Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back to the Basics: Degrassi News

As fabulously flamboyant our past posts have been (alliterations are awesome), I think it's about time we got back to letting you know what's happening in the world of Degrassi.  Since I've finally gotten the house back to myself and found time to rummage through sites like and such, I've stumbled upon some moderately useful information.  (If anyone cares, I've been busy hosting my mom's college friends all weekend... well, I wasn't really doing anything other than avoiding the living room and kitchen and family room and basement and basically any room where people might choose to interact and instead hiding out in a variety of bedrooms.)
So, as far as Degrassi goes, though, the future is not looking bright.  Not as far as season 10 goes, of course.  Scripts are being written now and the season has officially gotten the green light for filming.  But us TeenNick dwellers will have to wait even longer to finally see anything beyond "Love Games (Waiting For a Girl Like You/Somebody)" meaning we're still behind Canada.  TeenNick has not listed anything beyond their early February (5th at 9 PM) premiere.  Then for some unexplainable reason, there's no more Degrassi according to the month highlights.  Of course CTV is good to go with Holiday Road (I want to see Kelly again with his new Mango-styled hair!) and even Start Me Up (Peter having his own club means he has a purpose!  Why are we stuck with boring Peter?)!  Lucky Canadians. -jealous-
By the way, according to Stefan Brogen's tweets, Australians will be getting Degrassi starting from season 4.  So the kangaroos (and Australian people) will no longer be deprived of the wonder that is Degrassi.  Granted, they're still watching seasons when Jimmy Brooks could WALK.  Back when Marco was still on the show and when Paige was still a jerk (I believe she got nice and awesome, I don't care if you disagree).  Back when Craig wasn't bipolar!  Back before the age of Jane Vaughn and Savtaj Bhandari!  Back before Darcy Edwards, the most annoying innocent church girl/destructive rape victim EVER.  Back when Spinner looked like this:
See, even Paige thinks it's outrageous.
What is this nonsense?  The people down under are deprived.  I suddenly feel fine with being a few episodes behind the Canadians.

Shirt Shack, Part 1

The best Degrassi shirts ever (male & female).  'Nuf said.  (*Note: The photos aren't in any particular chronological order, based on season or whatever.  Sorry, I'm too lazy :P)

Manny - Owner of a Lonely Heart

Sav - Ladies Night

Manny - Our Lips Are Sealed (Pt. 2)

Alli - Season 8 (not an episode)

Holly J. - Heat of the Moment

Paige and Hailey - Degrassi Goes Hollywood

Peter - Live To Tell

Jane - Love Games

Jane - Wanna Be Startin' Something

And we conclude Part 1 of "Shirt Shack" (I know, I know, lame name).  One day, when I don't know what else to blog about, I'll make Part 2 :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Number 75 :)

I know, I know.  We didn't celebrate the 50th post, but 75 ends in an odd number, so why not start celebrating now?

In honor of our seventy-fifth post, I'm going to post pictures (N-O-T spoilers) from the upcoming episodes.  Beware, if photos from the unknown freak you out, please click on another post (blog archive - on the left side of the page).  But I made sure N O T to get any spoilers because JJ and I really do enjoy blogging about episodes after they air at the proper U.S. airdate, not cheating by watching them on Canadian websites (*cough* Basil *cough*).

Waiting For a Girl Like You and Somebody (a.k.a. Love Games) - Dear Zeus, this is one of my favorite photos. It's the reason I watch Degrassi. The spazzes :D

Waiting For a Girl Like You and Somebody (a.k.a. Love Games) - Declan and his mother, Holly J. and hers.  Do they ever look happy.

Heart Like Mine, Part 1 - Uh-oh, K.C. and Jenna?! I had an insanely good spoiler pic, but I wouldn't ruin it like that for all those who watch the episodes when they air in the U.S. But I highly disapprove. Bad niners.

Heart Like Mine, Part 2 - For some reason, I really love Sav's shirt (although I despise stripes, anything looks ah-mazing on Sav).  Additionally, Anya looks awfully good in this photo.  And Declan... yeah, he's on Degrassi, so he's good :)

Holiday Road - W-h-o-a. Look at you, Kelly! Your hair is the same length as mine! :)

Maybe I should tell you the episode order, in case you missed out on JJ's post back in '09 telling you...

(1) Waiting For a Girl Like You and Somebody (a.k.a. Love Games)
(2) Heart Like Mine, Part 1
(3) Heart Like Mine, Part 2
(4) Holiday Road
(5) Start Me Up
(6) Innocent When You Dream
(7) In Your Eyes
(8) Keep On Loving You
(9) The Rest of My Life (Degrassi Takes Manhattan)

Oh, how I pine for new Degrassi :)

More later, much love. ~Mango

P.S. Happy 75th post, Degrassi Pwns!

To Write Love on the Blog

I drew this all by myself, people :)  Be jealous!

Sorry this one's so big, but it needs to be in order for you to read the text.  Just turn your head sideways, you'll get a laugh (I hope! *crosses fingers*)

Much Love! (stolen from Landon Liboiron, to whom I send my love)


Q n' A

What's a common problem among teenagers today?  Boredom.  I'm s u p e r bored all the time so I thought hey, we have 11 followers.  That means 11 readers, at least, right?  So please, comment on this post (which has no purpose at all, thanks for asking) with questions and JJ & I will answer them!  They can be Degrassi related, or they could be problems that you just cannot figure out from your math textbook.  Bring it on!  (Please?)


Friday, January 29, 2010 (that's T O D A Y )

6:00pm - 9:00pm

6 Degree's Night Club

What to Plug in to MapQuest:
2335 Yonge St. (Yonge and Eglinton)
Toronto, ON (Canada, in case you were wondering)


K, thanks, bye :)

Just kidding.  I wouldn't leave you guys just like that ;)

SoundSpeed (*If they are on Degrassi, I put their character name in parenthesis*) = Raymond Ablack (Sav Bhandari), Shane Kippel (Gavin 'Spinner' Mason), Jamie Johnston (Peter Michael Stone), Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny Van Zandt), Scott Paterson (Johnny DiMarco), and Sean Farquharson (sorry you, you're not on Degrassi).

Who plays what?
Ray: vocals
Shane: drums
Jamie: rhythm guitar
Dalmar: bass
Scott: keytar and trumpet I play trumpet and keytar!  I have a new respect for Johnny DiMarco :)
Sean: lead guitar

I've heard like, one song, and I already love them.  You guys know I jump right away at the name "Ray Ablack".

SoundSpeed will also appear at Me to We Day at in Hamilton on February 9. 

If anyone can get to either of these events, comment and tell us all about it!  We always love to hear from our readers :)

From left to right: Sean, Scott, Dalmar, Raymond, Jamie, Shane.

Be sure to check out this video from YouTube user ilikegrass1:

Now I can say it.   K, thanks, bye :D

Going Down The Road

Okay, so I was watching Going Down The Road yesterday afternoon. (Hey, no italicizing text, it makes me feel less special.  Kay, thanks, bye.) That's the 2-part episode where Ashley leaves for England, Craig is emotionally unstable, and Kevin Smith is getting in the way of Joey and Caitlin (Joaitlin?  Caoey?  They don't come with a cute couple name). 

There's Alanis Morissette as principal in Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!.  She was flippin' high-larious.  And I quote from my notes: "You better start learning what the metric system is all about!"  But she says "about" with this awesome accent.  Much love, Alanis!

Caitlin Ryan, please please please with Canadian bacon on top stop changing your hair!  It's perfectly fine the way it is!  I so cannot keep track of your ever-changing hair colors and styles.

In Craig's music room (a.k.a. Joey's garage), there's a sign that says "Tax-Free - So buy me!"  I doubled over laughing, I thought it was that hilarious.

So Kevin, "Local Heroes" is the worst title since "Hope Floats"?  I don't know, I thought those movies that start with Jay and Silent Bob... were pretty bad titles too ;)

Manny: Jay, if you really love me, you'll wait until I'm 18.
Jay: What grade are you in?
Manny: I'm a freshman.
Jay: Freshman? Are there any seniors here?

Mewes is really annoying me at this point, because he is constantly trying to get with every girl within his reach.  Although in the above dialogue he's just acting.  But whatever.

Canadian Ninjas!  ATTACK!!!  I sincerely hope that our school's senior prom has Canadian (if any) ninjas.  Come on, that'd be way too cool.

Kevin Smith: Folks, I would like to raise a simple toast... to Degrassi!

Way to be, Kevin.  Way to be :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ew, College

Anyone in high school right now will completely agree with me when I say I freaking hate the idea of having to go to college soon.  It's not so much college as the idea of a high school resumé or whatever that your parents bug you about 24/7.  So now I'm wondering if there's any way I can pull off a blog as a useful thing to have on my college application.  We already stock this thing with SAT words (not intentionally, Mango and I are just such nerds we can't help it) and are (somewhat) dedicated to it.  We write (relatively) well and (usually) write good, informative or entertaining pieces.  But will it ever matter?

If anyone who happens to both love Degrassi and work for college admissions happens to stumble upon this, post a comment with an answer, please.

But regardless, I love this blog.  I'll love it in college, I'll love it when I find a job (or wind up homeless), I'll love it when I'm dying.  Maybe not everything needs to be done so to have a gemstone on your application or resumé or just something to brag about.  Maybe some things are done to please yourself.

But that's just my two cents.  Now I've got to study for midterms.  Ciao!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

You think you're tough, huh?

Out of pure curiosity, I took the same quiz as JJ, just to make sure I myself was not classified as an obnoxious but notoriously cute new kid with eyebrows that are out of proportion with my head. 

Okay, ew. Stewardess, I'll take Declan now.

Not that I have anything against Riley.


Yeah, I do.

What does it matter if you're gay? Your image won't change, you won't be kicked off the football team, and you won't just stop being star athlete. You're different. We're not going to sue you!

Additionally, I would like to second JJ's reasoning when she says midterms = no blogging. Seriously, I need to pass, and so does she, especially if we want to keep this ah-mazing blog. So please, do not abandon us, whereas we would not abandon you lovely guys & dolls if we knew your blog addresses (hey, why don't you leave a comment while we're at it?).

Much Love!


Well I Wonder How This Happened...

Out of curiousity, I wanted to see if Mango and I had similar lives.  It appears not, since my result on the "How Degrassi is you life?" quiz was as follows:

When I think about it, my life is like a lot of the more mellow Degrassi episodes.  Ya know, obviously no one came into my school with a gun or stabbed my best friend, but I've had my share of ups and downs. And my little "Extra Degrassi" badge has Ellie, Marco, and Paige in the picture, so this must be a good thing :D

I guess my messed up family makes my life extra Degrassi... plus knowing a bunch of gay people... oh well, I guess it doesn't matter that much, I'm cool with life.

Anywayz, I think Degrassi is cool and I would go watch some if there were not the stupid concept of midterms.

JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS: Midterms = no blogging for a week.  Enjoy surfing through old posts, or something.  Sorry!  Expect us back as soon as the stupidest tests ever are OVER.

Back to normal font size.  Before I go, I'd like to let you know that I was unsatisfied with being most like Declan and retook that quiz.

Much to my dismay, I am still Declan.  Really?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Your life is: Degrassi-esque

Okay, so obviously JJ is much better at prioritizing than I am, because she at least tries to blog everyday. 

My priorities:
(1) Homework
(2) Family/Friends
(3) Swim practice/meets
(4) Blogging
(5) Next week's homework

You see I have a busy-ish life, which is apparently nothing like Degrassi.  Well, according to TeenNick, "most of us just have a mellow-ish stream of Degrassi moments... the bad break-up, the zit on prom night, the embarrassing secret revealed to the world".  I've never been in a relationship, so the break-up is not something I can relate to.  I have yet to go to prom, but I always get zits/pimples/acne at the worst possible moment (AKA the eve of an important event).  The embarassing secret revealed to the world... nope, my 'therapist' would never do such a thing (much love!).

I want to meet someone who actually has a "Degrassi" life.  I have :)

Trying to prioritize,

Posting About Mia Since Everyone Else Has....

I was checking out other blogs when I saw that everyone seemed to have posted something about Mia recently.  So, in an effort to conform to the man, I decided it was our turn.

Mia Jones.  Teenage mother, model, and Peter's girlfriend are some of the first things that come to mind.  But for me, the first thing I think is voice of reason.  You see, everyone's been kinda ragging on Mia because she's not a very committed mother and she's too focused on fun and blah blah blah (see here for Kary's Degrassi Blog's anti-Mia Post and DegrassiList's anti-Mia Post).  But I don't think Mia's character was really supposed to provide a teenaged mom character.  I think that was the initial intent but as time progressed it became apparent that there were only so many possibilities.  So they threw together a little episode about Mia becoming a model and making her share of mistakes, then shoved her with Peter, and made her some sort of superior character, the character who offers advice and basically directs people in the right direction.  Although everything was somewhat forced, it still accomplished its goal.  Mia was a short-lived character but her life was good in comparison to others (for instance, Chantay who is still on the show and still hasn't done anything).  She had her episodes about her daughter (that one with the child-support woman was intense) and then her episodes as a helpful, mature character who offered advice (for instance, when Holly J wanted to lose her virginity).  She can seem annoying and know-it-all-ish sometimes but Mia Jones was a solid character and I don't think she harmed Degrassi (although she was present for one of the least enjoyable seasons...).

By the way, since I mentioned Chantay above, I have a question for anyone who knows.  How old is Chantay?  If anyone remembers the episode back with Chester, Chuck, and Chad, Chantay was Emma's friend who slept over with her, Manny, and someone else... Darcy maybe?  I don't remember, but moral of the story: she was Emma's friend.  Well, Emma has graduated and gone off to university, so why the fish is Chantay still at Degrassi?  Are they just buying time?  Do they have some plan?  Or did the writers just forget she even existed?  I'm thinking it's the latter.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Degrassi: So Real it's Ridiculous

Okay, so I was taking some quizzes on TeenNick and came across this thing, which I think is just about THE greatest thing ever.  And 100 percent true.  Look at Mango, Basil, and I.  Mango's a Coach fan whose clothing costs more than my face and always matches.  Today I learned why you can't wear flats with flare jeans and why you can't where sweaters on gym days.  Basil, on the other hand, is into black skinny jeans, alternative rock, and dance... every kind of dance.  And I am the cheerleader who doesn't understand a thing about fashion, refers to her clothing as "shirts and pants", and is known for her bush-like hair.  But all three of us are in all honors classes (except for in band, gym, lunch, and Spanish because our school doesn't offer honors in those courses).  And all three of us are friends probably because we can talk really fast with big words and still understand each other perfectly.  Just another perfect representation of how realistic Degrassi is and how easy it is to relate to.  Of how it "gets real" and "goes there."

The other quiz I took, though, is another story.  Apparently, I'm most like Declan... haha, haha, haha, no.  Please. No.  Tell me my eyebrows aren't that big.  Oh, please.

Searching for Sinder3lla: The Complete Trilogy

For those of you who rely upon DegrassiPwns for everything Degrassi, I feel it is my responsibility to let you know that Searching for Sinder3lla, that mini about Declan searching for his "perfect girl," has now been completed.  And although part one set the stage well, part two was just... boring.  Fortunately, part 3 was somewhat interesting and redeemed the mini.  Although breaking it into parts was stupid (had part 2 not been its own thing, I wouldn't have judged the mini as harshly), Degrassi minis are not sucking yet.  Come on, Stefan Brogren, don't let me down!

If you want to watch all three parts, check out TeenNick's The Click for that and other Degrassi-related clips:

If you're looking for an interesting article about pandas, go here:

And if you're just looking for a picture of an angry llama, you can always go here:

Otherwise, use wikipedia or something, this is a Degrassi blog.  Jeez.

Heyy all, it's Mango.  I'll whip up a review on Parts 2 & 3 and possibly a conclusion to the entire thing... later.  Check out the Twitter!  And that angry llama, gotta love it.  Speaking of llamas... This one's for you, Degrassi ;]

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Degrassi Vs. Glee: 5 Things The Greatest TV Shows Have In Common

1) There's a pregnant girl who is associated with gorgeous people.
Mia's a model.  Quinn's a cheerleader.  What happened to the effects of pregnancy on your body?  And why do the gorgeous people always get pregnant?  I want the nerdy, pimply, ugly girl to get pregnant.  I'd watch that show.  Well, no, I wouldn't, I'm too busy watching Glee and Degrassi, but I'd recommend it.

2) The gay guy pwns your soul.
Although Marco was less arrogant than Kurt, they're still both awesome, loveable characters.  I'm prone to think of Marco as the superior character because he's humbler, awesomer, hotter, and just better.  But Kurt has his moments.

3) There's a whole lot of drama when it comes to the gay boy coming out to his father.
Remember the Marco coming out drama?  Wow, that was intense.  Hold the phone, Hamlet, Marco's telling his Dad he's gay.  And that other gay guy... Tim or Todd or something with a T... it was Tim, I think.  Just a great episode.  Well Glee's set a similar standard with that moving interaction between Kurt and his dad.  Although Glee is centered around comedy and Degrassi around drama, the little places where the two overlap are what make both shows so exceptional.

4) Everyone's somehow ridiculously talented and musically inclined.
That's funny, because my school operates on a musical hierarchy. The athletes (mainly trackies and cheerleaders) in concert choir and drama club are the most popular followed by the drama club/chorus/concert choir/band members and then the jocks and then the nerds and then the slackers.  Granted Glee doesn't operate like that but my school's concert choir would actually be at the same level of the Glee club in the show if Lea Michele were to accidentally fall off a cliff and die.
Anywayz, my point was from Downtown Sasquatch, PMS, Stüdz, Jenna (no band?) and Hell Hath No Fury to... the Glee club (a considerably shorter list but oh well), everyone's a freaking musical genius.  Cassie Steele, Jake Epstein, and Lea Michele, you make me jealous.  Wanna trade vocal chords?

5) The cheerleaders are all really cool, popular, and attractive.
As a fellow cheerleader, I'm able to say that's not true.  No, I'm one of the biggest nerds (but I'm also a musician and performer so I even out on the social hierarchy) in my school.  And I'm a cheerleader.  The coaches actually don't care what you look like.  They want a girl who can do a back-walkover and shout corny cheers, and lift the flyers.  That's it.  So cheerleaders don't get that upper-leg, much to my dismay (although we totally should... Paige Michalchuk and Quinn FeBray did).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

P... O... L... L!!!

Our greatest apologies for not blogging last night =.=

But on a brighter note, this poll has had the most votes ever!!  34 votes!

Peter: 5
Chantay: 11
Blue: 7
Jane: 2
Sav: 3
Holly J.: 6

Voting for the next poll will begin right after this post is published and will most likely close next Sunday evening.  Toodles!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Every Degrassi EVARRRRRR! Marathon (no it's not advertised as that)


Well, you know, besides the wheel :)

Episode - "Tears Are Not Enough, Pt. 2"

Terri: I was so mad.
Craig: Because she died.
Terri: No, because I couldn't play pin-the-tail on the donkey.

Gotta l-o-v-e it!

I just noticed that they changed the theme song between "Tears Are Not Enough" and "Father Figure".

I have just about THE worst memory ever, so I sit in front of my grandfather's flat screen and write down note on a little pad.  Oops, another episode just started.  Gotta jet (I'll be back later and maybe tomorrow since JJ is not available for the time being).

But before I go I want to try to follow up JJ's last post.  I simply cannot equal it, because it made me feel so much better even though I still am failing at life (epically NOT pwn).  But JJ is one of the rays to my sun of life, along with Basil and Bugs and everyone else that makes me smile.  There's just something about JJ that struck me from the moment I met her.  I've always admired her, and if I were to make a list of the most ideal role models ever, she'd most definitely be on it.  Her, Lady GaGa, and my mom.  Three awesome women (well, JJ isn't exactly near the drinking age, so maybe she's not a woman, but screw that).

I love you (sorry, I stole your sign-off).

!~Mango Out~!

P.S. 26 votes on the poll!  This has to be the highest vote count we've had!  3 for Peter (no, he actually has a bit of purpose in the upcoming episodes), 8 for Chantay (then who would write the Anti-Grapevine?  Dave??), 6 for Blue (see man, change your name to Red!), 2 for Jane (JJ will be devastated), 2 for Sav (WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE YOU??), and 5 for Holly J. (aww, poor thing).  Keep it coming! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Because I Love Her

Hey all, it's JJ.  You guys don't need to read this post if you're looking for Degrassi info.

For the second day in a row, the post will not be related to Degrassi.  This time I'm not even going to try.  I'm writing today because Mango, the greatest person ever, is sad and is doubting herself and reminding her that I love her is more important to me than informing you about Degrassi (that, and nothing exciting has happened recently except for more little season 10 confirmation details).

Sooo... Mango,
Here's the thing.  You are one of the most beautiful girls I know (this includes inner-beauty, I'm not making a shallow statement).  I don't care who's smarter than you or who swims faster than you.  Because behind all those little meaningless sentences is the fact that you're still amazing.  Guess what.  Not everyone wins everything all the time.  No one does.  The only people who do are the people who quit while they're at the top (and heck, even Carly Patterson, who retired after winning the 2004 Olympic gold in the All-Around in gymnastics, was still only second on the beam).
But you win more than most.  You're incredible.  If I were you, I think I'd be so happy I'd forget to breathe and accidentally die.  I can't handle the awesomeness of Mango.  It's a rare gift you've got.  Just look at this blog.  Sure, I get information, but you personify it.  You're a bright light in my life.  Without you, life would be a black and white picture.  It gets the point across, but it's dull, boring, and bland.  (Not to be confused with black and white cookies, the greatest thing ever.)
I know, everyone falls flat on their face sometimes (I'd know).  We mess up, we fail, we say things we weren't supposed to or do things that don't make sense.  But if we get discouraged by a bump along the road we might as well sit at home twiddling our thumbs and drowning in re-runs of Degrassi (actually, that part I don't mind).  That doesn't seem right to me.  You of all people can't get set back by that.  Someone as incredible as you can't just sit back while everyone goes on taking risks and living.
You see, after failing many times at many things (like taking these global notes I should be doing right now) I decided that failures weren't failures.  They were lessons I needed to learn.  My Dad once told me that a B is good for the soul (speaking in terms of final grades, not quizzes and such.  For quizzes I've decided an F is good for the soul so to excuse myself :P).  I think he meant we all need to face the reality that sometimes we're not going to achieve all our goals. Sometimes we'll fall short.  But if we keep pushing on we'll wind up ahead in the long-run.

And I know you'll wind up ahead.  Up in first place.  Just promise me you'll look back at me from time to time and remember back when you started off with a blog.  Back when it was just me and you.  Just me who got to glow in the light you shed.

Now before you go off and think I'm such a good friend for doing this (or just get pissed off that I wasted another day... sorry!), I need to mention this.  I'm not doing this because I'm part Jesus.  I think I'm really doing this because my life without Mango is empty.  And I imagined a world where Mango lost her color, lost her flavor, lost the exciting glow that makes her so amazing, and almost died.  I need you.  I don't know how else to put it.  If you can't see yourself, that's your loss.  You're stuck looking down at me (literally down, I hate that about being short) while I get to marvel at the glory of you.  Thinking about it, it doesn't sound fair.  But if things became just and I was stuck with the cold image of myself reflecting in a mirror, life would be awful.

Mango, you're amazing.  I've run out of words, but that's basically the point.

I love you,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The True Meaning of "pwn"

The Internet provides many innovations to everyday society.  There are translators (which are horrible, please don't ever use them), sites for sheet music downloads, online shopping, and so much more.  Little do people know (not really, but I love that saying) that it also creates an alternate version of the English language.

Hi, I'm Mango, and today we will be taking a look at the word "pwn".

The word "pwn" (pronounced either "pawn" or "poh-own" when spoken) most likely derived from a little accident, considering the fact that on standard QWERTY keyboards the letter "o" is next to the letter "p".  The original term, "own", is used to say something along the lines of "I am dominate you be jealous n00b".  It is a term of what some would call supercilious or egotistical praise for one's abilities.  Synonyms of the word include: schooled, triumph, lesson learned, WHAT!, beyond awesomeness, world domination.  It can be used as either a verb or a noun, but more commonly is used solo as an interjection (PWN!).  The word "epic" is often placed in front of it for complete, utter, and total pwnage.  As a common user of this word, I must say, it's pretty fly.  Here are some example dialogues and sentences (***ALL OF THE BELOW SITUATIONS ARE COMPLETELY FICTIONAL.  WELL, MAYBE NOT NUMBER 2. OR NUMBER 4. BUT YOU GET THE PICTURE. OKAY, ENOUGH CAPS.***):

1. JJ: Yo Mango, what'd you get on that Bio test?
Mango: I got a 96. 
JJ: Ha ha ha! I got a 100! You just got pwned!

2. Michael Phelps is epic pwn at swimming.  His 100 Fly is more than 90% faster than mine.

3. Basil: Hey, wanna see my dance routine? (performs with amazing technique and stature)
Mango: Wow, you are so totally pwn at dancing!

4. Daffy Duck: [to Elmer about Bugs] What is this, a cooking class? Shoot him! Shoot him!
Elmer Fudd: But I haven't got a wicense to shoot a fwicasseeing wabbit.
Bugs Bunny: PWN!

What the heck does this have to do with Degrassi?  Wait, wait, I'll add relevance...

Degrassi = Pwn.
Now you understand our blog name.

This is JJ saying "-!~Mango Out~!-" on her behalf.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Drowning in The Seas(on 1)

Thanks to this fabulous marathon, I've been given the opportunity to watch season one of Degrassi and I've learnt a lot which I'll share with you now.

1) The first thing I learnt was that Ryan Cooley was THE cutest thing back then.

Look at that.  You can't resist that face.  It makes my life.  If my boyfriend looked like that I'd die happily right now.

2) Degrassi was 100 percent completely dependent on cuteness, not acting unless you're Lauren Collins, Cassie Steele, occasionally Daniel Clark, and maybe even Ryan Cooley from time to time.  Otherwise, the acting's horrific.  Miriam McDonald constantly sounds like she's reading off a cue card and Shane Kippel couldn't say a line with passion if you shoved the script in his face.  I died a bit at first, then remembered that by season 2 it would all be better.  Nothing like practice to help teach a lesson, particularly in acting.  And the amazing presence of Adamo Ruggiero started season 2.

Oh, Marco. -swoons :P-

3) Ash was annoying from the start.  From Jagged Little Pill to the middle of season 2 I felt bad for her.  I almost liked her.  Abandoned by her friends then friends with Ellie Nash, the coolest person EVER (aside from Marco Del Rossi... see above)... but then she got annoying again.
All season 1, though, she was sorta a self-obsessed, arrogant jerk.
I dunno what it is about her, but Ashley Kerwin makes me unexplainably annoyed, almost angry.

And finally, point 4.
4) Terri MacGreggor is actually a nice person.  Throughout my whole Degrassi-ite career, the name "Terri" always made me shudder.  I hated that character and thinking about it now, I have no idea why.  She seriously doesn't do anything wrong.  I mean, I guess she makes some little mistakes but still.  If she was my best friend, I'd be happy.  (Of course, I have Mango as my best friend so I'm luckier than anyone with Terri, but you get my point.) [Aww, JJ! Heart heart!]

Season 1 was probably one of the worst Degrassi seasons, competing with season 8.  (Season 2 pwns all because Marco came).  But without it, there really wouldn't be a Degrassi.  It set the stage for one of the greatest television shows ever, where it most definitely goes there.  Where it gets real.  Where the tacky slogans actually fit.

Overall, I think I'd miss the awful acting and the cute child actors if I didn't get a season of them.  Degrassi, you still make my life.  Miriam McDonald's mechanical acting can't take anything away from that.

Monday, January 4, 2010

E-v-e-r-y-d-a-y (yes that took me a long time be jealous)

I'm kind of liking this whole comeback that JJ and I made, now that we have prioritized and all that jazz. I think we'll be able to work together to post at least one post per day, maybe more than one on the weekends. So...

DID you know? Did YOU know? Did you KNOW?

Sav's real name is Savtage. It's not even a legit name, according to my favorite name site, Behind the Name: the Etymology and History of First Names. I would've named him Raja, which is Hindi for "king". I LOVE YOUUU!

Hey, you guys and dolls are voting on the poll! Every week it is my responsibility to create a spiffy new poll using the nifty tools provided by Blogger. There are currently 17 votes on the poll. 2 for Peter (seriously? come on!), 6 for Chantay (way to be harsh, people), 4 for Blue (sorry, maybe if your name was Turquoise people wouldn't have wanted you to die so bad), 1 for Jane (who was this? you have committed sin!), 0 for Sav (way to be!!! :D), and 4 for Holly J. (no, she's not going to die. that I can promise).

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-!~Mango Out~!-

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twitter Time

You betcha, DegrassiPwns (no space, it looks cooler) now has a twitter to go with their Facebook which matches their blog.  It's like an outfit for the internet.  Follow us follow us follow us.  Follow us.  That was my ever so subtle subliminal messaging attempt.

If it didn't work I'll try this:

Do it by going here:  Thank youuu!!! :)

Well If This Info Isn't Useless, I Dunno What Is

Yupz, it's time to get excited!  This is the first of many season 10 posts to come as we stumble upon information you don't care about.  Heck, we don't even care that much.  But incase someone out there does care (perhaps, like me, you enjoy typing up Degrassi episode titles so you can watch tacky 80s music videos) than this post'll make their day.

Sooo, the first 4 episode titles for Degrassi to come has been released.  To compensate for his cruel mockery via Twitter, Stephen Stohn has now posted this (in a string of four tweets instead of just efficiently making one... maybe I just don't understand Twitter).  Okay Mr. Exec, I forgive you.

After running out of 80s and 90s rock songs, Degrassi has turned to more recent songs for titles, such as Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. (Actually JJ, you can never run out of the 80s/90s!  "Breakaway" is also a song by Donna Summer, recorded in 1989!)

Degrassi'll kick off with a 2 parter entitled What a Girl Wants.  Then they'll have another one, Breakaway.  4 episodes, 2 titles.  Whoa.  Intensity.  Of course, nothing has been set in stone, but still... talk of season 10 is just exciting proof that Degrassi lives on, joining the elite group of those brilliant enough to live on to double digit seasons.  Pwnage.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Searching for Sinder3lla... Part 1

Trish: Back soon, keep those lips warm.

Sav: (shakes head) So... you and Trish, eh?
Declan: Yeah, man. She's exquisite, no?
Sav: Yeah, she's exquisitely exquisite, no?
Declan: (looks at Sav like what the fish?)
Sav: But how did you..?
Declan: It was in Chemistry.
Sav: Pfft! Yeah it was!
Declan: Gave her a look from the flame of the Bunsen burner and she asked for my number after class.
Sav: (in awe) You picked her up with a look! Man it takes me days of hard labor to get Anya back whenever we break up! A… look?? Come on, help a brother out!
Declan: (shocked)
Sav: Really? I mean, it would’ve of been my first guess but, uh… okay check this. (awkward look)

Declan: What, no! Did you see who was sitting here before me?
Sav: (oblivious) No, why?
Declan: ‘Cause she’s the girl of my dreams, that’s why.
Sav: Umm… What about exquisite Trish?
Declan: (shakes head) No. This girl was reading The Economist, watches The Daily Show interviews… she buys old world doll books on Amazon. This is a… (sigh)
Sav: And that’s enough to go on?
Declan: Well if she’s cute too then she’s perfect.
Sav: Uh, well you could click on “Account Details”.
Declan: (looks at Sav like you’re a genius) Right. (awkward smile, clicks) Awwwww, noooooo!! (turns to Sav) You’re gonna help me find her.
Sav: (looks at Declan like sure..?) Uhh… well we could ask those niners, I mean, you’ve got a username and they’re practically geniuses, so…
Declan: Nice work, Sav. (gazes at computer screen) Sinder3lla, here I come. (to Sav) You get those niner geeks over here I’ll teach you the look.
Sav: (defeated)
Declan: (pumps fist in victory)

(cue production info, and then...)

Declan: Noooooooo! (hits Sav) This is all your fault!
Sav: (looks at Declan like what the fish?) No it wasn't...

I love Degrassi :)
I've watched this pretty close to one million times, on TV and YouTube.  It's now one of my favorite Degrassi minis, along with "24 Hours on the Couch" and "Be Aware of Heather Sinclair".  Really?  I thought it was kinda boring and hard to follow... but definitely pretty funny, which makes it good since that's practically half the reason I even watch the minis :)

My favorite has to be the one with the guys trying out for cheerleading... ohmygoodness, I can't remember the title.  Aha, thank you YouTube, it's called Bring it On!  Greatest mini EVER!

If Sav were to die next, I would leave Marco to JJ and take Declan!! MUCH LOVE!!!

-!~Mango Out~!-