Sunday, June 20, 2010

Much Music Promo - TeenNick's Boiling Point But With Cooler Clips and a Dance Beat

So Much Music is going to be airing Degrassi in the same schedule that TeenNick will be.  Here's their promo: (Click here for video.)

My dissection of the promo has led me to conclude the following:

Okay, so the Coyne family is trying really hard to have a normal life.  Chill out, you're on Degrassi, it'll never happen.

Dave holding the "Degrassi Losers List."  You can't read it there, but this promo pic will show you the front:
That's mean :( The list is pink in this picture, but Dave is at the top, followed by some people I've never heard of.
Also, check out Connor and Wesley being rap stars in shirts that say "Vote Dave."

Fiona's boyfriend is definitely kissing someone.  She looks like Jenna, but her hair isn't blond enough... some completely random girl?

Okay, who gave Clare scissors?  This is like the season of weird haircuts.  Woohoo Harriet the Spy!

Holly J's telling someone to get revenge... the haircut looks like Manny during Venus.  No idea who she could be, but it seems like Holly J's being her jerky self, as always.  Mango says it's Anya... doesn't look like it to me, but we'll see.

Now Holly J's walking away from Declan and Fiona in a dramatic possibly angry way?  I thought they were gonna be a solid couple, I liked them.

Extension of the Fiona screaming and pulling away from her creeper boyfriend (who, in longer shots looks less like Zac Efron): He shouts "You are embarrassing yourself."  Why?  No idea, but she looks really upset.

Mrs. Coyne: "You can be a little intense."  Well apparently so can her boyfriend when he throws her down the stairs...

Declan: "Did you do this to my sister?"
Creepy gross boyfriend: "Your sister is a nut job."
So clearly people find out about the abusive relationship.  This is probably how she differs from Terri's abusive relationship.  Either someone sees her wounds or she tells someone and her family tries to help her.

Shocked people in a computer lab... who are you?

Fiona and Holly J sharing a moment?  Fiona telling someone about jerkofaboyfriend's abuse?  Hopefully.

Okay, Sav is definitely not making out with Anya there, but the girl looks a little too dark skinned to be Bianca.  However, my gut is telling me it's her.

Anya told Holly J. she's pregnant?  Two-Faced Girl?  Is she lying to get back at Sav for being a colossal jerk (sorry, Mango)?  Or did something go wrong?

Random Blond Girl (Maybe the blonde from before who was passionately making out with Fiona's jerkofaboyfriend?): "What is your sister doing up on the roof?"  In the preceding shot, the girl's hair is a little too red to be Fiona, but maybe Annie Clark just has natural red highlights.  No one else has a sister with wavy hair and I doubt there's multiple people on the roof.

Mrs. Coyne: "Don't go looking for problems that aren't there."  Meanwhile we're seeing Fiona's black eye.  Is her mom doubting the abuse?

Okay, Bianca and Alli are... catwalking?  Meanwhile, Alli says "You think I'm the hottest girl at the school?" but that dialogue is from the scene with Drew we saw in the Boiling Point Promo, I think.

Riley and Zane being all cute while Drew (who is ridiculously cute but a bit of a jerk) tells Riley "That's the second time I've caught you checking out Mr. Gay."  Riley pushes away Zane, but there's a smile dancing on his lips... it's probably just them being all in love and Riley trying to pull away for a second.

Now a series of Fiona-abuse clips, some we've seen before followed by Mrs. Coyne saying "We can't let that bastard get away with that, can we?"  I'm pretty sure this means she wants to get the jerkofaboyfriend in trouble, but it could be just a misleading clip.
*Note: We sincerely apologize for the vulgar language used in this post.*

So this jerkofaboyfriend and randomblondgirl make out clip has been used 3 times so far, but this one's my favorite.  Fiona SEES them making out?  Oh dang, blond girl and jerkofaboyfriend.  You're in trouble.

Zane is doing pull-ups while some guy who has Drew's haircut lifts weights.

Holly J and Fiona romantically holding hands and walking down the hall.  What?  Since when are they friends?

So I've concluded one thing.  Degrassi: TNG season 10?  Gonna be intense.  I can feel it.


  1. Fiona and Holly J aren't in like a lesbo relationship or anyhing, duh!!! Lots of good friends hold hands now get your head out of the gutter!!

  2. Did I say they were? I was just noting the WAY the were holding hands. If Fiona were Declan, you would've assumed they were being romantic. Their arms were swinging and they were smiling... that's what I wanna do with my boyfriend. I didn't say they were making out or anything. Chill out, I'm describing it as it appears.
    Also, when you said "now get your head out of the gutter" did you mean to put your comma before or after the word now? If you meant after, than when did good friends NOT hold hands? I guess not in my lifetime (or the part of my lifetime when I actually had friends). But if you meant before, you don't need to be so commanding. I'm sorry if I offended you with those words, but I repeat, chill out. You're jumping to conclusions.

  3. Actually, I think Sav IS making out with Anya, because right after the first clip, Holly J's talking to someone who appears to be Anya with dark hair.