Saturday, January 2, 2010

Searching for Sinder3lla... Part 1

Trish: Back soon, keep those lips warm.

Sav: (shakes head) So... you and Trish, eh?
Declan: Yeah, man. She's exquisite, no?
Sav: Yeah, she's exquisitely exquisite, no?
Declan: (looks at Sav like what the fish?)
Sav: But how did you..?
Declan: It was in Chemistry.
Sav: Pfft! Yeah it was!
Declan: Gave her a look from the flame of the Bunsen burner and she asked for my number after class.
Sav: (in awe) You picked her up with a look! Man it takes me days of hard labor to get Anya back whenever we break up! A… look?? Come on, help a brother out!
Declan: (shocked)
Sav: Really? I mean, it would’ve of been my first guess but, uh… okay check this. (awkward look)

Declan: What, no! Did you see who was sitting here before me?
Sav: (oblivious) No, why?
Declan: ‘Cause she’s the girl of my dreams, that’s why.
Sav: Umm… What about exquisite Trish?
Declan: (shakes head) No. This girl was reading The Economist, watches The Daily Show interviews… she buys old world doll books on Amazon. This is a… (sigh)
Sav: And that’s enough to go on?
Declan: Well if she’s cute too then she’s perfect.
Sav: Uh, well you could click on “Account Details”.
Declan: (looks at Sav like you’re a genius) Right. (awkward smile, clicks) Awwwww, noooooo!! (turns to Sav) You’re gonna help me find her.
Sav: (looks at Declan like sure..?) Uhh… well we could ask those niners, I mean, you’ve got a username and they’re practically geniuses, so…
Declan: Nice work, Sav. (gazes at computer screen) Sinder3lla, here I come. (to Sav) You get those niner geeks over here I’ll teach you the look.
Sav: (defeated)
Declan: (pumps fist in victory)

(cue production info, and then...)

Declan: Noooooooo! (hits Sav) This is all your fault!
Sav: (looks at Declan like what the fish?) No it wasn't...

I love Degrassi :)
I've watched this pretty close to one million times, on TV and YouTube.  It's now one of my favorite Degrassi minis, along with "24 Hours on the Couch" and "Be Aware of Heather Sinclair".  Really?  I thought it was kinda boring and hard to follow... but definitely pretty funny, which makes it good since that's practically half the reason I even watch the minis :)

My favorite has to be the one with the guys trying out for cheerleading... ohmygoodness, I can't remember the title.  Aha, thank you YouTube, it's called Bring it On!  Greatest mini EVER!

If Sav were to die next, I would leave Marco to JJ and take Declan!! MUCH LOVE!!!

-!~Mango Out~!-


  1. Omg I <3 Declan!!! Him and Holly J are perfect for each other. Does anyone know when the mini for part 2 will be shown on Teenick???

  2. I believe it's already been shown but I'd check "The Click" on to watch it online. It'll be there soon if not already.