Monday, May 31, 2010

TeenNick June Highlights

I give you one thing to look forwards to during this "Movie-Splosion" thing this June - Degrassi Goes Hollywood.  Yeah, that's right, they'll be ending with a bang affectionately known as DGH in June 18th.  And soon after that, TeenNick plans to jump into another "Every Degrassi Episode Ever" marathon that should last four weeks before giving us what we've all been waiting for... "Degrassi Takes Manhattan."  (DTM has less of a ring to it than DGH.., DNYC?  A little better, but I'm sure DTM will sound just fine if I say it over and over again.  DTM DTM DTM DTM DTM DTM DTM DTM DTM... okay, I'm good.)

Hey Mango?  I see another screening party in the near future :)

And after DTM, Degrassi season 10 starts soon after, airing 24 episodes over the course of the summer.  That means four episodes a week, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!  I can't wait! :D

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shannon Kook-Chun


He is a door and a ball.

A-door-a-ball (:

ShandosMangos Warddrobe fittings and script discussions at Degrassi. A great day. Love the new Director. Pumped for shooting next week :)

He is THEEEEEE 2nd cutest guy on Degrassi now, bumping Landon down one spot to #3 (Raymond is first, DUH!).

I also found THIS while stalking his Twitter page...

Ooh, Tears Dry On Their Own?  Let me zoom in on that ;) [It's an Amy Winehouse song, by the way]

Some other fun links?

Promos on JustJaredJr:

SoundSpeed on Much Music Pt. 1:
SoundSpeed on Much Music Pt 2:



Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Characters

After much analysis of the "High School is a Carnival", I've come up with the following:

When Drew uses the mallet to test his strength, the ball goes straight up at full-speed.  This shows that Riley is going to have some competition for star athlete, especially since Riley is now openly gay.
Drew also likes Alli Bhandari.  She reciprocates his adoration.  How is that "Degrassi"?  Dave also likes Alli Bhandari.  Oh, snap.  LOVE TRIANGLE!

The next part in the clip shows what looks like a girl who is dressed as a guy.  This is Adam.  Adam is transgendered.
You read that right!
Degrassi is throwing in something new!  Now we're cooking with sauce here!

"The Girl Who Makes Boyfriends Disappear"
At first I thought it was Fiona due to the lighting, but after pausing and playing and rewinding then playing again, I figured it out.  She reminded me immediately of Jenna, except she'll probably go after guys like... wait.  Who is there to go after?  Danny?  Spinner?

Fitz isn't actually "new" he's just going to be "more developed".  He's now using Wesley (who I LOVE), Connor, and Dave as his targets, so he's like, Bruce the Moose and Johnny combined.  Except I thought Bruce was "Mister 2-Credits-Shy"..?

OLDIES BEING RE-DUN (Old characters, that is, not plots)

"The Two-Faced Girl"... with snakes?  ER?!  <-- Enough said!

"The Girl Who Doesn't Know Her Own Secret"?  This intrigues me... maybe KC will break up with her due to said secret..?

...and Eli?  This is... unexpected.  And the thing with the cards?  "The Lovers" and "Death"?  Hi there, "a pair of star-crossed lovers" AKA ROMEO AND JULIET?  Sellout!

A black left eye... Either she gets into the fight of the century or she is abused.  Three guesses which one?
I actually cannot wait for the new season!  It actually sounds like they're going to step it up a notch (or five) and go there.  Like, legit get real.  I am SO FISHING EXCITED.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Keep On Loving You

I'm writing this right after the finale because I have all-day sectionals for track tomorrow, then I have a project to redo for Living Environment, a DBQ for Global, and a research paper for English.

The music in the episode was e x c e l l e n t !  I really, really, really, REALLY hope they put it on iTunes, especially the song that Jenna sang and the "Shark in the Water" song.

"Shark in the Water" is a song by VV Brown, and by the way, the acoustic version is VERY nice.  The clip that was shown at the end of the season finale was called "High School is a Carnival" which is an analogy I haven't heard before, but when you ponder it for a while, it totally makes sense.

The main plot of this episode was great, because they totally threw me off guard when Mrs. Coyne decided to move to Manhattan.  I mean, we saw this coming, since the Coyne's move around a lot, but it was so expertly hidden!

The subplot was a bit cliche, but the switching of the water bottles was a work of perfect irony and the fact that they allowed Space Awakening (based on Spring Awakening with Jake Epstein? Hmm...) to premiere at Above the Dot was cute.

Overall, I liked the episode.  Sure, it wasn't the best finale ever, but you know, it's DEGRASSI - you can't hate on it!



Just Minutes Away


Like, this seriously is an "OMG" moment.

In less than ten minutes, season 9 will be over.


Has ANY show ever gone so long and still kept its edge?  I think not.

Stay tuned all weekend for reviews, reviews, and more reviews!  <-- That was REALLY corny :P



P.S. Oh yeah, and here's another picture of Drake:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Innocent When You Dream

Because my DVR is stupid and refuses to actually record the things I set it to record, I keep having to watch Degrassi online via The Click.  No offense to The Click, it's just not the same thing as actual television.  But oh well.  Here we go, Innocent When You Dream review.  My first review all month, wish me luck!

Well, first of all, I hated Twilight, so the vampire thing really turned me off from the Fortnight books, making me really glad when Clare vowed never to read them again (of course, she probably won't stick to that, but whatever).  I don't think Fortnight is a real book (that, or it's a really obscure one) so it was basically Twilight in my mind.  Think about it... there was a character named Edmund.  Edmund and Edward?  Most definitely a Twilight spoof.

Okay, sorry about that.  Pardon the awkward rant.  Now I'll actually talk about the episode.

So I'll start with the main plot... definitely one of the weirdest things I've ever seen in my entire life.  I basically sat there for the entire episode thinking "What the fish?"  But it wasn't BAD.  It was just WEIRD. In a creepy but hysterical sort of way.

The thing about this bizarre episode?  It was good.  Not just the "What'd you get on the test?" "A 76." "Oh... good..." kind of good, but the "What'd you do today?" "Made a billion dollars selling stocks and watched Degrassi." "GOOD!" kind of good.  I thoroughly enjoyed Innocent When You Dream.  To a degree, Degrassi even sorta managed to go there with this comedic episode, touching lightly on crushes on upperclassmen, particularly those with girlfriends/boyfriends and the pubescent sexual feelings.  But more importantly, it was a good episode, regardless of what show it was.  It was engaging, entertaining, and enthralling.  The extremity of Clare's actions was wildly entertaining.  I've used the word entertaining twice in two consecutive sentences... this makes it three times.  I seriously recommend you watch the episode.  And if you don't really wanna laugh, how about you just watch it so you can revel in the awesomeness of Holly J. and her incredibly mature response to the situation.  I hope we don't lose Charlotte Arnold next season, I'm not quite sure if she's a junior or a senior...

Now the subplot was just obnoxious.  What the fish was it trying to accomplish?  It was basically Sav prancing around being a jerk and moping about life.  I think they really want us to believe that Sanya is officially over forever but it's just not working.  It's really not.  Season 10 I promise you they'll be back together, without a doubt.

So overall, the episode was really good.  Half of it (subplot) wasn't BAD it was just... completely pointless.  The other half was amazing(ly entertaining), so go for it.  Indulge in some Degrassi, it's the best of the past few episodes without a doubt.

[P.S. I'm writing a review of the minisode Forgetting Sav Bhandari, so stick around for that! -Mango]
[P.P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Delly J. episode, Keep On Loving You, which will air Friday, May 21 in the U.S. of A. -Mango] 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Half the Fun and Pink Strappy Heels


Sorry, I felt the need to express my anger towards my mother in all caps.  But this episode is actually really good.  No, it doesn't go there, and no, it doesn't get real, but I like it.  A lot.

So I'll watch the full episode tomorrow at 8, since teennick usually doesn't post the full eps until Sunday, and you'll have a review before Monday.  Most likely.  Hopefully.  Yes.

For almost the first half of Innocent When You Dream (which is like, the perfect title), Alli was wearing the shoes she wore in Shoot To Thrill, which are pink strappy heels that I am insanely jealous of and want exceptionally bad.  Alas, I am flat-footed and have a bunion and I am a victim of toe-walking so I am not allowed to wear more than 1/2 inch heels, so that wouldn't work at anyway.  But that doesn't mean I won't buy the shoes just to put in a display case in my room (which is being remodeled at the moment, in case you wanted to know).



Aubrey = Jimmy = Drake

The title of this post might as well read LOVE = LOVE = LOVE.

I was browsing around Xanga blogs today and I found THIS:

And I'm kind of obsessed with it :]

Enjoy this photo, and tonight's premiere of Innocent When You Dream (which is a song by Tom Waits, who is pretty awesome).



Thursday, May 6, 2010

We Cheated

Or at least I did. [Yeah, because I definitely did not! -Mango]

Because, although I remained faithful to my dear TeenNick, I couldn't resist reading about the other Degrassi episodes at Kary's Degrassi blog (see affiliates/informative links for a link to the site).  So now after seeing them, I can't really bring myself to write a review for some reason.

But that will change, starting next week.  Because that's where my knowledge stops and I have to actually watch to see what's happening and therefore, everything's fresh in my mind when I go to write about it. [Good! GOOD! -Mango]

Rereading that, I don't know how much sense it made... just know you should expect a decent review this weekend. :) [Make that two, because I WILL WRITE ONE - at least one! I have a swim meet both days and then a track meet on Monday plus a literal TON of homework. -Mango]

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Volleyball, Anyone?

^ We do not own this! ^

Dalmar Abuzeid and Miriam McDonald were paired off with pro-volleyball players for a bit of two-on-two beach volleyball :D

Watch it, it's hilarious!



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Heart Like Mine (Pt. 2)

With no Marco to help me through part 2, I realized something: Degrassi has lost its edge.  What happened to going there?  To getting real?  Because this was just an overly dramatic, over-hyped episode of Degrassi that reminded me of something from Hannah Montana ("Miley Says Goodbye?"  More like "Miley Makes Me Want to Punch Disney Channel In the Face.")
I swear, there better be some epic return of Coach Carson where some sort of showdown takes place.  Because that's the only logical explanation I can find for that awful excuse for an ending.

I don't have time to write a full fledged review...

Basically -

The subplot was so "eh" I didn't really care at all about it.

The main plot was super intense until the end when I just wanted to punch something (just kidding, I'm not that violent a person) because it was such a let down.

The End.