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Degrassi Goes Hollywood Album Review

Hey, all imaginary people.  I was looking through our posts and realized I never actually published this, so enjoy!

Well, before I get started on this, I must mention that the big Degrassi fandom nations (e.g. America and Canada) have now both officially aired this fantabulous movie, so the craze is ending as people finally get their hands... er... eyes on this masterpiece. And, as I mentioned in my initial movie review, there was GREAT music. And now that I have purchased the soundtrack (be jealous) I can review it for the enjoyment of imaginary people. Yeah, I have no life.

Crash My Party - Cassie Steele: Now, just looking at the song alone, it's pretty good. Sure, the lyrics are a tad (or a couple of tads) repetitive, consisting mostly of "crash my, crash my, don't you wanna crash my party" as the chorus which is maybe played a couple times too many. But still, when it starts playing, you drop everything and sing along, because it's catchy. Now, evaluating the singer, I believe I've already proclaimed Cassie Steele's amazing vocal ability. But in case you missed that, Cassie Steele is one hundred percent awesome. It's not just a movie soundtrack song, but really more of a single. Like the movie, it fits in with the group but also stands well on it's own.

Good Year - Keith and Renee: You start out with a very driving down the country road-ish opening, almost Juno soundtrack-esque, but not quite, more of potato chip advertisement. Then suddenly you're at more of a rock concert and the 2 singers (who I'm assuming are Keith and Renee) are screaming about how it's going to be a good year. The perfect selection for music to show while sight seeing in LA which I what I believe it was used for. It's melodic but not so complex that you stop focusing on the images and on the song. Repetitive is a bit of an understatement, but it's not the same thing over and over again, it's just that the chorus is a little short, so "This is gonna be a good year" is an infectious line that gets drilled into your head until you just want to listen to something else (like Crash My Party). Keith and Renee, who I've never heard of, seem to believe in the singing and shouting at the same time philosophy. Or at least Keith does. Renee sings, though. It's a solid song, but not really memorable (unless of course you're talking about the chorus, in which case you'll remember it considering it's just "This is gonna be a good year" over and over and over again).

My Fair Weather Friend - The Blue Seeds: You open up with a bluesy and slightly 90s rock bass line and then some one comes in with a drawling slur of lyrics. At first you can't really tell if it's gonna be good or bad, but the instrumentals start to pick up and the song gets a bit more interesting. And if you give her some time, the singer gets going and the song picks up. It's got a nice moderate beat and is a pretty solid track as far as a soundtrack goes. You may remember this track from the beginning of the Degrassi Goes Hollywood commercial. When you listen to the whole thing, towards the end you get kinda sick of it, but if you listen to a snippet, it's fine. Not something you'll get your money's worth out of, but not something that'll make you change the channel if it's playing on the radio.

Rescue You - Jake Epstein: It's Jake Epstein. That in itself says it'll be worthwhile. This supposedly 9 minute song doesn't seem to stretch on that long. In fact, you'll love all four minutes and 47 seconds and still beg for more... provided you like the little clip The N provides. Because it just gets better. Jake Epstein isn't just one of those people forced to sing because his character should, or because he's on a network which features many singers (*cough cough* Disney Channel *cough cough*). No, Jake Epstein is a true artist. Every song sounds like it's being sung to you. It's sung with passion, like there's a secret meaning in each song that only you know. So, without a doubt, Rescue You is a song of awesomeness.

Watch Out For The Fuzz - Howie Beck: Well, it's very upbeat.  Basic instrumentals that make you want to shake your head back and forth are the accompaniment to this uptempo song with some nice lead vocals.  It's a solid track, but not very complex.  Predictable, but still entertaining.

Life Is a Show - Cassie Steele: Okay, this song is life.  Like, seriously.  It is the best friggin thing ever.  It's only 4 minutes and 12 seconds.  I guess that's a long length for a song since they usually average at around 2 minutes (although they seem to be getting longer recently), but you never want it to end.  Repetitive, yes, but it's so good you never want it to end.  This is by far the best song on this entire album.  Possibly ever.  It is just so amazing.  I'm like, obsessed.  I'm sure everyone's heard the song.  I'm also sure that, for at least a day, you lived, breathed, and practically were this song.  Whether by performing yourself or just getting it stuck in your head.  Our once Degrassi-hating friend (I saw once because the world is starting to realize how fabulous Degrassi is and Mango and I are conforming everyone to Degrassi fans in our school) was even obsessed with this song.  You don't need to know all the words to enjoy throwing your head back and belting out "Life is a show!" when the chorus comes along.  Even my tone-deaf songs can't resist!  It's just the greatest song ever.  Listen to it.

All I Wanna Do - The School:  You open up with a very sixties drum beat and some nice tambourine work (I'm afraid Nina Dobrev just got schooled).  Then the beat changes a bit and the guitar and other instruments come in.  Next the lead singer come in with some drawling raspy singing in what sounds like the very peak of her range.  If raspy singing or screaming is your kind of thing, then it's definitely a good track, with a catchy and memorable melody.  But if you're someone who lives for that moment when you finally get what choir directors mean when they shout "round sound" and you produce just the warmest, fullest sound possible, then maybe it's not so much for you.  Me personally, the singer's lack of technical ability just gets on my nerves, but everyone has different styles so ya never know.

The Bee Hell - The Two Minute Miracles: Definitely a solid track.  Not too repetitive and definitely memorable.  It's not exceptional, more of your standard rock song with a bit of an indie-rock twist to it.  Not something I'd go out of my way to listen to, but definitely worth it if you do.  The vocals are good, both technically and artistically.  The band seems to have a good sense of unity, they're one of those groups that sound like a unit, not a group of individuals.  It's a good song, definitely worth your money.

The Swan Song - Jake Epstein: Not Jake Epstein's best work.  There's some notes that take you out of the moment, like when you're listening to your favorite song on the radio and the car drives under one of  those little bridge things and it fuzzes out for a second.  But it's definitely a good song.  If it were to be taken down just a half step it would fit perfectly in his range (although I trust there's a reason that didn't happen) and just be blissful.  But it's still a good track, definitely worthwhile if your willing to forgive Jake Epstein for a few clamps.

Come On and Go - Scout: This song is another one of my favorites.  In the movie, it plays when Ellie is out in the ocean and Craig and Marco come to her rescue.  It's a slower song with a darker feel, but not painfully so.  The lead vocalist has something captivating in her tone quality that just makes you want to listen.  Although the lyrics are not as powerful as they could be, the way the song is presented, it seems as if they should be really deep and moving.  Definitely a good song, although probably not something to add to your party playlist.  Still, though, completely worth it.

I Just Want to Party - The Stüdz: This is the only Stüdz song with the exception of "Like Whoa" which will be in the season nine premiere episode, "Just Can't Get Enough."  Although the latest Stüdz song is much better, that's excusable considering this was from a while ago, back when Stüdz was relatively new.  This song is something to buy if you're a diehard Degrassi fan or if you're one of those music fanatics who just like to have every song imaginable (like yours truly).  Thick instrumentals, heavy base and guitar, very hard rock drumming.  And of course Jamie Johnston screaming (this was pre-singing era, right before the transition from shouting to singing).

One Saturday Night Away - Cassie Steele and Michael Seater: Okay, sure, Michael Seater won't be winning a Grammy anytime soon.  But Cassie Steele might be and she compensates for his subpar vocals with her amazing ones.  It's very High School Musical, but not in a bad way, just in a big happy dance number way.  A good way to wrap up a show, with lots of energy and a positive, optimistic message of unity or love.  It's not as big and finale-ish as it should be, but to a degree, that makes it more believable and less corny.  A must have for musical fans or Cassie Steele fans, otherwise maybe not worth it.

Crash My Party (Ralph Sall Mix) - Cassie Steele: Personally, I'm not a big fan of remixes, so my opinion is biased.  Basically it's Crash My Party in space with some very thick synthetic effects.  Worse than the original (less rocking more... astronauting...), but still, it's the amazing Cassie Steele, so it's got some quality.

Life is a Show (Ralph Sall Mix) - Cassie Steele: Same general idea as above.  Just a very synthetic version of the original.  I prefer the original, but it depends on your music preferences.  Still, you can't go wrong with Cassie Steele!

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