Saturday, October 3, 2009

Get Ready For Degrassi Marathon

Yola party people!  It's time to get ready for Degrassi Season 9!  F-i-n-a-l-l-y!  I've waited all September for this! 

Yesterday, TeenNick (formerly the-N) kicked off its Get Ready For Degrassi Marathon, which is advertised to show every Degrassi episode to get to know every character (also featuring sneak peeks at Season 9!).

I discovered that they show a series of episodes in the morning, then re-run the same ones at night (so not cool).  But thanks to advancing technology (w00t!), I came across, on which you can search for like, any TV show or any movie, and they'll give you sites on which you can watch previews, view promos, and even full episodes!  So naturally, the first thing I searched was... Sav Bhandari.  Just kidding!  I typed in Degrassi, and got an incredible amount of hits (most linking to  

Today, I watched DGH (not special edition- sad!) and also one of my personal favorite episodes, We Built This City (viewed via  We Built This City is Episode 24 of Season 7.  It is the unforgettable prom/graduation of the DCS class of '07 (that's 2007, for those of you who might not know).  You know it; the one where Liberty and Damion 'mess around' and everyone knows except Emma (who is coincedentally Damion's girlfriend at the time).  Oh, and "Natasha Freaking Bedingfield" (as Liberty calls her) performs at the their prom.  I am so jealous.  Granted, I have a bit of a wait before prom, but you know... We could never get "Natasha Freaking Bedingfield"!

I also love how in real graduation ceremonies the announcer (usually the principal) generally uses the proper and full name of the graduates, but on Degrassi... For example, "Toby Isaacs!" as opposed to Tobias and "Manny Santos!" as opposed to Manuela... But props to Ms. Hatzilakos for saying Gavin Mason as opposed to Spinner!

I'd luh-v to stay and blah-g about D-d-degrassi, but it's Saturday night and I'm a nerd, so I have to go to homework... Until next time, holla!

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