Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten Degrassi Moments You Are Required to Know By Law (Edition 1)

Time Stands Still, Season 4

When Rick gets a little too fed up with bullying, he comes to school with his A-game (this is really bothering me... what is an A-game??) ... and a gun.  And there's no happy ending when he winds up dead and Jimmy ends up paralyzed.

Rock This Town, Season 6

Manny's throwing a party... but how far will things go?  When J.T. winds up dead, no one's celebrating anymore... nope, now they're all crying. (No no NO! This is sad!)

Standing In The Dark, Season 7 - Degrassi Spring Break Movie
**Note: Took place over the course of many episodes, the rape being Standing In The Dark, the steps towards healing in the Spring Break Movie**

Our favorite little church girl (actually, Darcy always annoyed me no matter what stage of her life she was in) is suddenly slapped in the face by reality when a rape leaves her angry, sad, and confused... and a little (did I say a little?  I mean a lot) self-destructive.

Death or Glory, Season 7

Spinner's working hard to maintain his reputation as school bully-fighting superhero... but a diagnosis of (testicular) cancer gives him something more important to worry about (just a teensy bit important =P).

Shout, Season 2

Paige is excited when Dean, the star soccer player at Bardell, seems to be interested in her.  But what is he really interested in?  Can anyone say rape?  That was hypothetical, just so ya know.

Pride, Season 3

Marco's coming to terms with being gay... but now the problem isn't himself, it's those icky homophobes who beat him up.  What's wrong with them?!  Don't they know Adamo Ruggiero is life?!

Fight the Power, Season 8

Jane is clearly the best football player (or at least the best running back... why is it that most football-playing girls are running backs?  It's probably because running backs don't need to be HUGE like other positions... and I mean HUGE.  Like, seriously, the other day I was at my first pep rally and I stood right next to the football team.  I felt like I was about to get stepped on.).  It's not her skill that's holding her back.  It's the complete lack of support from her teammates and coach/principal (obviously not her pal) and the subsequent violence.  Don't do that!  Stop hurting awesome people!
**Note: This episode is also important because Paula Brancati (Jane) is nominated for a Gemini (Canadian version of the Emmy's) Award for her performance in "Fight the Power" which happens to be this very episode.**

What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?, Season 6

Craig's back, everyone!  Yay!  Oh, wait, no... he's on cocaine.  Whoops.  Oh, and he's taking advantage of Ellie... and ruining his relationship with Manny... trainwreck, anyone?  That is why we watch Degrassi, right?
**Note: Does the pic above look familiar?  Well, it should.  And if you'll allow me to make some sketchy connections you can know why.  Craig, Ellie, a guitar, someone lying down... I told you it was sketchy.  But, anyway, moral of the story, Stacey Farber is also nominated for a Gemini Award for her performance in "Paradise City" (Degrassi Goes Hollywood for us Americans) because of that heartbreaking scene I'm trying to reference in the bit with Ellie's father (the best plot of the movie, if you ask me).  So congrats... but oh, who should I want to win?  Paula Brancati or her?  Oh, I'm so conflicted.**

Our Lips Are Sealed, Season 5

Okay, before I give my brief ominous commentary, I must mention that Manny's shirt is just ah-mazing.
Okay, so anyway, Emma develops a passion for dieting.  Or sorta dieting.  More of an eating disorder... and as she pushes the only people who can help her away, she continues to starve herself.  Can she get help or will she be the very cause of her own destruction?

Turned Out, Season 5

J.T. needs money.  And he needs it now.  So when Jay comes around with some advice, he listens. NEVER listen to Jay.  Ever.  Because Jay's idea of some quick cash is illegally selling oxycodone.  This can't end well... and by "not well" I mean JT in the hospital from an overdose, Liberty and Toby furious with him, and a heartbreaking decision to give their baby up for adoption.

And now, before I go, check out this awesome picture of Marco with an accordion!

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  1. Why are these moments not in order? This can confuse readers everywhere, JJ!!!! And, yea, we have confirmed that there ARE readers out there in Canada, Hawaii, Germany, Poland, Australia AND Peru!!

    Yum. JT. I <3 him to an unhealthy extent. I actually poked his cute little face in that pic youhave of him in here :D

    And Marco with an accordian = AWESOME

  2. It's just important stuff, sorry people if that bothers you... I'll go label them with seasons...

  3. What about Manny's little bathroom scene with Peter?