Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Formal Fairwell

Well, since I've now come to terms with the end to all good things in the land of Degrassi Community School, I can now type up my tribute to Lauren Collins and Stacey Farber... I'd write on for Spinner and Jane's fabulariffic couple-ness but since Lauren Collins and Stacey Farber are actually real people I figured this one would make more sense.  Plus, I have imaginary readers named Lauren and Stacey (there's also an Adamo and I'm pretty sure Mango's got one named Raymond... plus I have a Shirley, just because no one names their kid Shirley anymore and I felt bad).

Since the beginning of Degrassi, Lauren Collins has been a reliable actress on Degrassi.  She first perfectly depicted that mean girl character we all love to hate but can't live without.  She then shocked us all by proving she was more than just a nasty stereotype when she did some amazing acting as a date-raped Paige... and from there on out you just kinda had to love Paige.  Okay, not so much Paige, I'm probably one of the few Degrassi fans who puts Paige in my top 5 favorite characters.  But ya know... you at least had to love Lauren Collins.  She didn't mumble (which is probably my pet peeve about Degrassi... they talk so quietly and then the commercials come on and you're like "holy fish that was loud!"), you understood everything she said, and she said with just the right amount of feeling, which would change depending on how much was needed to the perfect level.  Not once did you see anyone but Paige on screen when watching her character.  Because that's how perfectly the character was captured.

Stacey Farber captivated my attention from day one.   But it wasn't until season 2 that I truly fell in love with her as she portrayed someone who was cutting herself.  I think people who get where they wanna go even if someone throws some sort of obstacle in their way are more admirable than those who just pranced on through to whatever they wanted.  And the way Stacey Farber performed with a respect for Ellie as she cut herself was just kind of magical.  And then I was just addicted to Ellie Nash and therefore Stacey Farber.

So fairwell to two of my all time favorite Degrassi characters.  While I pray for guest appearances I also wish you luck in your new pursuits, which I don't know exactly what they are, but I'm sure you'll do them fabulously.

Wow.  I just looked up the resume of Lauren Collins on IMDb (which is the God of all websites, fyi) and then some other Degrassi stars (and James Marsden because I just need to look him up every time I'm on IMDb... that way I'll know if there's any movies I have to see soon).  Poor Adamo Ruggiero has done nothing with his life other than Degrassi... and "Make the Yuletide Gay" which sounds fabulous but also slightly obscure.  But from the plot summary, it does sound like a good movie to check out if you can find it anywhere... which I'm sure you can, it just requires some looking.

Anyway, yeah... okay, bye.

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