Friday, January 29, 2010

Number 75 :)

I know, I know.  We didn't celebrate the 50th post, but 75 ends in an odd number, so why not start celebrating now?

In honor of our seventy-fifth post, I'm going to post pictures (N-O-T spoilers) from the upcoming episodes.  Beware, if photos from the unknown freak you out, please click on another post (blog archive - on the left side of the page).  But I made sure N O T to get any spoilers because JJ and I really do enjoy blogging about episodes after they air at the proper U.S. airdate, not cheating by watching them on Canadian websites (*cough* Basil *cough*).

Waiting For a Girl Like You and Somebody (a.k.a. Love Games) - Dear Zeus, this is one of my favorite photos. It's the reason I watch Degrassi. The spazzes :D

Waiting For a Girl Like You and Somebody (a.k.a. Love Games) - Declan and his mother, Holly J. and hers.  Do they ever look happy.

Heart Like Mine, Part 1 - Uh-oh, K.C. and Jenna?! I had an insanely good spoiler pic, but I wouldn't ruin it like that for all those who watch the episodes when they air in the U.S. But I highly disapprove. Bad niners.

Heart Like Mine, Part 2 - For some reason, I really love Sav's shirt (although I despise stripes, anything looks ah-mazing on Sav).  Additionally, Anya looks awfully good in this photo.  And Declan... yeah, he's on Degrassi, so he's good :)

Holiday Road - W-h-o-a. Look at you, Kelly! Your hair is the same length as mine! :)

Maybe I should tell you the episode order, in case you missed out on JJ's post back in '09 telling you...

(1) Waiting For a Girl Like You and Somebody (a.k.a. Love Games)
(2) Heart Like Mine, Part 1
(3) Heart Like Mine, Part 2
(4) Holiday Road
(5) Start Me Up
(6) Innocent When You Dream
(7) In Your Eyes
(8) Keep On Loving You
(9) The Rest of My Life (Degrassi Takes Manhattan)

Oh, how I pine for new Degrassi :)

More later, much love. ~Mango

P.S. Happy 75th post, Degrassi Pwns!

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  1. Yo guys!

    That list of episodes? Thanks to my cheating and watching Degrassi on Canadian websites as well as Megavideo, I have seen every episode listed above. Jealous? I know you are.