Sunday, June 20, 2010

Graduation Day

So there's been a lot of confusion as to who's graduating.  The fact that this season was an extension of last season's school year threw everyone off either by making them think that more people were Juniors last year than there really are.  Others just thought no one would ever graduate again.

The season 9 Degrassi Community School graduating seniors are: 
1) Peter Stone
2) Danny Van Zandt
3) Johnny DiMarco
4) Bruce "The Moose" (he was "Mr. 2 Credits Shy" but it seems new characters are moving in to replace the old bullies and he wasn't confirmed to be in season 10.)

Now two other seniors are Jane and Riley.  Jane could quite possibly be done with Degrassi.  I love Paula Brancati but she's so talented she could've found some other role she prefered.  But Riley is almost definitely in season 10... getting more credits?  I don't know what he could be doing in Degrassi still, but he's in classes with Peter so I'm almost positive he's a senior.  We've seen the promos, he's definitely in the show.  How?  I guess we'll have to watch to find out.

As for Jane... if this is really her last season, I'll have to write a long post devoted to the awesomeness of both her and Paula Brancati and then cry a little bit because I can't imagine Degrassi without Jane.  The first episode that got me obsessed was Fight the Power, basically all about Jane and her awesomeness.  The character means a lot to me.

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