Sunday, June 13, 2010

Annie Clark Confirms and More

On her Twitter, Annie Clark tweeted to a fan "She gets abused yes, but it's not so similar to Terri".  

Hmm..?  Terri ended up in a coma and her 'boyfriend' died...

More Twitter news...

Raymond Ablack tweeted us again (: He posted the lyrics to a song I just so happened to know, and I asked if it was the same song, and he said "yup yup!" which pretty much made my day.

You know what else made my day?  Hearing that this blog got 344 views yesterday!  And 314 of those 344 (which is about 91%) were on JJ's Boiling Point post :D  CONGRATS, MY DEAR!

Samantha Munro... "So I'm moving? (Maybe) Parents are putting on offer on a house today. (The house has a barn :O!!!! YUSSSS)" <-- Please don't leave Toronto!


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