Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Degrassi: So Real it's Ridiculous

Okay, so I was taking some quizzes on TeenNick and came across this thing, which I think is just about THE greatest thing ever.  And 100 percent true.  Look at Mango, Basil, and I.  Mango's a Coach fan whose clothing costs more than my face and always matches.  Today I learned why you can't wear flats with flare jeans and why you can't where sweaters on gym days.  Basil, on the other hand, is into black skinny jeans, alternative rock, and dance... every kind of dance.  And I am the cheerleader who doesn't understand a thing about fashion, refers to her clothing as "shirts and pants", and is known for her bush-like hair.  But all three of us are in all honors classes (except for in band, gym, lunch, and Spanish because our school doesn't offer honors in those courses).  And all three of us are friends probably because we can talk really fast with big words and still understand each other perfectly.  Just another perfect representation of how realistic Degrassi is and how easy it is to relate to.  Of how it "gets real" and "goes there."

The other quiz I took, though, is another story.  Apparently, I'm most like Declan... haha, haha, haha, no.  Please. No.  Tell me my eyebrows aren't that big.  Oh, please.

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  1. HAHA! I like Declan. His eyebrows aren't so bad. But I agree, Degrassi is very realistic!