Saturday, October 3, 2009


Marco will be in Degrassi as- a TA! Just like Mr. (pedophile) Oleander! Way to steal my thunder.  But yes, Adamo Ruggiero (who is life) will not be leaving the fabulous world of  Degrassi Community School.

You have no idea how happy this has made me.  And if Adamo is still here, I can try to tell myself he'll make some peace with Paige... which means a guest appearance or two... or five.

By the way if you're into off-Broadway musicals (like, so off Broadway you're now in Canada), you may have stumbled upon "Dog Sees God" (which is a palindrome, fyi), which starred not only Adamo Ruggiero, but also Paula Brancati (love her!), Jake Epstein, and Mike Lobel.  It's the tale of the Peanuts gang growing up.  CB (a character who's a spoof on Charlie Brown... blasted copyrights), played by Jake Epstein, begins to contemplate the existence of an afterlife after his dog dies (it took me a few minutes to get how that was the derivative of the title).  Welcome to adolescence, where drug abuse, sexual orientation, rebellious teen violence, and eating disorders reign.  It's like Degrassi on stage!

Just so you all know, Adamo Ruggiero is working towards a double major degree in Film Theory and Communication Studies at York University.  If you were to put a "New" in front of that, I'd be the happiest New Yorker ever, but of course Canadians go to college in Canada, so blah that.

Okay, yeah, that's all.

Peace! (Not exactly another language, but it is sorta an alternative to just saying "goodbye.")

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