Thursday, January 21, 2010

Posting About Mia Since Everyone Else Has....

I was checking out other blogs when I saw that everyone seemed to have posted something about Mia recently.  So, in an effort to conform to the man, I decided it was our turn.

Mia Jones.  Teenage mother, model, and Peter's girlfriend are some of the first things that come to mind.  But for me, the first thing I think is voice of reason.  You see, everyone's been kinda ragging on Mia because she's not a very committed mother and she's too focused on fun and blah blah blah (see here for Kary's Degrassi Blog's anti-Mia Post and DegrassiList's anti-Mia Post).  But I don't think Mia's character was really supposed to provide a teenaged mom character.  I think that was the initial intent but as time progressed it became apparent that there were only so many possibilities.  So they threw together a little episode about Mia becoming a model and making her share of mistakes, then shoved her with Peter, and made her some sort of superior character, the character who offers advice and basically directs people in the right direction.  Although everything was somewhat forced, it still accomplished its goal.  Mia was a short-lived character but her life was good in comparison to others (for instance, Chantay who is still on the show and still hasn't done anything).  She had her episodes about her daughter (that one with the child-support woman was intense) and then her episodes as a helpful, mature character who offered advice (for instance, when Holly J wanted to lose her virginity).  She can seem annoying and know-it-all-ish sometimes but Mia Jones was a solid character and I don't think she harmed Degrassi (although she was present for one of the least enjoyable seasons...).

By the way, since I mentioned Chantay above, I have a question for anyone who knows.  How old is Chantay?  If anyone remembers the episode back with Chester, Chuck, and Chad, Chantay was Emma's friend who slept over with her, Manny, and someone else... Darcy maybe?  I don't remember, but moral of the story: she was Emma's friend.  Well, Emma has graduated and gone off to university, so why the fish is Chantay still at Degrassi?  Are they just buying time?  Do they have some plan?  Or did the writers just forget she even existed?  I'm thinking it's the latter.

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  1. i like just found this by accident lol but i totally agree. mia has always been one of my favorite charracters while she was on the show. for some reason she seemed the most realistic. she was someone who had many different sides and someone who alot of people , myself included could relate to in one way or another. she was a "trooper" and was dealt a shitty deal ( like alot of teens... hers being having a child at 13 and having to growup faster because of it) and she rose above what others expected of her. sure she had her bad moments , like when she quite school 4 a day or when she sleeped with that tom balke guy to get the modeling job , but honestly who dosent have their ups and downs. i think the reason i could relate to her was because my mother wasnt around so i was stuck watching my little sister alot and my mother was on welfair so i had to get randmoe jobs to pay for stuff. more recently my mother abanded me and that was hard but its just another bump in the road of life.

    as for chantay... im not entirily sure her age but its possible she could have been younger then emma . people can have friends who are younger or older then they are. or maybe she failed a year when you think about it hollyj and sav and anya , ect . should be graduated as well but the producers and whatever decided to play with the time frame a bit so that they have been in 12th grade for like 4 seasons