Saturday, October 10, 2009

Degrassi Season Nine Premiere!

Okay, now I'm assuming you all saw last night's fabulous premiere.  For those of you that didn't, it contained 3 main plots, the first one being about Alli, Clare, and Jenna, the second about Holly J and Blue, and the third about Mia and Peter.  The episodes seem to have gone back to 2 parts each, which is good, allowing more time for focus on the plots and the ability to go further into depth.

The main plot was about Mia and Peter.  The plot was really well done.  I really believed Jamie Johnston's acting as a meth addict.  Granted, you never see him actually take the meth, but he exhibits the symptoms in a believable but not too deliberate way.  Jamie has always been reliable, though, throughout all the stage's of Peter's life.  Nina Dobrev, however, has had some shaky episodes.  Luckily, this wasn't one of them.  Dobrev nailed her final performance.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as much her send off episode as an episode about Peter's meth addiction.
Then again, Degrassi writers have consistently proven to poorly send of characters.  For instance, when Darcy moved to Africa, the episode was about everything but that.  Peter was dealing with the grief and hooked up with Mia, moving Darcy right out of the picture in the most deliberate way possible.  Peter seems to always to steal the spotlight when one of his girlfriends have moved away.
Although I was initially fearful that the send off would be corny and fake like Darcy's sudden departure for Kenya, Mia's job in Paris was much better done.  Instead of just up and going, there was more emphasis on the emotional strife both she and those close to her were going through.  The episode was solid and had little to no plot flaws (with the exception of little things that didn't really effect the plot, like Peter saying "why not?" after his performance at Declan and Fiona's).
Speaking of his performance at Declan's and Fiona's, we're introduced to the newest siblings, brother and sister Declan and Fiona who come from a wealthier family.  When they first arrive, they're introduced to everyone by Chantay (or is it Chante?) Black, who has become the school's newest video blogger in a weak attempt to give her character a purpose, they soon gather their bearings and begin to show their true colors.  Fiona seems to be nice, but Declan is a professional jerk.  Specializing in humiliation, scheming, and lying, Declan causes Peter trouble from the start and seems to be a new Peter, causing trouble, flirting, and pissing everyone off.  I'm excited to see what he brings in the near future.  Especially with Jane in next week's episode.  Meanwhile, Fiona hopefully has some more interesting plots coming than the knowledgeable but kindhearted sister who sits back while her brother wreaks havoc.

The subplot of part one revolved around Jenna Middleton.  Jenna's the new bubbly and incredibly fake freshman at Degrassi.  Her episode was relatively well-done.  It wasn't as captivating as the main plot, but still wasn't one of those plots that made you want to change the channel for a minute or so (like that boring Danny/Leia plot in Jane Says...).  It basically establishes a foundation for some potentially good episodes.  Jenna lays down so massive foreshadowings when talking about her old school which was apparently filled with back-stabbers.  She also mentions how she was a "boyfriend-stealer" in her old school, as well.  It soon slips that she likes KC... uh-ohh... be careful Clare!
The little that does actually happen during the episode is about a jealous Alli.  When Clare and Jenna become close, Alli feels threatened.  When put on the spot, Clare doesn't know how to react to Alli's accusation of Jenna stealing her best friend.  But Jenna then points out that she wants to be friends with both of them.  So we have an almost happily ever after.  Emphasis on the ALMOST.  Because then comes that foreshadowing and we all know that's not gonna end well...

Part two's subplot is about Holly J and Blue, the couple that was so short lived they can't even have a creative nickname, like Pia or Crellie.  Apparently after the shooting, Holly J and Blue became a thing.  Although they did have one dance, it wasn't enough for them to become a true couple in my mind.  The episode was well done, but seemed a bit to rushed for me.  The episode worked to hard to establish Holly J and Blue as a couple and then end them.  Blue tries to force Holly J to be a generally nicer person, but when she loses her cool and just wants a friggin taco, Blue is less than impressed.  Holly J lays out the facts that she's not just a superhero and he's got to accept all the parts of Holly J.  When Blue decides he can't do that, he ends them with an affectionate "Goodbye, Holly."  And she calls back "it's Holly frickin J," the perfect conclusion to their little subplot.

Quick notes: Well, in this episode we meet all the new characters, including Dave who introduces himself to Holly J as the future grade nine class representative, which means we can be expecting a good student, almost like a new Liberty but in a boy's body.  Additionally, at the end of the episode, Peter calls his mom and asks her to come home.  So we'll definitely be seeing some more Mrs. H season nine.  All the new characters come with a quick escape, depending on their ratings and the way fans except the characters.  Jenna seems to be a solo music act, so worst come to worst - what's that?  Jenna's going on tour?  Oh darn.  Meanwhile, Declan and Fiona will be staying for a relatively undecided time frame.  Ratings go down?  Oh, sorry guys, Declan and Fiona's father got a new job in... somewhere else.

Season nine is off to a good start.  It seems potentially better than season eight and will hopefully continue to push the standard set with some subpar episodes (**cough cough, Touch of Grey, cough cough**).  Degrassi: I think it just got real, again.  Season nine is looking up.

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