Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In The National Post

Paula, Raymond, Melinda, Charlotte, and Dalmar all sat around and discussed Drake's new album which comes out TODAY.

Thank Me Later is Drake's debut album and Dalmar said "Overall, I like the album -- I’d buy it.  If he sticks with it, I think Drake just might have a shot.”  The first song features Alicia Keys and it's about Rihanna, said the article.  I heard something on the radio earlier this week about how Drake went out with Rihanna and was geniunely interested until it was announced that she was playing him.  It's okay, Drake.  I'm here if you need me.  Just e-mail us (degrassipwns@gmail.com) and I will come to YOU!

Apparently, in another one of the songs ("Shut It Down"), Drake instructs the ladies to, “Put that [bad word] dress on and work it, girl.”
And according to Paula Brancati, "It's like, I want to put on that dress."  Uhm, okay Paula.  You do that.  

Director Pat Williams also seems to be taken by the song. “Want to strip to this?” he asks Arnold, whose character Hollie J. will be dirty dancing in an upcoming episode.

^ Wait... what?  1. They spelled her name wrong, and 2. DIRTY DANCING?! Holly J?? Now THIS is something I need to see in order to believe!


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  2. You go to Design, then Layout, then add new gadget, and then choose poll. Hope this helps :)