Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TwitPics from MMVAs

Yay!  Everyone is posting photos from the MMVAs!  (Which I could not watch, unfortunately!)


Jordan Todosey and Aislinn Paul

Jordan, Aislinn, and Samantha Munro

MMVAs (from the Moon Tower)

Luke Bilyk and Judy Jiao

Jessica Tyler, Alicia Josipovic, Judy Jiao, Annie Clark, and Charlotte Arnold

Basically everyone (I know, I'm lazy) SHANNON LOOKS AMAZING!

Charlotte about to present

A tad bit blurry (Sam Earle's glasses = LOVE)

just got back from partying with @perezhilton and @katyperry amazing time! I dont think Katy Perry will marry me any time soon. worth a try

Jajube Mandiela and Argiris Karras

Jahmil French

Munro Chambers 

Lauren Collins and Adamo Ruggiero

Also, just to help our new friend Jordan Todosey out, THIS IS NOT HER FACEBOOK PAGE: http://twitpic.com/1z1dkz <-- The REAL Jordan drew all over it :P I love her!

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