Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tweet Tweet!

A new method of stalking has risen... via TWITTER! No, I don't have one, and I don't think JJ does either. But even if we did, we probably wouldn’t give it out :) Sorry!

Anyhoo, if you go to Melinda Shankar's Twitter page/profile/thing, you see that her background is a picture of the Season 8 Degrassi cast. That picture is my desktop background! Every time my grandfather looks at it, he's like, since when do you go to "Degrassi Community School"? Oh, I love my senile old-ilocks!

THANK YOU 4 all ur kind messages this week. I'm glad we can finally discuss life's vexing questions, namely, "Why can't Ellie keep a man?"
^ Stacey Farber, guys and dolls! She is so flipping awesome I LOVE HER but not as much as JJ does! ^
Ellie Nash also has a Twitter page/profile/thing, but it's rarely updated. But I still love it. "Spinner, rule No.1 of puberty: Shower every day." Ha-ha!

Dude, all the DCS students have Twitter pages/profiles/things!! Oh boy, I am going to be sitting here for a while!

I am not pleased. On Sav's page it says:
@Spinner_Mason dude, you have a gay photo, i pray you change them!
I'm not a Tweet-er, so I'm not sure if that was from or to Spinner, but doesn't Degrassi teach that "gay" is not a synonym for stupid?? Uh, hello, MARCO and uh, RILEY?!

Stefan Brogren! "Is in editing...again. Almost on a lock for our new degrassi movie." Three beautiful words. New. Degrassi. Movie. JJ, I smell another screening part-ay!

Cassie Steele! Classic Degrassi. And she went to Mani's! I read about that in a book, it's supposed to be ah-mazing.

AHH Adamo Ruggiero went to see Lady GaGa last night! I am soooooooo jealous to the nth degree!

Annie Clark is following Lea Michele. My day just got brighter. She's a GLEEK! Like me! We have something in common!!! You're all jealous ;)

Jamie Johnston's band, SoundSpeed, is now of hiatus. I love that word. Hiatus. Hiatus. Hiatus. Okay, I'm done.

Aislinn Paul has one, but she never uses it. But I feel bad about not having anything remotely awesome to say about her, so... I love her name :) Aislinn FTW!

"So I lost a bet and got my legs waxed today. I think I would rather write a kafabillion word essay than do that again" -Samantha Munro. Ha-ha, Anya, if I ever meet you I WILL bring wax. D-I-E! L.O.L. Kidding! You're on Degrassi, I love Degrassi, and I love youuu!

Oh, Landon. Same Twitter pic as the YouTube pic? You disappointed me. Ha-haaaazz.

Argiris Karras' page/profile/thing has a background that is his face. But if you look at the very top, you see the cast's faces. I posted that picture a while ago, surf around the blog if you want to see it again. You know you want to.

Lauren Collins: "inspired, organic, epic. all words i HATE for their over indulgent use. cannot help but apply all of them to gaga. her brilliance is sick." I can t o t a l l y relate! Those words are totally cliché, but Lady GaGa... God she's a freaking genius. In my world, Lady GaGa is queen, Raymond Ablack is king and Alexa Chung is princess. Landon Liboiron and Adamo Ruggiero are fighting for prince.

Adamo Ruggiero is already Prince and he's more than worthy of kingship.  No contest.  Landon Liboiron can be court jester... or princess... or... something.

Well, I suppose I'm boring our readers to death, so I'll stop. JJ and I are debating whether or not to get a Twitter so we'd be easier to reach and follow, but... eh, get over it. We luh-vvvv youuu!



    check it out.

    I'm going to the all ages showcase!!!

  2. Ohmygoodness, that's amazing!!! Congrats! Comment all over everything to tell us about it... that way we can pretend we went, too :P

    I hope you have fun, it's supposed to be great! :)


  3. OHMYPANCAKES (random, I know you're jealous)!! I am in love with "I Wanna Love You"! They only have a teaser on that website (thanks for that, bytheway), but Raymond Ablack, I t-o-t-a-l-l-y wanna love youu!
    !~Mango Out~!