Friday, October 16, 2009

Tonight is a New Degrassi... Be Excited!

That's riiight!  Shoot to Thrill premieres tonight!  Now although I am a Degrassi-ite, I know nothing about this episode.  Except that it's about Alli Bhandari and Johnny DiMarco.  And the part of the title is the second song on the album Back in Black, which is by AC/DC (we play Back in Black in band -  it's horrible).  The other part is by Run-D.M.C., who also sang that awesome song from the Sex and the City soundtrack.

I know a little more... but just a little.  

Look at this shot of Jane and Studz (sorry, too lazy to get the accents for the U).  The image on the shirt looks strangely like Fiona... Don't ask how I saw this...

This post is really short... Oh well, I'm off to watch teasers of the new Degrassi.  Toodles!


  1. degrassi is a rocking show I wish that i could play a main role in it like mia, emma, or even manny although we don't see the last two much..... talk to you later*-

  2. Not that I don't like degrassi (I love it so much) but Degrassi is so crowded. And the story keeps on repeating. I do love some new characters but some of them are just too annoying. I'm still watching it though, that's a think about degrassi you think you hate it but you can't get enough of it. you wrote on my guestbook a while (I think) ago and here is your answer.

    I can't wait to watch this episode (even though I don't like Alli). Oh yeah, what do you mean when you said you have my blog?

  3. oh yeah... follow my blog :) I'm the one who commented before (hahaha... that was a stupid thing to say)