Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Searching for Sinder3lla: The Complete Trilogy

For those of you who rely upon DegrassiPwns for everything Degrassi, I feel it is my responsibility to let you know that Searching for Sinder3lla, that mini about Declan searching for his "perfect girl," has now been completed.  And although part one set the stage well, part two was just... boring.  Fortunately, part 3 was somewhat interesting and redeemed the mini.  Although breaking it into parts was stupid (had part 2 not been its own thing, I wouldn't have judged the mini as harshly), Degrassi minis are not sucking yet.  Come on, Stefan Brogren, don't let me down!

If you want to watch all three parts, check out TeenNick's The Click for that and other Degrassi-related clips:

If you're looking for an interesting article about pandas, go here:

And if you're just looking for a picture of an angry llama, you can always go here:

Otherwise, use wikipedia or something, this is a Degrassi blog.  Jeez.

Heyy all, it's Mango.  I'll whip up a review on Parts 2 & 3 and possibly a conclusion to the entire thing... later.  Check out the Twitter!  And that angry llama, gotta love it.  Speaking of llamas... This one's for you, Degrassi ;]

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