Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well If This Info Isn't Useless, I Dunno What Is

Yupz, it's time to get excited!  This is the first of many season 10 posts to come as we stumble upon information you don't care about.  Heck, we don't even care that much.  But incase someone out there does care (perhaps, like me, you enjoy typing up Degrassi episode titles so you can watch tacky 80s music videos) than this post'll make their day.

Sooo, the first 4 episode titles for Degrassi to come has been released.  To compensate for his cruel mockery via Twitter, Stephen Stohn has now posted this (in a string of four tweets instead of just efficiently making one... maybe I just don't understand Twitter).  Okay Mr. Exec, I forgive you.

After running out of 80s and 90s rock songs, Degrassi has turned to more recent songs for titles, such as Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. (Actually JJ, you can never run out of the 80s/90s!  "Breakaway" is also a song by Donna Summer, recorded in 1989!)

Degrassi'll kick off with a 2 parter entitled What a Girl Wants.  Then they'll have another one, Breakaway.  4 episodes, 2 titles.  Whoa.  Intensity.  Of course, nothing has been set in stone, but still... talk of season 10 is just exciting proof that Degrassi lives on, joining the elite group of those brilliant enough to live on to double digit seasons.  Pwnage.

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