Thursday, December 31, 2009

Season 10 Spoilers (I mean 9... in my defense, it's 1 AM)

Since it's 1 AM I'm gonna be cheap and do this in list form by episode title and then characters involved/basic plot stuff.  Then I'm reading the novel I need to read for honors English and going to bed.  I think I'm overworked. :P

Waiting For a Girl Like You and Somebody (Love Games) - Declan and Holly J.
Heart Like Mine (2 parts) - K.C.'s relationship with his coach goes to new limits and he begins to question it.
Holiday Road - Emma and Kelly stop by Degrassi for a visit with some big news.  (Miriam McDonald go get another job!  You being on Degrassi is just getting awkward now.)
Start Me Up - Peter opens up his very own club in the Dot.
Why Can't This Be Love? (2 parts) - Sav, Anya, and the reality of his arranged marrage.

Now although it hasn't been officially confirmed, there's been some talk of a pregnant Anya as well as of an STD.  I don't know if the STD plot could apply to both Bhandaris with out being awkward so I'm betting on the former but again, nothing's been confirmed.

That's all I know for now.  Next on my blogging agenda is officially completing my Paige spotlight but I'll be sure to tell you if any more season nine news comes my way.  Good night, all!

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