Thursday, December 31, 2009

Season 10 Spoilers (I mean 9... in my defense, it's 1 AM)

Since it's 1 AM I'm gonna be cheap and do this in list form by episode title and then characters involved/basic plot stuff.  Then I'm reading the novel I need to read for honors English and going to bed.  I think I'm overworked. :P

Waiting For a Girl Like You and Somebody (Love Games) - Declan and Holly J.
Heart Like Mine (2 parts) - K.C.'s relationship with his coach goes to new limits and he begins to question it.
Holiday Road - Emma and Kelly stop by Degrassi for a visit with some big news.  (Miriam McDonald go get another job!  You being on Degrassi is just getting awkward now.)
Start Me Up - Peter opens up his very own club in the Dot.
Why Can't This Be Love? (2 parts) - Sav, Anya, and the reality of his arranged marrage.

Now although it hasn't been officially confirmed, there's been some talk of a pregnant Anya as well as of an STD.  I don't know if the STD plot could apply to both Bhandaris with out being awkward so I'm betting on the former but again, nothing's been confirmed.

That's all I know for now.  Next on my blogging agenda is officially completing my Paige spotlight but I'll be sure to tell you if any more season nine news comes my way.  Good night, all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Season 10 Already?

I know, I know, season nine is only halfway over and we're already being taunted with secrets about season 10.  Yes, that's right, the ominous figure "The Exec" (Stephen Stohn) has already begun posting about a big season 10 secret via Twitter.  Wouldn't it be cool to be referred to as "The Blogger"?  It's sorta mysterious... I like it.
Anyway, so far the following has been posted by him:

I can't wait to tell you about what will be happening for Degrassi Season 10... something new and surprising..

Hint: The new and surprising thing about Degrassi 10 is not that it will become hour-long...

(it might be shown as hourlong sometimes, but that's not the new and surprising thing I was talking about!)

well, not sure if there will be a theme change, but there probably will be at least a couple of new characters...

.. but of course neither of those would be surprising... and not what i'm talking about! (lol rather, NOT talking about!)

Just noticing something, Stephen Stohn tends to post his tweets in pairs.  That, and the Twitter font is really cool.  Anyway, what we know so far is basically that it's not a new character, not a new plot, not a new time frame, and not a new theme song.  So what is it?  I have absolutely no idea.  All I know is that it's either something ridiculous we're not expecting or it's something pathetic we don't care about.  Here's hoping for the former.

By the way, sorry about the weirdness of the font color and the prior hugeness of the font size.  Blogger's not being agreeable right now.

Oh, and did I mention that season 10 has officially been confirmed?  What's that?  You figured that out?  Oh, you're so smart!

Spotlight On: PAIGE

I was digging through some old posts and stumbled upon this.  I haven't touched it since late July and rereading it, it appears that I gave up after season 4 without thoroughly touching on season 3.  And I never mentioned anything about Lauren Collins... wow, this is gonna be a freakishly long post when I finish, but I figure you guys can enjoy this much of it thus far and as soon as I finish my "Freshman Wellness Project" (that's code for gym homework... I know, right, gym homework?  Us honors students never get a break...) I'll add on to this.  Then I'll finish my 10 series.  Just want to assure you that I haven't forgotten about my promise.  Okay, enjoy.

Paige Michalchuk... where to start? So much Paige. So much time. But there's only so much I can say about her before you say "This is stupid!" and close the link. And since, according to Google Analytics, the most number of readers we've had in a day so far is 15, we need all the readers we can get.

I think I'll do this chronologically. Paige starts out as the queen bee character, almost a Mean Girls style ruler but more realistic. She discreetly insults people on backhand and gives them looks that you just know are not happy smiley looks (much as they may appear so) instead of just calling you names and ruining your life. Which means right from the start, Paige Michalchuk was a believable character. Paige starts out as a bad friend. Well, not bad. She's sorta there for her friends. But she's also sorta not. For instance, she manages to meddle into a relationship between Jimmy Brooks and long-time "frenemy" Ashley Kerwin, pressuring Ashley to have sex. But she also helps Ashley come to terms with having a gay father (although that ended interestingly... try picturing Ashley throwing milk in Paige's face because she thinks Paige is being mean and later realizing she was trying to help). Paige tried to be a good person... it just wasn't in her blood. For instance, she tried forming a band with Ashley, Terri (another friend), and herself, but even that wasn't the greatest thing for their relationship when tensions are raised at the talent show. But she tried.

Now, Paige and Ashley didn't last very long.  Pretty soon, Paige had an exciting falling-out with Ashley (I dunno if "falling-out" was the right term but it's so much fun to say). Okay, maybe not the most exciting thing you've ever heard, but when you get high on Ecstasy and call your friend a hag, you might burn some bridges. And when you're friend then becomes the most popular girl in school who completely abandons you when you need the most help (I mean, come on, you were just high on Ecstasy for crying out loud), she probably burned down the remainder of the bridges you managed not to burn. By the way, in that statement, Paige was the not-so-loyal best friend and Ashley was the one on Ecstasy (not that I think my imaginary readers are on Ecstasy, it was just a metaphor-ish thing... no, I believe it was an analogy).

Although Paige is still angry, she manages to forgive Ashley. But this is Degrassi, so that lasts a few episodes and then their right back to hating after a little dating incident. In a confusing series of insults and misconceptions, Ashley winds up isolated by Paige and, after Paige forcibly made it so, Terri. Terri, Paige, and a new character, Hazel, become friends. But in this season, Paige's problems are much more intense than just friendships.

Paige attends a party with Dean, the Bardell sports star, as his date after a soccer game. At the party, Paige is warned to be careful with Dean by another girl, but Paige just assumes it's jealousy and dismisses the precaution. She later asks Dean if they can go upstairs so they can talk, but Dean misunderstands and thinks Paige wants to have sex. Paige tries to tell him she isn't ready for sex in their relationship yet, but Dean pushes her down and rapes her... isn't he just darling?

After the rape, things just get worse. Spinner confronts Paige about the party and calls Paige a slut. Then Ashley joins Paige as she reunites PMS (their old band) in an attempt to win a songwriting competition. Ashley writes a song about rape which Paige disapproves, leading Ashley to accuse Paige of having "no emotions." Paige opens up to Ashley and confesses to her about the rape. Ashley tells Paige they won't do the song, but when Paige sees Dean in the audience, she sings the song, anyway. Afterwards, Paige goes to the school counsellor, finally coming to terms with her rape and after a few months of therapy, she accepts the rape and feels ready to move on. The episode has been dismissed as in the past in her mind, but then she learns that Dean will be visiting Degrassi for the basketball play-offs. She tries to avoid him, but after that fails, all hell breaks loose.

Well, not all hell, but a lot of it. Paige admits the truth about her rape to JT who gets in a fight with Dean on the basketball court. Dean is suspended from the game. Then, Spinner also learns the truth and goes after Dean. Paige interrupts the fight that the two wind up in and tells Dean she is going to press charges. It isn't until season 4 that the trial happens (don't worry, I'll jump back to season 3 after this). After a long and intense trial, the judge must reluctantly find Dean innocent due to the lack of witnesses and physical evidence. Devastated the result of the trial and trying to cope with the stress it provided, Paige goes to a party at Dylan's (her brother) college where she gets drunk and flirts with guys (lovely way to deal with stress, right?).  Now drunken and upset, Paige goes to see Spinner and have sex with him, but he refuses.  The two argue and Paige claims that no one seems to be showing any compassion for her while Spinner rebuts that she'll never get over the rape.  How do you solve a problem with your boyfriend?  Well, if you're Paige Michalchuk, you steal his car keys and drive back to your brother's frat house where you announce to the world (or the portion of it that's there) that Dean raped you.  And Dean, being the indifferent jerk that he is, first reacts angrily and defiantly but then admits to everyone he did rape her and doesn't seem to care.

Love Games

True to my word, I am posting again.  It's midnight and I'm blogging just to try and get another post in.  So I'm sorta adding my own little bit to the 10 series, this one being Degrassi Returns to TeenNick and the first episode of 2010 (see, I worked in a 10 there just incase you were beginning to question its relevance).

Canadians, don't even bother to read this post.  It's basically me alerting Americans about a sugar-coated version of "Waiting For a Girl Like You" and "Somebody."

For those of us Americans who remain ever faithful to our dear TeenNick (or just don't have parents willing to get you CTV just to indulge your unhealthy television obsession... when I get a place of my own I'm getting every channel that might possibly air Degrassi), those two titles above are new.  Well allow me to introduce you to the couple that saved my life, Holly J. and Declan.  Thank.  God.  Holly J. is not with Spinner. Jane + Spinner = pwnage.  I knew Holly J. wouldn't ruin it.  And Declan, you can have her, the two of you both creep me out a little bit.

Anywayz, "Somebody" and "Waiting For a Girl Like You" already aired in Canada but because I feel like a traitor when I watch episodes online, I haven't seen them yet.  However, thanks to my two favorite websites ever (Boycott the Caf and Kary's Degrassi Blog, without you I'd be nothing), I understand basically what happens.  Here in America, though, they'll be airing sometime in February under the title "Love Games."  I guess it's this year's attempt at a Valentine's Day special.

Although us Americans are getting the sugar-coated and overhyped version (that will most definitely come with one of those annoying promos they play over and over again) it does mean one good thing for us.  It means more Degrassi.  Because CTV is a major network, Degrassi won't be airing in Canada this winter.  The Olympics will.  (Okay, even I have to admit they're good enough to bump Degrassi out of the line-up.)  But because TeenNick is a smaller branch of a large network, it will still be our constant provider of Degrassi-goodness.  Yay :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We of the DegrassiPwns blog sincerely apologize for not being available in recent times.  We never reviewed anything after Wanna Be Startin' Something.  We might turn back and get them in slower times, but for now I want to plow forwards and address all things 10.  That means the 10 days marathon, the big season 10 surprise, and my guesses and news for season nine in 2010.  Because I'm supposed to be working on my biology honors (that's right I'm smart, too :P) poster about the lymphatic system, I'll break it down into 3 posts.  Within 48 hours, I promise you all (those of you who stuck with us, anyway) that you'll have something to read.

Since this is post one, I'll start with the 10 day marathon.  From what I've gathered thus far, it's going to be every episode played in order according to season.  Just reassuring anyone who was weirded out last time when the turned on their television expecting "Mother and Child Reunion" or at least something with cute little Emma and J.T. but was greeted by mop-head Manny flirting with Peter in "Venus."  By the way, when I say every episode ever, I mean EVERY episode including Accidents Will Be Happen... FINALLY!!!  It'll last 10 days (whoa, big shock) so they'll probably do a little less than a season a day.  This means that those of you, like me, who finally want to see seasons one and two (and I mean all of it not just a few episodes and then read about the others... because I'm a Degrassi nerd that's what I do) it provides the perfect opportunity while school's still out.  Then school kicks in but the newer episodes are all available online if that's what you're eager for (Mango refuses to end a sentence in the word for but my grammar's sketchy right now as is my sentence structure so she can get over herself).  Okay, I'm gonna go write about the amazing lymphatic system (it digests fats, helps with immunity, and drains fluids that get caught in tissues.  Big whoop.) while my friend yells in my ear about "tropes" (I don't know what they are, neither do I care).  More blogging later!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wanna Be Startin' Something

Oh, this title is just dripping with creativity.  "Wanna Be Startin' Something" is a song by one of my personal favorite performers, Michael Jackson.  I'd just like to say that it's only because he's dead that he's so popular now.  No offense, Michael.  I still heart you.  Billie Jean FTW.  Okay, moving on.

Yayy, another unofficial continuation!  Only this time it's from "Close To Me" (which we actually reviewed hahaa).  So of course it's centered around Jane and Declan.  Only this time with the addition of one of my on-again-off-again favorite characters, Holly J.!  Only now several people call her Holly which is typically an innocent little girl with pigtails, not a jerk student body president with a devil horns just dying to pop out of her head.  (As you can see, Holly J. is not one of my favorite characters right now.  And yes, she is Holly freaking J.)

Jane feels like one of the guys.  She wants to feel special, like a person, like a girl.  She wants to break free of the name she has made for herself and be somebody, and she finds this in Declan.  Why not  Danny, Sav, or her boyfriend Spinner?  Well, they're in "Janie and the Studs" together anyway, so they treat her like a guy.  But Declan is also this chick-crazed psychopath waiting to attack every girl on the planet.  Can you spell c-r-e-e-p-e-r??

Holly J. and Jane aren't exactly the best of friends, associates, or pals.  But they happen to be the only girls enrolled in the economics class, so they decide to join girl power forces to fight against the sexist stereotype that boys are better than girls!  (Sorry, got a bit carried away...)  And of course, influenced by Holly J.'s stellar personality, they start a babysitting service.  Not the typical one, where they take turns burping children.  No no no, they train people and organize babysitting jobs, plus get a guh-reat profit.  Win-win :)  Actually, they technically become agents, but they redefine the word since usually I picture someone dressed up in a suit talking loudly into a cellphone trying to schedule appointments (usually looking sorta like Sandra Bullock did in that movie "The Proposal" in my mind), not awesomeness like Jane... and Holly J.-ish.

So a bizarrely natural friendship evolves.  I thought Jane and Holly J. would be a forced and awkward duo but the two actually worked really well.  This is definitely the best Jane and another girl friendship I've ever seen.  MUCH better than Jane and Darcy... can you say awkward?

Anyways, Jane and Holly J. seem to be the perfect pair until the truth of Jane and Declan comes out.  Then they're more an angry, black-mail-threatening pair... more what I was expecting.

But the episode resolved in a much more natural way than I was expecting.  I thought it would either end Jane and Spinner or start Holly J. and Declan in the rushed and almost unnatural way season 8 did, but I keep forgetting this is Season Nine, which is code for season awesome :)

Overall, the episode was a great one.  Season Nine is proving to be ah-mazing.  Or A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Whichever one conveys more meaning to you.

The subplot was more like the comedic relief.  I have absolutely no idea what the point of Dave is considering he's pretty useless now that he and Jenna have given up on each other.  But he did make me laugh, so I guess that makes the episode okay... the mainplot put this to shame, but had it been a subplot in season 8 it would've been good.  Degrassi's reached a higher standard, though, and they slipped a bit in my opinion.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Got a Blackberry, Need to Return It, Degrassi Pwns

I was planning to be more available to you with my new Blackberry, but because Verizon lied to my dad, I need to return it now. Sorry faithful readers, I promise as soon as I get out of this chaotic store I'll blog about the Halo Awards, Degrassi, and its awesomeness.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Facebook, Anyone?

Okay, so I know you readers are all already pissed at Mango and I for not yet posting those long overdue episode reviews, but if you have it in your heart, then maybe you could possibly find the time to become a fan of us on Facebook.  I know it's no Twitter but it's sorta the same idea... okay, no, not at all, but still, we'd really appreciate it.  Here is a link to our page.  Just become a fan.  Please.  Kay, thanks, bye.