Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Drowning in The Seas(on 1)

Thanks to this fabulous marathon, I've been given the opportunity to watch season one of Degrassi and I've learnt a lot which I'll share with you now.

1) The first thing I learnt was that Ryan Cooley was THE cutest thing back then.

Look at that.  You can't resist that face.  It makes my life.  If my boyfriend looked like that I'd die happily right now.

2) Degrassi was 100 percent completely dependent on cuteness, not acting unless you're Lauren Collins, Cassie Steele, occasionally Daniel Clark, and maybe even Ryan Cooley from time to time.  Otherwise, the acting's horrific.  Miriam McDonald constantly sounds like she's reading off a cue card and Shane Kippel couldn't say a line with passion if you shoved the script in his face.  I died a bit at first, then remembered that by season 2 it would all be better.  Nothing like practice to help teach a lesson, particularly in acting.  And the amazing presence of Adamo Ruggiero started season 2.

Oh, Marco. -swoons :P-

3) Ash was annoying from the start.  From Jagged Little Pill to the middle of season 2 I felt bad for her.  I almost liked her.  Abandoned by her friends then friends with Ellie Nash, the coolest person EVER (aside from Marco Del Rossi... see above)... but then she got annoying again.
All season 1, though, she was sorta a self-obsessed, arrogant jerk.
I dunno what it is about her, but Ashley Kerwin makes me unexplainably annoyed, almost angry.

And finally, point 4.
4) Terri MacGreggor is actually a nice person.  Throughout my whole Degrassi-ite career, the name "Terri" always made me shudder.  I hated that character and thinking about it now, I have no idea why.  She seriously doesn't do anything wrong.  I mean, I guess she makes some little mistakes but still.  If she was my best friend, I'd be happy.  (Of course, I have Mango as my best friend so I'm luckier than anyone with Terri, but you get my point.) [Aww, JJ! Heart heart!]

Season 1 was probably one of the worst Degrassi seasons, competing with season 8.  (Season 2 pwns all because Marco came).  But without it, there really wouldn't be a Degrassi.  It set the stage for one of the greatest television shows ever, where it most definitely goes there.  Where it gets real.  Where the tacky slogans actually fit.

Overall, I think I'd miss the awful acting and the cute child actors if I didn't get a season of them.  Degrassi, you still make my life.  Miriam McDonald's mechanical acting can't take anything away from that.

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