Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well I Wonder How This Happened...

Out of curiousity, I wanted to see if Mango and I had similar lives.  It appears not, since my result on the "How Degrassi is you life?" quiz was as follows:

When I think about it, my life is like a lot of the more mellow Degrassi episodes.  Ya know, obviously no one came into my school with a gun or stabbed my best friend, but I've had my share of ups and downs. And my little "Extra Degrassi" badge has Ellie, Marco, and Paige in the picture, so this must be a good thing :D

I guess my messed up family makes my life extra Degrassi... plus knowing a bunch of gay people... oh well, I guess it doesn't matter that much, I'm cool with life.

Anywayz, I think Degrassi is cool and I would go watch some if there were not the stupid concept of midterms.

JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS: Midterms = no blogging for a week.  Enjoy surfing through old posts, or something.  Sorry!  Expect us back as soon as the stupidest tests ever are OVER.

Back to normal font size.  Before I go, I'd like to let you know that I was unsatisfied with being most like Declan and retook that quiz.

Much to my dismay, I am still Declan.  Really?

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