Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back to the Basics: Degrassi News

As fabulously flamboyant our past posts have been (alliterations are awesome), I think it's about time we got back to letting you know what's happening in the world of Degrassi.  Since I've finally gotten the house back to myself and found time to rummage through sites like and such, I've stumbled upon some moderately useful information.  (If anyone cares, I've been busy hosting my mom's college friends all weekend... well, I wasn't really doing anything other than avoiding the living room and kitchen and family room and basement and basically any room where people might choose to interact and instead hiding out in a variety of bedrooms.)
So, as far as Degrassi goes, though, the future is not looking bright.  Not as far as season 10 goes, of course.  Scripts are being written now and the season has officially gotten the green light for filming.  But us TeenNick dwellers will have to wait even longer to finally see anything beyond "Love Games (Waiting For a Girl Like You/Somebody)" meaning we're still behind Canada.  TeenNick has not listed anything beyond their early February (5th at 9 PM) premiere.  Then for some unexplainable reason, there's no more Degrassi according to the month highlights.  Of course CTV is good to go with Holiday Road (I want to see Kelly again with his new Mango-styled hair!) and even Start Me Up (Peter having his own club means he has a purpose!  Why are we stuck with boring Peter?)!  Lucky Canadians. -jealous-
By the way, according to Stefan Brogen's tweets, Australians will be getting Degrassi starting from season 4.  So the kangaroos (and Australian people) will no longer be deprived of the wonder that is Degrassi.  Granted, they're still watching seasons when Jimmy Brooks could WALK.  Back when Marco was still on the show and when Paige was still a jerk (I believe she got nice and awesome, I don't care if you disagree).  Back when Craig wasn't bipolar!  Back before the age of Jane Vaughn and Savtaj Bhandari!  Back before Darcy Edwards, the most annoying innocent church girl/destructive rape victim EVER.  Back when Spinner looked like this:
See, even Paige thinks it's outrageous.
What is this nonsense?  The people down under are deprived.  I suddenly feel fine with being a few episodes behind the Canadians.


  1. Spinner and Paige? I think they were alright, personally.