Friday, August 27, 2010

This Fall on Degrassi


Shoot me.  As boring and drab as the preview looks, I want to see how they get this to "go there".

Blah blah blah Boiling Point we saw this already...

Alli and Clare wearing navy blue polos.  Clare has an ID card hanging around her neck... is that part of the code?

Police checking a blond girl's pink backpack (Jenna?).

Alli hugging Clare.  

"My life is so over."

Clare with dyed black hair, talking to Eli.

Eli losing his mind (probably because he can't handle being a preppy uniformed nerd - although he still wears his cool ring).

Declan kissing Holly J. (who looks scared)

Dave pointing a gun?!

Jenna's mouth dropping open (winning Next Teen Star?)

Clare running away from Eli, who is chasing after her

Someone walking down the hall (Alli?)

"I'm leaving Degrassi." (This sounded like more than one person, but if I had to guess, it'd be Alli)

Oh, my, gosh.



Getting Real? Degrassi: The Boiling Point Finale

I have mixed feelings about last night's episode.  The Drew-Alli (Dralli?  Alew?) plot was phenomenal.  The Sav-Holly J (Sally J?  Hov?) plot was... no.  Just no.  I didn't even get it.  So Sav writes Holly J a song and instead of doing something sweet that expresses your true feelings, Holly J strips for him and he's just like "Okay, that works."  Then Holly J, who is still clothed, gets caught "stripping" which makes me wonder if that officer had just been standing there watching until she realized that she had a job to do.  But because I have very little time, I'm only going to elaborate on that major plot, the real boiling point (even though it didn't even happen in the boiler room...).

The Eli-Clare plot was not what I was expecting at all.  Does anyone remember in Heart Like Mine when KC sat there with the gun and then didn't do anything?  (Which, by the way, is sort of out of character now that he's such a... for lack of a better word douche.  He would've just shot someone and then said it wasn't his fault, he had no choice and it was really their fault for being in the path of the bullet.)  Well, that's exactly how I felt about this episode of Degrassi.  And this one was a total joke up until the very last second.  I still don't even understand why Eli sunk to the floor like he'd just been stabbed when he hadn't.  Because if that was me I probably would've peed myself and then ran to hug my girlfriend and never look back because Fitz is clearly a psychopath.  But whatever floats your boat.

This morning, my friend and I were discussing how last night's episode didn't really get as intense as we were hoping, when my sister walks in and the following conversation happened -
My Sister: Did you see that episode last night?
Me: Yes, stupid, I see every episode.
My Sister: (surprisingly unoffended) Ohmigod, it was -
Me: Such a joke, I was hoping someone'd get stabbed!
My Sister: Are you kidding me?  That was so intense, like EVERYTHING HAPPENED.

Now I'm wondering if I missed something or if everyone was just expecting something so intense they imagined something...because after the episode I got 3 texts telling me how they "nearly died it was so intense."

In retrospect, All Falls Down (part 2) was intense by the usual Degrassi standard.  But this was the BOILING POINT.  It needed to be so much more than the standard to meet my expectations.  Stephen Stohn and Stefan Brogren were both ecstatic about how impressive this episode was gonna be.  They were working with Degrassi in the age of Rick and the shooting!  Of JT's death!  Of JT selling drugs!  Of Craig doing crack!  I'm not saying I want in-your-face intensity 24/7 but when you say it's going to be in-your-face, I'd appreciate it if it actually was.

So after, and I quote you, Mr. Stephen Stohn, "the best half hour in TV history" I had to think about other Degrassi seasons, making me wonder why would such a reputable show that doesn't hold back ever would not have Eli get stabbed, even if he lived.

So in an effort to defend Degrassi, I've developed a theory as to how that was a ground-breaking episode.  Enjoy my list of possibilities.

1) Fitz and Eli are both alive.  Fitz was just ARRESTED and could quite possibly be blaming Eli for it, even though it's sorta his own fault.  This feeling could develop into a need for revenge, which will lead to a longing for revenge.  This need could escalate to an even bigger conflict, one from which someone's not escaping alive.  Or at least not in one piece.
Flaw - If Eli fights the same way he did in the Boiling Point, he loses Clare and Eclare is one of my new favorite couples, neck and neck with Sean and Ellie or Jane and Spinner.  It'll either be without her, behind or back, or in some new revolutionary way.
2) Now that Simpson is "making some serious changes," Degrassi can do things it's never done before.  These changes are bound to come with complications for certain characters that will push them over the edge.
3) And with these characters getting pushed over the edge comes, perhaps, new issues I can't even imagine.

You've got 24 episodes to prove to me that the best half hour in TV history wasn't just hype.  It better get real.  Because I trust and respect you Degrassi, and can't stop believing that was for a reason.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

All Falls Down (Pt. 2) - Important Degrassi the Boiling Point Promo Pic

This picture's got me worried (hopefully) over nothing.

At first you look at it and go "Yay, justice, Fitz is being arrested."  Then you look closely in the background.

Who's standing there?  None other than Clare and Eli.  And if Fitz is being arrested, the only other person left who was involved in this feud is...

ADAM.  And I love Adam.  If Jordy Todosey wasn't a girl, I'd be obsessed with her like I am with Adamo.  If Adam gets stabbed I will cry an infinite amount of tears that night.  It'd be like if someone shot Marco or raped Jane or something.  I don't like it when sad things happen to my favorite characters.

Oh, and even worse than stabbing him?  IF ADAM DIES I WILL KILL WHOEVER WROTE THIS PARTICULAR EPISODE OF THE SHOW.  Just letting you know.  But I highly doubt whoever gets stabbed will die for 2 reasons -
1) Stefan Brogren mentioned violence and a knife when describing how far it goes.  If someone died, I think he'd say "death."  A little more intense then violence.  I'd say from one to ten on the scale of going there violence is a 9.7 and death is a million.
2) If Clare is alive (and she clearly is) then the only people who could possibly be dying are new characters and it'd be weird for Degrassi to hire someone for just one season (not even one season, part two is still to come in the fall), especially if there's a bunch of characters they need to get rid of... on that note, if someone like Peter (not likely at all, though) or Chantay/Chante/Chant--whatever dies, I will not be too heartbroken, because their characters have lost whatever purpose (if any) they once had.

Well, the only way to find out what happens is to tune in tonight for All Falls Down part two tonight and watch the (hopefully) shocking finale to Degrassi: The Boiling Point

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ETALK - All Falls Down Preview

Degrassi Summer Finale Preview 

Stefan Brogren: We want the kids to be going like, OH MY GOD! 

Chantay's face.

Mrs. Torres and students in the background 

Principal Simpson: Okay, no one panic, but from this moment on, the school is in lockdown.

Stefan Brogren: There is a knife involves and there definitely is some violence. 

Photo of knife

Stefan Brogren: And it affects the school in a way that everything changes for the rest of the season.

Police cars in front of the school.

Stefan Brogren: We go pretty far on this one, and hopefully the fans will like it.

Police walking into the dance. 

-Voiceover- Not only is trouble brewing at Degrassi, but the hookups continue to heat up.


Bianca is a drama-starter.  She asks Drew, "Why should the biggest catch at school just settle for one girl?"


She takes Drew to the boiler room and I can only imagine what happens.

Alli will find out and probably listen to Owen when he tells her that guys would pay to hookup with a girl like her.  But that probably goes horribly wrong for Alli.

Sally J. (Sav & Holly J.)'s relationship takes a turn towards what Stefan Brogren puts as "sexy".  Perfect.  Just perfect.  Thanks a not, Holly J.

Eclare.  Apparently Fitz puts up a proposition to end his war with Eli if Clare will go to the dance with him, and in an effort to save Eli, Clare gives in to Fitz.  But Eli is so not having it, and I have a feeling that the lockdown and knife have to do with him, Adam, and Fitz.



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday - All Falls Down, Pt. 1

I pray that All Falls Down isn't leaked!

I'm posting this link because all three of these people look AH-DORABLE (in order: Sav, Eli, Drew)

Oh my gosh.

The last two days OF THE SUMMER have arrived.

I'm going to cry :'(



Clare, Eli, Fitz

Degrassi Exclusive: Will Clare stand in front of a knife for Eli?

MuchMusic makes my life:)

In this video, Aislinn, Munro, and James discuss this week's finale and the knife that is going to be present.

Watch the video!



Saturday, August 21, 2010

1025 - 1044 Titles

djgeneral (click for his Twitter) posted his interview with Stephen Stohn, which included the episode titles for 1025 - 1044.

1025/26 – Don’t Let Me Get Me
1027/28 – Love Lockdown
1029/30 – Umbrella
1031/32 – Halo
1033/34 – When Love Takes Over
1035/36 – The Way We Get By
1037/38 – Jesus, Etc.
1039/40 – Hide and Seek
1041/42 – Chasing Pavements
1043/44 – Drop the World

What happened to all the episodes being named after 80s hit songs?
I see Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland/David Guetta, Imogen Heap, and Adele.


By the way, after this week, Degrassi will return in OCTOBER. 
That's just too far away.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Final Week Promo

The Final Week Of The Boiling Point! 

This was such an intense promo!

Beginning Monday on the final week of Degrassi: The Boiling Point.

Don't miss a moment...

Alli crying.

Eli being punched. 

Clare backing into the lockers looking terrified.

Drew looking up at Alli ("What, is Bianca sending you sexy photos?")

Bianca walking through a door while Drew watches.

Zane ("You're out, man.") talking to Riley ("I didn't know it was going online!")

Football team laughing at Riley.

Eli trying to stop Adam ("Adam what are you doing?") from punching Fitz in the stomach ("I am not a GIRL!")

To the boiling point...

Bianca taking Drew's hand and leading him into the boiler room ("What a girlfriend doesn't know won't hurt her.")

Owen ("Tease?") harassing Alli ("Don't touch me!")

Fiona screaming ("Haven't you heard? I'm CRAZY!") 

Adam and Eli.

Holly J. and Sav. 

Someone screams "You're dead!" (a knife on the screen)

Police coming out of the school.

Clare: "What did you do?" (to Eli?)



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finale Week Episodes

 Thank you very much to TV, eh? for releasing next week's episode descriptions here.

“Purple Pills” (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2)
Monday, August 23 and Tuesday August 24 at 9 p.m. ET
Fiona has been seeing a therapist to deal with the trauma of Bobby’s abuse, but overwhelmed with anxiety she turns to the next best thing – champagne. Riley is ready to make his relationship with Zane public but when a university football recruiter shows interest, Riley starts having second thoughts. When Eli cancels guy’s night with Adam to hang out with Clare, Adam makes a new friend, Fitz. But after a humiliating incident Adam is ready to take on Fitz and the bullies all by himself.

Commentary: Looking at the title of the episode, I expected Fiona to turn to drugs but I guess that was just too JT/Liberty.  I think Riley should just GO PUBLIC.  If colleges just you based on your sexuality, obviously they aren't too good.  And lastly, why why why would Adam turn to FITZ for a friend?

“All Falls Down” (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2)
Wednesday, August 25 and Thursday August 26 at 9 p.m. ET
Holly J and Sav manage to convince Mr. Simpson to ignore the PTA ruling to cancel the Night in Vegas dance by promising to keep the event trouble free. Drew is suppose to go with his girlfriend Alli, but when Bianca steps in with a proposition he can’t refuse, his relationship with Alli is put to the test. Meanwhile, Fitz promises to end his fight with Eli on one condition – Clare must to go to the dance with him. But when Eli refuses to back down things get out of hand putting the fate of Degrassi Community School in jeopardy.

Commentary: How did they manage to convince the principal to go against the PTA?  I thought Drew hated Bianca, considering he flipped on Adam for hitting on her.  And with Fitz, is he saying that Clare should go with Eli or him?  I suppose it's with him because it sounds romantic of Eli to not let Clare go.



Degrassi to Return in October

Degrassi will return after The Boiling Point with new episodes in October.

Wait, what?
According to TV, eh? (a Canadian television website) "New episodes of DEGRASSI return in October, airing once a week, exclusively on MuchMusic".

This means that The Boiling Point is over after "All Falls Down" and become Degrassi: The Next Generation again, I suppose.  But the good news is, the season 10 break is only a mere month, rather than the multitude of them between season 9 part one and season 9 part 2.

They also described next week: "It’s a Lockdown at DEGRASSI on the Summer Finale of MuchMusic’s Hit Series, Aug. 23-26."

Episode descriptions for Purple Pills and All Falls Down were also released, and I'll post those separately to reduce confusion.



P.S. Please enjoy this photo of Sav from All Falls Down.

Monday, August 16, 2010

MuchMusic Week 5 Trailer

This is like, relationship wreck week... Zane/Riley, KC/Jenna, Connor/creepy old lady, ELI/CLARE...

Episode descriptions! (Although JJ already posted them, just a reminder.)

Tears Dry on Their Own, Pt. 1
Jenna gets sick at her audition.

Tears Dry on Their Own, Pt.2
Jenna's biggest fear is realized; Dave and Wesley tell Principal Simpson about Connor's girlfriend.
Still Fighting It, Pt. 1
Riley starts to understand the devastating effects of homophobia.

Still Fighting It, Pt. 2
Riley and Owen's argument turns violent; Eli gives Clare mixed signals.

Drew mocking Riley about his sexuality.

"What if I told you everything was about to change?"
"I can't have an abortion!"

Connor/creepy old lady
She touched his leg.
This did not make me "Aww" like when Clare touches Eli's lip in Try Honesty, Pt. 2.
No, this made me gag.

Eli killing his last girlfriend?!
Accident, on purpose, accidentally on purpose?!



P.S. Look at this photo that Alicia Josipovic (Bianca) posted. I swear, Luke Bilyk's satchel is COACH!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Latest Episode Descriptions

Episode 13 - You Don't Know My Name (1)
Alli wants to be Drew's girlfriend, complete with the official labels, but will her plan to stop him from pursuing other girls work?  Sav and Holly J. work together to throw the perfect school event.

Episode 14 - You Don't Know My Name (2)
Drew starts to miss Alli and will do anything to impress her.  So he decides to give her what she wants... for now.  Sav and Holly J. turn out to be a pretty great pair, in AND out of Student Council.

Episode 15 - My Body Is A Cage (1)
Adam's hope of just being one of the guys becomes impossible when news breaks that he's transgendered.  Anya suspects her mom is having and affair, but uncovers it''s even worse.

Episode 16 - My Body is a Cage (2)
Adam's friends and family don't understand why he doesn't just live as a girl.  But Adam doesn't need them to understand, he needs them to accept him.  Meanwhile, Anya faces her mom's battle with cancer.

Episode 17 - Tears Dry On Their Own (1)
Jenna gets sick at her audition.

Episode 18 - Tears Dry On Their Own (2)
Jenna's biggest fear is realized.  Elsewhere, Dave and Wesley tell Mr. Simpson about Connor's girlfriend.

Episode 19 - Still Fighting It (1)
Riley starts to understand the devastating effects of homophobia.

Episode 20 - Still Fighting It (2)
Riley and Owen's argument turns violent.  Eli is giving Clare mixed signals.

Episode 21 - Purple Pills (1)
Fiona is stressed about testifying against Bobby.

Episode 22 - Purple Pills (2)
Fiona's attempts to medicate herself for stress relief could ruin her legal case against Bobby.

Episode 23 - All Falls Down (1)
Bianca invites Drew to the boiler room (OH NO THEY'RE REACHING THE BOILING POINT).

Episode 24 (finale of the summer "Boiling Point" episodes) - All Falls Down (2)
A dance at Degrassi spirals into chaos despite Holly J's promise that there will not be any problems.

**NOTE: More detailed descriptions for 17-24 will be available once MuchMusic releases them, so stay tuned!**

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ballroom Dancing, Anyone?

Apparently, there'll be a music teacher named Mr. Menard (played by Jean Marc) this week.  Which is so cool, because in middle school JJ and I had a music teacher named Mr. Minard.  

The episode(s) featuring Mr. Menard will air tomorrow and Thursday.

Here is the article.

And tonight on Degrassi: TBP...

You Don't Know My Name, Pt. 2 (1014)
Alli's plan may backfire when she pretends to be uninterested in Drew.



Saturday, August 7, 2010

Charlotte Arnold's Note to All

Charlotte Arnold (Holly J. Sinclair) wrote this note on :)



P.S. All of the above notes go to the same link ;)

P.P.S. Look at THIS VIDEO of VV Brown performing Shark in the Water on David Letterman!  I loved this so much!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Amazing Adam

Stephen Stohn just tweeted this article titled "Degrassi: Meet Adam, 1st Transgender Teen in Scripted TV History".


Oh yeah, and he mentioned that he wants this phone.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

This Week

This week on D:TBP (I'm really lazy, sorry) we'll be introduced to Adam (Jordan Todosey), the transgendered character.  Originally born Chelsea, Adam's transgendered-awesomeness will be revealed on August 11 - 12 in My Body is a Cage, Pts. 1 & 2 (1015 and 1016).

Adam will be introduced in  I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself, which will air Monday and was leaked online (and I watched it AND I FEEL HORRIBLE, but it was amazing).  



MuchMusic Blog

Fascinating links on the MuchMusic Blog: