Monday, September 27, 2010

House Arrest & Degrassi APP!

@ROCKSTARSAV uploaded the music video for "House Arrest" by Studz!  Check It Out!

And Stephen Stohn just tweeted about the Degrassi app:

Still hoping to get the Degrassi iPhone app out in time for October 8th... it's gonna be close tho, we may not make quite make it in time!

at the beginning it'll just be on iPhone, but we're already working on upgrading it to the other platforms, and adding new features!  

...but first things first, we have to get this version up and running and released!   

-Sigh- If only I had an iPhone... I have the Samsung Impression.  Oh, well.



Toronto's Very Own

If you haven't checked out AJ Saudin's blog, you're insane!



Here's the website:

The latest post is a video of him and Luke experimenting, haha.  WATCH IT: The Adventures of Luke and AJ




Friday, September 24, 2010

New Promo (2 WEEKS!)



Watch the promo (graciously posted on YouTube by ACESonline3!)



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twitter: The Spencer Van Wyck Story

Yay!  Spencer Van Wyck (Wesley) got a Twitter!  I love him!  Of course they did not make an epic video like they did with Munro, but Stephen Stohn did tweet this photo:

(^ We do not own that! ^)

Also, Stephen Stohn also tweeted that we'll see Eli's parents in upcoming episodes:)  I cannot wait to see what they're like and how they influenced Eli's personality.

17 days!



Monday, September 20, 2010

Sneak Peek on iTunes

That's right!  Just type in "Degrassi Sneak Peek" and it's the only one there!  Of course, I'm a total doofus (to shorten = doof) and I forgot my iTunes password, so I've only seen a 30 second preview of the sneak preview, which was basically just the opening credits.  So make an iTunes account if you don't have one, because I've heard that it is not something you want to miss.  And it's free, so why don't you just get it anyway?

Also, here's a photo and KC and Jenna doing... something.  A cultural fair?  A school project?  Oh my gosh, I just realized that that's Jenna's pregnant lump.  I thought she was holding a blue crystal ball or something!  That's really obvious that it's fake.  Come on, Degrassi.

And then there's this photo, which I really love because RAYMOND ABLACK LOOKS AMAZING IN IT.

One more, because JJ and I are Science Olympians!  Degrassi just got kicked up a few notches on the awesometer.



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Live From The Set Stephen Stohn's office.

No, we're not there.

But this image (posted by Stephen Stohn - we own nothing) is! 



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New MuchMusic Promo Say What?

Alli versus Bianca.

Just watch it:

Oh gosh, it's incredible.  I don't like it quite as much as the TeenNick promo, because this one flashes WAY too many scenes for me to post here.

Enjoy comment follow?



Saturday, September 4, 2010

Season 10, Season 11, The Boiling Point? What?!

Sorry we didn't post this earlier...

On September 1, Stephen Stohn tweeted the following: (yes, I did fix his spelling errors)

okay there seems to be confusion about the Degrassi timeline, and when the Boiling Point began and ends, and when Season 10 begins and ends

Here's the scoop: the Boiling Point was the first half of Season 10--it ended last week, it was 24 episodes broadcast daily..

when the Boiling Point ended we were at Winter Break... when we pick up this October we will be returning from Winter Break..

the episodes starting this October are no longer referred to as the Boiling Point, they are simply Degrassi.. they will be broadcast weekly

there will be 20 episodes broadcast weekly in the second half of Season 10.. this is down slightly from our original projection of 24...

at the end of the 20 episodes in the second half of Season 10 we will be just starting Spring Break

while nothing is confirmed, the ratings for Degrassi have been so good this year that we are very confident there will be a Season 11...

Season 11 would start likely in July of next year at Spring Break...

..and the first half of Season 11 would likely consist of 24 episodes broadcast daily--just like this year!

The Return

Degrassi returns on October 8th!

That is all:)



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gemini's 2010

Degrassi has received 5 total Gemini nominations this year!  Congrats!
Charlotte Arnold has been nominated for her performance in Somebody while Landon Liboiron was nominated for Waiting for a Girl Like You (in America, both those episodes were combined into LoveGames").
Meanwhile, Phil Earnshaw (Just Can't Get Enough pt. 2) and Stefan Brogren (Beat It pt. 2) were nominated for Best Direction in a Children's or Youth Program or Series.
The show itself was nominated for Best Children Or Youth Program or Series.  Here's hoping they win at least one!

Other interesting nominations -
Stacey Farber, along with Michael Seater and the rest of the 18 to Life cast, was nominated for a Gemini for their ensemble performance in 18 to Life.
Melinda Shankar was nominated for How To Be Indie.
Adamo Ruggiero was nominated for his host work on The Next Star (Best Host in a Pre-School, Children's, or Youth Series).

The End :)