Friday, January 29, 2010

Going Down The Road

Okay, so I was watching Going Down The Road yesterday afternoon. (Hey, no italicizing text, it makes me feel less special.  Kay, thanks, bye.) That's the 2-part episode where Ashley leaves for England, Craig is emotionally unstable, and Kevin Smith is getting in the way of Joey and Caitlin (Joaitlin?  Caoey?  They don't come with a cute couple name). 

There's Alanis Morissette as principal in Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!.  She was flippin' high-larious.  And I quote from my notes: "You better start learning what the metric system is all about!"  But she says "about" with this awesome accent.  Much love, Alanis!

Caitlin Ryan, please please please with Canadian bacon on top stop changing your hair!  It's perfectly fine the way it is!  I so cannot keep track of your ever-changing hair colors and styles.

In Craig's music room (a.k.a. Joey's garage), there's a sign that says "Tax-Free - So buy me!"  I doubled over laughing, I thought it was that hilarious.

So Kevin, "Local Heroes" is the worst title since "Hope Floats"?  I don't know, I thought those movies that start with Jay and Silent Bob... were pretty bad titles too ;)

Manny: Jay, if you really love me, you'll wait until I'm 18.
Jay: What grade are you in?
Manny: I'm a freshman.
Jay: Freshman? Are there any seniors here?

Mewes is really annoying me at this point, because he is constantly trying to get with every girl within his reach.  Although in the above dialogue he's just acting.  But whatever.

Canadian Ninjas!  ATTACK!!!  I sincerely hope that our school's senior prom has Canadian (if any) ninjas.  Come on, that'd be way too cool.

Kevin Smith: Folks, I would like to raise a simple toast... to Degrassi!

Way to be, Kevin.  Way to be :)

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