Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shoot to Thrill

The title of this post is super-duper extra-buttery creative, no?

Didja see it?  Didja love it?  Ha ha ha.

I loved it and so did our other friend (we'll call her Bugs).  Alli and Johnny (they don't really have a couple name, like Pia or Deter) are one of my personal all time favorite Degrassi couples.

The main plot of this episode was Alli and Johnny (it just doesn't sound right saying Johnny and Alli).  "Alli discovers the joys, and possible risks, of cell-phone photography."  That does not tell you much, so if a person was going to watch Degrassi for the first time and read this, they would've changed the channel. 

Alli is trying way too hard for Johnny, even though she already has him.  She laid down rules, and now she's finding it hard to live with them.  I would call her a hypocrite, but I like Alli, plus she is Sav's sister, and I love Sav. 

Johnny is really bothering me.  One moment he's all tough and bad boy-esque, then he's cuddling up with a stuffed animal in Alli's bedroom.  But Alli is definitely having an effect on him, because he asks Bruce (the Moose) why he is stealing that sign.  He is also becoming more open with his reading.  A bit of my Sav-loving wore off onto Johnny at the end of the episode, when he and Alli officially break up but he insinuates that he wants to remember her forever.  But I also one-uped the Sav-Love-Meter when he was speaking to Anya on the phone.  "Hey pookie!  Yes, loud and clear.  No, you're the sweetest.  You are!"

Bruce was extremely good in this episode.  I loved when he was like, "OH, MY GOD!" He paused between "oh" and "my", which is a very smart technique for emphasis on the "OMG" of the moment.  Mr. Simpson then somewhat followed up on Bruce's reaction when he saw the picture of Alli.

The subplot is Riley yet again avoiding the bare reality (he's gay, in case anyone cares).  He starts something (not really a relationship yet) with the "new fashion-y girl", Fiona.  She is Declan's sister, and even though Declan refines "jerk", I am very fond of him.  When I meet him for dinner someday, instead of wine I will bring tweezers and scissors.

Riley uses really big and fancy-schmancy words to impress Fiona, and she totally falls for it.  It was kind of high-larious.  She's always wearing those legging/tights/stocking things, and they're growing on me.  I want a pair.

This post obviously lacks enthusiasm, so I'm going to add a bunch of smiley faces and an inspirational quotation.

:) =) ;) :D =D ;D :] =] ;]

Ch-ch-ch-CHAO! :)

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  1. Do you remember what movie Fiona says she likes in this episode?