Monday, December 27, 2010

So So So So So So Sorry!

Dear readers (all of whom have probably disappeared since we haven't posted in a lifetime) - 

I am (as the title indicates) so so so so so so sorry for abandoning you!  I didn't mean to, I swear.  The worst part is, it's most definitely too late to review all the episodes of last season... it's also too late to do next season promo highlights.  The only thing I can talk about and still be relevant is the up coming "Every Degrassi Episode Ever" marathon.  And even that I have nothing to say about.  Just that episodes will be airing on the weekends only, according to the previews.  It seems they'll be doing 2 seasons a week (except season 7 since it was sort of long, I guess) and then the next part of season 10 premieres on the 11th of February.

In other news, some random girl named Sadie will be appearing this season, along with Alli.  I don't think she'll be that important, she just gets to be in the promo because she can... she's played by a girl named Alexandria Benoit who I didn't care enough about to research in depth.  From what I've gathered in the 2 minutes of my life I devoted to her, she is the singer in her own band.  She's 18 and as far as the internet is concerned, she's single.  Not that I care about that at all.  But she is pretty.  And not famous yet.  So go for it, should you ever run into an Alex Benoit when you're buying your groceries in Canada.
This is a picture of Sadie/Alex.  I'm officially done caring about her.

Additionally, it looks like Scott Patterson owns a keytar according to his Twitter profile picture thumbnail thingy.  I'm very jealous.  I've actually been saving up for one of those.  Anyone wanna donate to the JJ's Keytar Fund?

Yeah didn't think so.  Why would you give me money after I abandoned you for months?  Unless you're one of the imaginary readers who are eternally faithful.  In which case, I really appreciate it, but imaginary money is useless in this world.

Moving on.  

Actually, I have nothing to say.  Well, I have tons of things to say, but none of my thoughts are all that organized right now.

Wow, I'm really out of it.  In my defense, I haven't blogged in a while.

Okay, I'll be going now.  I'll write soon, though, I promise :)


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How Do You HALO?

In other words, how do you help and lead others?

The HALO Awards were started last year by TeenNick as a project by new chairman Nick Cannon.  This award is presented by four celebrities every year to four teens that help and lead others.

And this year, there's a contest (that's for AMERICANS, for once)!

Except of course TeenNick is conspiring against me and JJ, because you have to be between 16 and 24 to enter.


Enter here!  And you can enter once a day!  :)

All you need is a Twitter account, and if you don't have one, go ahead and sign up - it's free!



P.S. It's just been announced by eTalk CTV that Drake is hosting the Juno Awards this year!