Monday, October 12, 2009

Eyes Without a Face (Not an Episode Review)

Just to start, I want to say that this post has nothing to do with the episode, Eyes Without a Face.  I just named it that because... well, Billy Idol is pretty fly :D (horrible smiley face) And also, in that particular episode, Darcy posted photos of herself on the Internet, and I'm going to post pictures as well. =)

So... why did I make this post?  Because I found some ah-mazing photos of Degrassi!!

This is Alli being smart.  And that science teacher, Mr. Bince.

Look at the cast, everyone looking young and awkward...

This is Linus, who I sort of thought was cool until he was being all beef jerky (translation: a jerk) to Marco, who will forever be amazing.  He is talking to Spinner, who is also on the list of amazing people.

Here is Kendra Mason.  Very short-lived character. 

Look at this shot of Spinner cannon-balling (if that is even a word) into the pool the night of prom.  I am very jealous.  Note the blow up shark in the water.

Don't you freaking love this little icon??

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  1. Let's see here "Degrassi-ite" the first pic. is not a picture of Perino, he's the history teacher with a huge nose
    in the 4th pic Kendra and Tobey broke up the summer before season 4 (Ghost in the Machine)