Thursday, January 21, 2010

Your life is: Degrassi-esque

Okay, so obviously JJ is much better at prioritizing than I am, because she at least tries to blog everyday. 

My priorities:
(1) Homework
(2) Family/Friends
(3) Swim practice/meets
(4) Blogging
(5) Next week's homework

You see I have a busy-ish life, which is apparently nothing like Degrassi.  Well, according to TeenNick, "most of us just have a mellow-ish stream of Degrassi moments... the bad break-up, the zit on prom night, the embarrassing secret revealed to the world".  I've never been in a relationship, so the break-up is not something I can relate to.  I have yet to go to prom, but I always get zits/pimples/acne at the worst possible moment (AKA the eve of an important event).  The embarassing secret revealed to the world... nope, my 'therapist' would never do such a thing (much love!).

I want to meet someone who actually has a "Degrassi" life.  I have :)

Trying to prioritize,

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