Sunday, November 29, 2009

YOU to the t u b e

Oh, how I live off of YouTube! It is a totally free, totally awesome way to exercise the first amendment. And the implied freedom of expression. (Note: I am not endorsing/advertising YouTube. Please don't come after me!)

As a crazed Degrassi-ite, I subscribed to and stalked Landon Liboiron (a.k.a. Declan Coyle at DCS). And he wrote this song, called "It Sounds So Beautiful". And really, it does sound so freaking beautiful. Is it on iTunes, you may ask? Well... I'll be right back let me check ;)

Darn you Landon, it's not available on iTunes!! Sure, I could be illegal and download it off some Russian website, but that would be morally wrong. So the day we meet, the first thing I'm going to do is slap you.

Just kidding. I'd probably freak out, as in squealing and most likely pouncing. Keep a sharp eye out for me and JJ...
Ha-ha, Landon's fridge is making weird sounds :) (Video name: Re: iloveeethemaine)


  1. do you know where you can listen to the song? i dont think its on his youtube any longer :/

    I really like that cover for some reason. Otherwise, there's other covers linked to it. I'm not sure if Landon ever did and original, just wrote the song and told people to take a stab at it. That one's also a video response to the original, so if it's not there, then just sift through the covers, some are pretty good.
    Hope I helped! :D