Saturday, October 24, 2009

Close to Me

So I, one of the ah-mazing owners of this blog, have committed sin.  I missed the premiere of Close to Me last night.  So I'll watch it now, and comment as I go.

1. Sav Sav Sav is totally there for like half a minute at the beginning!

2. Why is Manny going to DCS with Jane..?

3. When Manny calls Declan "Johnny Eyebrows", is that like a twisted reference to Johnny Eyelash from American Cowslip?

4. Why is Declan wearing a red tie?  And to school, of all places to stand out!

5. The loft is at 473 Adelaide Street West.  Well, whenever they show Peter's (now Spinner's) place in Degrassi, they always show the exterior first.  It was really bothering me, so I looked it up.  Apparently, it's in Toronto (which is Canada b-t-w).  It's a complete building with 4 floors.  It's designated for commercial and office uses, and its type is "low-rise".  Fascinating...

6. Spin just said "negatory".  I now love him.  Go big words!

7. Again, Declan and his freaking tie!  But Jane sent out the invitation, and... the party was the same night!  God, do these DCS kids like, refresh the page on their email waiting for a message?

8. Good times, good times!! =) I never thought Jane would be singing.  Well, not when I first met her, and she was dark and gothic-y.  But now she's happy and merry and smiley.  IMDb said that she was recently in a production of Footloose, which is the musical our school is aiming at for next year.  Anyways, I feel like making a mini-summary of JJ's old "Spotlight On: Jane".  Paula Brancati has been on Life With Derek (hasn't everyone?), Cow Belles (that movie was awkward), Radio Free Roscoe (the guy who played Griffin was also on that), and Jump In! (that looked so awkward, I never watched it).  People have said she looks like Kat Dennings, which she kind of does, from far away.  But she looks muuuuuch more like this girl JJ and I follow around while yelling Jane.  Look how short that was!

9. Okay, the door to the loft is like, moldy and rusted-ish!!!

10. "Join the Larping Society.  Seriously!"  That's what the board outside DCS reads in the scene after Jane runs away from Spin and his rusty loft door.  LARP is an acronym for "live action role-playing".  It's like... an RPG where the players literally act out their characters' actions.

11. "Yeah guys, that's wicked."  I like the word wicked.  Sav used the word wicked.  I  l-o-v-e SAV!

12. "Together we can all achieve" reads the poster in the boys' changing room.  Wow, and the new kid says I'm cheesy.

13. Awww, Jane's putting on lip gloss for Declan!   Have we ever seen a scene where she puts on any makeup whatsoever for Spinner?

14. K.C. reminds me of Craig, sort of bipolar-y and cocky.  Ew.

I give this episode a... *tries to drumroll, fails, so pulls a K.C. and starts pushing the drums over* A-. Yay! =D

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