Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wanna Be Startin' Something

Oh, this title is just dripping with creativity.  "Wanna Be Startin' Something" is a song by one of my personal favorite performers, Michael Jackson.  I'd just like to say that it's only because he's dead that he's so popular now.  No offense, Michael.  I still heart you.  Billie Jean FTW.  Okay, moving on.

Yayy, another unofficial continuation!  Only this time it's from "Close To Me" (which we actually reviewed hahaa).  So of course it's centered around Jane and Declan.  Only this time with the addition of one of my on-again-off-again favorite characters, Holly J.!  Only now several people call her Holly which is typically an innocent little girl with pigtails, not a jerk student body president with a devil horns just dying to pop out of her head.  (As you can see, Holly J. is not one of my favorite characters right now.  And yes, she is Holly freaking J.)

Jane feels like one of the guys.  She wants to feel special, like a person, like a girl.  She wants to break free of the name she has made for herself and be somebody, and she finds this in Declan.  Why not  Danny, Sav, or her boyfriend Spinner?  Well, they're in "Janie and the Studs" together anyway, so they treat her like a guy.  But Declan is also this chick-crazed psychopath waiting to attack every girl on the planet.  Can you spell c-r-e-e-p-e-r??

Holly J. and Jane aren't exactly the best of friends, associates, or pals.  But they happen to be the only girls enrolled in the economics class, so they decide to join girl power forces to fight against the sexist stereotype that boys are better than girls!  (Sorry, got a bit carried away...)  And of course, influenced by Holly J.'s stellar personality, they start a babysitting service.  Not the typical one, where they take turns burping children.  No no no, they train people and organize babysitting jobs, plus get a guh-reat profit.  Win-win :)  Actually, they technically become agents, but they redefine the word since usually I picture someone dressed up in a suit talking loudly into a cellphone trying to schedule appointments (usually looking sorta like Sandra Bullock did in that movie "The Proposal" in my mind), not awesomeness like Jane... and Holly J.-ish.

So a bizarrely natural friendship evolves.  I thought Jane and Holly J. would be a forced and awkward duo but the two actually worked really well.  This is definitely the best Jane and another girl friendship I've ever seen.  MUCH better than Jane and Darcy... can you say awkward?

Anyways, Jane and Holly J. seem to be the perfect pair until the truth of Jane and Declan comes out.  Then they're more an angry, black-mail-threatening pair... more what I was expecting.

But the episode resolved in a much more natural way than I was expecting.  I thought it would either end Jane and Spinner or start Holly J. and Declan in the rushed and almost unnatural way season 8 did, but I keep forgetting this is Season Nine, which is code for season awesome :)

Overall, the episode was a great one.  Season Nine is proving to be ah-mazing.  Or A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Whichever one conveys more meaning to you.

The subplot was more like the comedic relief.  I have absolutely no idea what the point of Dave is considering he's pretty useless now that he and Jenna have given up on each other.  But he did make me laugh, so I guess that makes the episode okay... the mainplot put this to shame, but had it been a subplot in season 8 it would've been good.  Degrassi's reached a higher standard, though, and they slipped a bit in my opinion.

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