a name in Canadian television).  Well, it's a springboard unless you fall in love with it and join the Degrassi community.  That's the way the show's structured.  Perfect for introducing new characters and getting rid of them as needed.  It survives high and low.  I don't know why I'm talking about this...

Oh well, moral of the story, Degrassi is life.

One more day!

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