Thursday, January 7, 2010

Because I Love Her

Hey all, it's JJ.  You guys don't need to read this post if you're looking for Degrassi info.

For the second day in a row, the post will not be related to Degrassi.  This time I'm not even going to try.  I'm writing today because Mango, the greatest person ever, is sad and is doubting herself and reminding her that I love her is more important to me than informing you about Degrassi (that, and nothing exciting has happened recently except for more little season 10 confirmation details).

Sooo... Mango,
Here's the thing.  You are one of the most beautiful girls I know (this includes inner-beauty, I'm not making a shallow statement).  I don't care who's smarter than you or who swims faster than you.  Because behind all those little meaningless sentences is the fact that you're still amazing.  Guess what.  Not everyone wins everything all the time.  No one does.  The only people who do are the people who quit while they're at the top (and heck, even Carly Patterson, who retired after winning the 2004 Olympic gold in the All-Around in gymnastics, was still only second on the beam).
But you win more than most.  You're incredible.  If I were you, I think I'd be so happy I'd forget to breathe and accidentally die.  I can't handle the awesomeness of Mango.  It's a rare gift you've got.  Just look at this blog.  Sure, I get information, but you personify it.  You're a bright light in my life.  Without you, life would be a black and white picture.  It gets the point across, but it's dull, boring, and bland.  (Not to be confused with black and white cookies, the greatest thing ever.)
I know, everyone falls flat on their face sometimes (I'd know).  We mess up, we fail, we say things we weren't supposed to or do things that don't make sense.  But if we get discouraged by a bump along the road we might as well sit at home twiddling our thumbs and drowning in re-runs of Degrassi (actually, that part I don't mind).  That doesn't seem right to me.  You of all people can't get set back by that.  Someone as incredible as you can't just sit back while everyone goes on taking risks and living.
You see, after failing many times at many things (like taking these global notes I should be doing right now) I decided that failures weren't failures.  They were lessons I needed to learn.  My Dad once told me that a B is good for the soul (speaking in terms of final grades, not quizzes and such.  For quizzes I've decided an F is good for the soul so to excuse myself :P).  I think he meant we all need to face the reality that sometimes we're not going to achieve all our goals. Sometimes we'll fall short.  But if we keep pushing on we'll wind up ahead in the long-run.

And I know you'll wind up ahead.  Up in first place.  Just promise me you'll look back at me from time to time and remember back when you started off with a blog.  Back when it was just me and you.  Just me who got to glow in the light you shed.

Now before you go off and think I'm such a good friend for doing this (or just get pissed off that I wasted another day... sorry!), I need to mention this.  I'm not doing this because I'm part Jesus.  I think I'm really doing this because my life without Mango is empty.  And I imagined a world where Mango lost her color, lost her flavor, lost the exciting glow that makes her so amazing, and almost died.  I need you.  I don't know how else to put it.  If you can't see yourself, that's your loss.  You're stuck looking down at me (literally down, I hate that about being short) while I get to marvel at the glory of you.  Thinking about it, it doesn't sound fair.  But if things became just and I was stuck with the cold image of myself reflecting in a mirror, life would be awful.

Mango, you're amazing.  I've run out of words, but that's basically the point.

I love you,


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