Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just Can't Get Enough

Don't you think the title of this post is so creative?
I'm so jealous of your titling skillz... not that I do any better.

I've watched the season premiere five times, noting every little detail. 

1. When Alli brings Clare a burrito, you see Jenna's shoes in the background.  They're Ed Hardy!  I have Ed Hardy's!
What is a breakfast burrito, anyway?

2. I love how when Peter and Mia arrive at the party, Mia just takes off her cardigan and holds it back for the coat lady to grab it.

3. Declan: "Here's the coolest guy at my new high school- Peter... something."
That line was classic, along with "Since when did our school become a white version of Fame?"

4. Why'd Peter say "Why not?" after bombing his little performance in front of "those rich snobs"?
He was so depressed he forgot how the English language works.

5. What is that song playing when Jenna, Alli, and Clare are in Clare's bedroom?  I really like it!

6. How are Alli and Clare still niners?  Alli says "We niners have to stick together".  But it's a new school year, and they were at DCS last year...
Yeah, that confused me, too.  Turns out, this is second semester of the same year.  I believe I mentioned that in a previous post, but for those of you imaginary people new to our blog and too lazy to rummage through old stuff, yes, that means Degrassi alumni and students are in a different time frame than us, but it's Degrassi, so deal with it.

7. For some reason Jenna sounds super congested when she's asking about the boys who are off limits...

8. Ew.  Peter ate fish eggs.

9. Ugh, half of the scenes played during the theme song are the same as last season!
Where's Kelly?  If Emma and Manny are still there, what happened to him?

10. Shine, just believe, touch the sky :)

11. Jessica Tyler (who sings "Shine" and portrays Jenna Middleton) was in a Bella Dancerella commercial!
^ Once again, I don't own this, so no copyright infringement and stuff ^

More later! ~MANGO!~


  1. :)i dont know you but i wanted to know where i could find that song by jessica tyler.

  2. What is the song playing when Peter is in his loft dancing and Mia comes in and turns it off?

  3. What's the song that's playing while Peter walks in on Mia's photo shoot?

  4. What is that song that Jenna sing's in the season final of Degrassi? The one when she's the alien in Declan's play?

  5. Believe, written by Jessica and Robert Tyler, performed by Jessica Tyler :)

  6. What is the song manny sings at the end of the boiling point????????

  7. it's called "i trust you" and can be found here: