Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Degrassi Vs. Glee: 5 Things The Greatest TV Shows Have In Common

1) There's a pregnant girl who is associated with gorgeous people.
Mia's a model.  Quinn's a cheerleader.  What happened to the effects of pregnancy on your body?  And why do the gorgeous people always get pregnant?  I want the nerdy, pimply, ugly girl to get pregnant.  I'd watch that show.  Well, no, I wouldn't, I'm too busy watching Glee and Degrassi, but I'd recommend it.

2) The gay guy pwns your soul.
Although Marco was less arrogant than Kurt, they're still both awesome, loveable characters.  I'm prone to think of Marco as the superior character because he's humbler, awesomer, hotter, and just better.  But Kurt has his moments.

3) There's a whole lot of drama when it comes to the gay boy coming out to his father.
Remember the Marco coming out drama?  Wow, that was intense.  Hold the phone, Hamlet, Marco's telling his Dad he's gay.  And that other gay guy... Tim or Todd or something with a T... it was Tim, I think.  Just a great episode.  Well Glee's set a similar standard with that moving interaction between Kurt and his dad.  Although Glee is centered around comedy and Degrassi around drama, the little places where the two overlap are what make both shows so exceptional.

4) Everyone's somehow ridiculously talented and musically inclined.
That's funny, because my school operates on a musical hierarchy. The athletes (mainly trackies and cheerleaders) in concert choir and drama club are the most popular followed by the drama club/chorus/concert choir/band members and then the jocks and then the nerds and then the slackers.  Granted Glee doesn't operate like that but my school's concert choir would actually be at the same level of the Glee club in the show if Lea Michele were to accidentally fall off a cliff and die.
Anywayz, my point was from Downtown Sasquatch, PMS, Stüdz, Jenna (no band?) and Hell Hath No Fury to... the Glee club (a considerably shorter list but oh well), everyone's a freaking musical genius.  Cassie Steele, Jake Epstein, and Lea Michele, you make me jealous.  Wanna trade vocal chords?

5) The cheerleaders are all really cool, popular, and attractive.
As a fellow cheerleader, I'm able to say that's not true.  No, I'm one of the biggest nerds (but I'm also a musician and performer so I even out on the social hierarchy) in my school.  And I'm a cheerleader.  The coaches actually don't care what you look like.  They want a girl who can do a back-walkover and shout corny cheers, and lift the flyers.  That's it.  So cheerleaders don't get that upper-leg, much to my dismay (although we totally should... Paige Michalchuk and Quinn FeBray did).


  1. Two things. LIBERTY WAS A NERD AND GOT PREGNANT. therefor Degrassi is better.
    and HELLO Riley? < -- HE STRUGGLED.
    The degrassi Cheerleaders weren't all popular and Paige was popular BEFORE she created the spirit squad.
    Glee = copycat of Degrassi + random singing.

  2. I don't think anyone at Glee even knows what Degrassi is...

  3. Maggie MacLean DawsonJanuary 30, 2012 at 7:14 PM

    Umm a nerdy girl DID get pregnant on degrassi? Liberty so yeah..

  4. Glee is a joke. Degrassi is much more realistic and relate able. Glee is for kids, Degrassi for teens. And yep Liberty was the nerd, she got pregnant. There is obviously a reason that so many people, famous artists and so think that Glee is corny and lame while Degrassi actually focuses on teen problems.