Monday, March 29, 2010

And Some Degrassi to Spice Up Your April

If the April showers have gotcha feeling glum next month, don't worry.  Doctor Degrassi is on her way.  With marathons and new episodes all month long, all those CTV Canadians will be sitting there jealous of our sucky economy because we'll have Degrassi all month long.

Also, if you can't wait just 5 more days for Degrassi to return with some intense Broken Promises, go over to and check out The Click for a new, moderately entertaining mini.  It's slow to get going and if you just want a laugh, skip right to parts 3 and 4.  Part 1 and part 2 just set the scene, but you really don't need it.  It seems like it was an attempt to drag this one out even more, like they did in Sinder3lla.  But regardless, it was still good and it added some Degrassi to my starving diet of Brothers and Sisters, Glee, Degrassi, and Make It Or Break It.  (Seriously, nothing I watch is playing right now.  It's like everyone took a big hiatus at the same time to annoy me.  Well, except for Brothers and Sisters, but they just show that one whenever they feel like it, at 2 week intervals when they want to be really obnoxious.)  Also, it gives you a taste of the comedic capability of 2 incredibly neglected characters, Bruce the Moose and Dave.  Now I'm hoping for more of them in season 10... although I'm still sorta hoping someone will kill Chantay/Chante/Chantey.  But, we'll see.  Patience, my Degrassi-ites.  Patience.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Broken Promises

So incase you've missed the trailers, I think I'll give you the heads up.  I'm talking about Broken Promises (or "Why Can't This Be Love" for you Canadians).  I'm talking about the big Anya-Sav episode everyone's been waiting for.  I'm talking about the big episode that's airing in America on April 2nd, 2010.
Yes, TeenNick is airing something before Canada for once.  I'm as shocked as you.

There's not much to say.  Other than buckle your seatbelts, folks, this is the big Anya-Sav episode we've been waiting for.

I just might die.

Monday, March 22, 2010


 It's not even like he has bad lyrics.

It's just that he sounds like he's... a five year old girl.

Poor kid. When his voice deepens with puberty, I wonder what his fangirls will do.

And why, you may wonder, am I blogging about Justin Bieber?

Because my friends...


How do I know that?

Well, my little sister has given into conformity and began watching his music videos, and she was like, "Hey, this guy at 1:13 looks like that guy from that show you watch [as in Degrassi]."

I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Aubrey Graham, Jimmy Brooks, Drake... whatever you want to call him, is sadly featured for a mere two seconds here [WE DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO]:


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hiatus? What! NO!

Since Degrassi decided to not air until APRIL 2ND (I am going to die between now and then), we have nothing to blog about.

What do you want us to blog about?

We could do a Spotlight On: or a Twitter update...

But the former requires a lot of time and the latter is lame (seriously, you can check the Twitter yourself).  

What to do? What to do? (Pity the ladies in waiting... Sorry, Once Upon A Mattress is implanted in my brain, thankyouspringmusical).

Maybe I'll set up a YouTube for us, and JJ and I could spaz around (wearing costumes so ours true identities are concealed). 
So... yeah.

Someone asked us on (my latest obsession) why we abandoned the blog.

Yeah, someone thought we ABANDONED THE BLOG.

Well, we really can't, because we're basically sworn under this oath that was never really taken, but abandoning it would be detrimental in ways you cannot believe
(1) We have readers.

(2) Our friends hate listening to us rant on about Degrassi this and Degrassi that and (for me) how amazing Raymond Ablack is.


(4) When we're bored, what are we supposed to do?  READ?  DO HOMEWORK?  No way, my friends.  We're supposed to blog.

(5) I'll let you in on a little secret: Even though we're not as famous as Kary ( or Erin (, we kind of have READERS.

(6) I think that's super fly.

(7) Don't you?

(8) Okay, list ends NOW.

Hey, have you noticed that whenever I plan to write a short update, it ends up being this long post?  Sorry to those of you that are bothered by that.

MLML! (Much Love, More Later <-- Just a reminder since I haven't blogged in forever and a day)


Friday, March 12, 2010

Big News

Guess what The Exec just tweeted!  Season 10 surprise, possibly?  Well, it turns out, Degrassi will be broken up into two parts during season 10: 24 episodes this summer and another 24 released on a normal schedule throughout the year.  Although there's the possibility of a rushed season, there's also a strong chance of a steady stream of Degrassi-awesomeness.  In the past, summers have been lonely and Degrassi-less, so much so that I need to find new shows to watch (Make It or Break It for the WIN!).  But this summer, I will be able to remain ever faithful to the Jesus of television, Degrassi.  So get excited and set your DVR because I smell a whole lot of drama coming our way!