Friday, November 27, 2009

You Be Illin'

We haven't blogged in 13 days, and that post wasn't even what readers want to read. So I'm not going to do my Cornell notes but instead blog because honest-to-goodness who would choose the Odyssey over Blogger? :]

This post is a review of You Be Illin', which aired so long ago that I can't even remember what character was on the screen 16 minutes and 12 seconds into the episode. Just kidding, I couldn't remember that if my life depended on it.

The title of this episode really annoys me, because it just looks like three capital I's or three lowercase l's. UGH!

On a similar note, the title of this episode is the name of the song by Run-D.M.C. They are such an awesome group that I can't hear my own awesomeness over the sound of theirs. That's intense stuff.

The term "be illin'" can be translated into Basic English by saying "acting wack" or "kidding around". Example conversation:
JJ: Yo, Mango, I just got two backstage passes to Z100's Jingle Ball 2009!
Mango: You be illin'.

Moving on... "You Be Illin'" is an unofficial continuation of "Shoot To Thrill", meaning it's centered on Alli and Johnny. Alli makes Claire and Jenna help her break into Johnny's locker in an attempt at getting back her dignity (so not happening, All-star). They come up empty, but Alli still has her heart set on getting over Johnny. But then she finds out that he wants to talk to her. Saint Claire (as Alli has referred to her) basically flips out and prepares a lecture on how bad-butt Johnny is. When they meet, Johnny tells Alli that he found a wart... okay awkward moment you know where it is and how she reacts flash forward... Alli spazzes out and runs for a computer, revealing her inner nerd (yayy!). She concludes that she has HPV (human papillomavirus); therefore resulting in her and Jenna in a clinic. Alli demands every possible test, shot, and precaution to make sure she is perfect (woohoo equilibrium). Later on, in Media Immersion, Alli and Jenna come up with a plan to get comeuppance (best word in the dictionary). Jenna tries to seduce Johnny and make him admit that he has an STD, but instead he calmly states that the "only girl I want, is your friend Alli". Ha ha for him, everyone hears and does the typical "awww!” and good-girl Johnny gets tucked away and bad-butt Johnny comes out to kill Alli with his detention mop. Eventually, everything falls into place when Johnny talks to Alli face-to-face at her locker. I must say I ah-dore her top at this point (sorry, girl-icious moment). Johnny tells Alli that she has all the cards now, and needs to decide what she's going to do with them. Alli shuts him down by saying she can't play with someone she doesn't trust (*cough* REJECTED *cough*). He makes one last attempt, like Dave when he shoots the basketball and it actually goes in. Except in Johnny's case, it doesn't go in (once again, REJECTED).

^ Tee hee, big paragraph ^

The subplot of this episode was Peter trying to serve a purpose in Degrassi: The Next Generation (Season 9). He tries to regain his friends, but they shut him down (word of the post: REJECTED), exchanging him for Jane (who is ahhh-mazing).

I would write more about "Janie and the Studs" (not stoo-dz, but stuh-dz), but Cornell notes on the Odyssey are calling my name. Peacesicles!

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