Saturday, June 12, 2010

Degrassi: The Boiling Point

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So rumor has it, Degrassi's gonna reach the boiling point.  But since I had no idea what that meant, I decided I needed to do some extra research (by that I mean I had to sit in front of my TV and thoroughly examine the "Boiling Point" trailer.)  Here's what I've gathered.

Drew, a new character, walks in, saying he just transferred to a school down the street, which I'm gonna assume is Degrassi.

Eli sounds BRITISH which makes him infinitely awesome, but he also sounds like a complete sex offender (or just a mysterious sexy British guy?).  Eli flirts with Clare ("You have pretty eyes.")
Please note: the character sounds British in the trailer.  I'm not calling the guy a Brit.  Chill.

Declan: You promised no drama.
I think that's just kinda there to indicate transition because we all know there's gonna be drama.

Now Drew's threatening to reveal Riley's secret about being gay (hey, even the amazing Marco didn't come out to everyone all at once) and Riley seems genuinely threatened.  "You better step aside for QB1." It's a shame, too, because Drew is absolutely adorable.

Fiona walks away from this guy who kinda looks like a gross version of Zac Efron (no idea what his name is) but he gets mad and pulls her arm in a way that clearly hurts her.

Voice-over: And lies so devastating (cue Declan, Holly J, and Spinner head-shots.)
Spinner looks angry with Jane and Jane looks like she's gonna cry.  Spinner shouts, "You think I'm stupid Jane?  I HEARD YOU!"  Then Spinner swings a punch.  Rewind.  Slow down.  Spinner swings a punch at some guy in a bluish whitish shirt.  Rewind.  Slow down even more.  Spinner swings a punch at... Declan?!  Something tells me the Jane and Declan fling secret JUST got out.

Sav, Bianca, and Adam seem like they're doing something illegal in a potentially epic car chase scene while these two slimy looking guys I've never seen before get thrown up against a wall.

Drew and Alli seem to be together being all romantic, but I can't tell if they're the same clip or two completely unrelated scenes. (Well, in THIS PROMO, at about 0:23, Alli and Drew are together in Alli's house... -Mango)

Fiona struggling with that guy again.

Sav making out with some brunette... looks like Anya to me and now I think Anya's say "I thought it would be different this time."  Could it be they get back together again?  (I just looked at the 'Shark In The Water' promo again, and Holly J. fires a dagger at Sav on the target... maybe the brunette is HER?! That would be WEIRD. -Mango)

Sav just looking confused.

Is that gross guy Fiona's with kissing Jenna?  That looks like his chin.

It looks like... Declan and Riley are beating up Drew?

KC gives an angry look, Alli gives a spiteful look, Clare gives a hurt look, Holly J. gives a content look, Drew gives a "yeah, I'm really this hot" look (but I think there's more to it than that.).

Two football players hitting each other...

Someone's punching this skinny guy who reminds me of J.T.

Fiona gets hit.

Sav screams.

Principal Snake: From the point on, the school is in lock down.

I personally cannot wait for this summer.



  1. oh wow. :)
    I'm listening to this song. "baby there's a shark in the water!"
    ugh! I can't stop! it's so amazing.
    thank you for taking the time to do this.
    random stranger saying "thank you, enjoy the show"

  2. wow you guys are great for doing this, how did u know the character's names n stuff, when i seen the trailer i screamed my head off and never before have i wanted summer too fly to july so fast!! im in LOVE DEGRASSI!!

  3. I'm excited for July!
    you should read my predictions for the season in one of my posts. :)

  4. omg....i love the BRITISH guy ELI...HE IS SO FINE(IN A DARK AND MYSTERIOUS WAY) plus he has pritty eyes
    - maya :)

  5. yes drew is talking about degrassi..
    ok i dont think eli is british..
    declan: you promised no drama thing, he was talking to his sister fiona..
    sav is kissing anya..
    yes that is declan getting punched by spinnner..
    the football players hitting eachother are drew and riley...
    the pple in the car with sav are bianca and adam(the little sister from life with derek)...
    the people being thrown up against the wall look like kc and the new bad boy..
    ok so there are like five new characters: drew (Luke Bilyk),Eli (Munro Chambers), Bianca (Alicia Josipovic), Adam (Jordan Todosey) and some new guy ive seen him before but i dont know who he is gonna be..

  6. juuust so yaaa kno . eli the hot british one beats clare.

  7. Wow, thanks so much for just saying everything I said. By the way, the abusive relationship is between Fiona and that creeper... I don't think they'd do two abusive plots in one season. Also, the people thrown up against the wall aren't anyone we've seen from past seasons, they look like that guy from "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" if anyone. But thanks for your input and we really appreciate the comment :D

  8. Degrassie the boiling point is so intence ,theres lot of fighting and secrets and lies . Spinner and Jane are going to break up.

  9. I can't wait for degrassi to start! I'm sooooo excited! What's up with Adam? And woooo go Eli! :)

  10. i always loved declan but why did it take this long 4 the word 2 get out about him and jane... the shark in the water promo was so cool and that guy that ally is kissing is cute.

    i dont know if eli is brittish...but he seems mysterious and hot!! and i just noticed that spinner hit declan...the first time i saw the peview i thought he was taking his anger out on some random guy.i just don't think i've ever seen spinner so mad.and i don't think i've seen jane this upset since the "held at gunpoint" episode with spinner and holly j at the dot and this guy that knows holly j has a gun and accidentally shoots spinner.

    this is gonna be fantastic!!all the lies being told...secrets that that were kept from past seasons and are finally being revealed,and all the dangerous seduction scenes...not just with fiona and that guy....
    this summer will be great this will be one of the best seasons yet...if you live in metarie or montz louisiana degrassi will come on channel 349. 4 episodes come on in the morning at 11/10c right before what i like about you and 4 episodes at night at 10/9c right before that 70's show.
    if you wanna talk 2 me about any degrassi me on myspace,twitter,or facebook or on my e-mail

  11. i hate to say this but this season is a clear indication of spinner's last season. jane was the only reason he is still in the show n now that they r gonna break up, spinner is gonna leave. boiling point looks fucking intense!!! lockdown!! damn everybody must have done something really wrong for mr simpson to put the school in lockdown. either everyone did something wrong or one person did something really fucking huge!!!

  12. I LOVELOVELOVE Degrassi and can agree that this summer's series is gonna be epic. So much drama = me loving it more and more :)

  13. i actually think sav might be kissing the girl in the "shark in the water" commercial that says "i can make your boyfriend dissapear." that brunette, because the chick he's kissing doesn't really look like anya. just putting that out there.

  14. i wander who the heck will die? maybe its leia cuz she aint returningif she does it rlly wnt b a huge deal since seh wanst doing anythin or get major storylines what do u think?

  15. Froggie27 - Adam is transgender... that's all we really know about him.
    Yeah, I don't think Shane Kippel was casted for season 10, but I could be wrong... if he doesn't get into police college again, he's gotta be working at The Dot unless he gets fired.
    That crossed my mind, too, Bianca being the one Sav's kissing, but then again, Anya's not really Sav's boyfriend anymore so I dunno how she'd be making girlfriends disappear.
    And I'm secretly hoping that Wesley boy commits suicide. But I don't think that'll happen. Maybe Eli? Or Claire? There was that whole death prediction.
    Leia might be the new Chante/Chantay/Chantey/whatever her name is who just makes space for other characters, making it clear that other people go to that school. But actually, if she's Danny's age she graduates this season.

  16. Drew looks like Taylor lautner but less orange.

  17. i saw on a promo that it might be Fiona that's dies because of that guy that's abusing her so she commits suicide .. ILOVEDEGRASSI !

  18. suicide...? whoah slow down there....there is only ONE promo from teen nick and there is nothing in there that even MENTIONS suicide...

  19. there is a another promo on the web where it shows Fiona on a roof about to jump . so CHECK again !

  20. omg who are those two footplayes kissing? they are so hot. i need to know more about this!

  21. i slowed down the promo and the scene where sav is making out with someone, i saw mia!!!!! i highly doubt its her.... i know its not her, but it looked just like her.... i swear...

  22. It can't be Mia, unfortunately... Nina Debrov's not doing the show anymore. But I can't figure out who it is, either. I'm convinced it's Anya, but Mango thinks it's Bianca.
    The two football players aren't kissing, they're fighting, unless you're talking about Zane and Riley. I'm not sure what you're talking about, sorry.
    And nothing says suicide is happening for sure, it's just a possibility. The only reason people keep thinking that might happen is because it'd be a new issue never tackled by Degrassi.

  23. i think that holly J. and sav r gonna b 2gether and then sav will do somethin mean 2 her cuz of that video or she is just defending anya u never know thats the only i thing i was really really confused about.

  24. This summer is gonna be amazing. Degrassi is unbelievable. Cute guys coming to Degrassi. Fiona abused? I can see ally isn't wasting any time wih cutieeeeeee Drew. I can't blame Herr. I want these weeks to flyy byyyyy so I can watch Degrassi !!!!! From #1 DEGRASS FANNN.

    beeteedubs this is mango ;D
    so many degrassi fans = <3

  26. Watched the video and paused it with the kissing. It was Anya.


  28. what the hecckkk is the knew guy drews real name, cause i wana look him up, HES SMOKIN<3

  29. his name is Luke Bilyk :) and yes he is GORGEOUS! by the way, degrassi#1fan, Adam is transgendered - not a lesbian! There are some rumours going around that JENNA is a lesbian (they say that's her secret). Nothing about Jenna is confirmed though!

  30. wow cant wiat till degrassi starts

  31. I can't wait it is going to b4e amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. is drake going to play a role in the boiling point

  33. sorry, no drake in the boiling point :(

  34. I really hope itz going to be a good season cuz personally I think da last one was such a dissapointment... it was so boring...

  35. I heard someones gonna die

  36. Spinner is punching Declan, you are absolutely correct!
    Also, the whole thing with Ali and the Drew kid are the same scene, at 0:42 you can see the corner of his plaid shirt that he's taking off in the next 2 seconds following.
    And after that, it is definitely Anya kissing Sav, but in the other trailer ( seems like Holly J might be mad that Sav goes back to Anya? Look at Holly J's hair and Anya's in both trailers... Thanks for the heads up to this season!

  37. ok is it just me or does that Eli guy look like the guy with the curly blondish afro hair from like 2 or 3 seasons ago?! im talking about the guy who was Liberty's little brother's best friend. the guy who got threatened by the teacher. i can't remember his name!!

  38. Wow .. Well yeah if you watch the shark in water video it gives you alot of clues to whats gonna happen in the new season .
    Okay so Riley && Drew obiviously don't get along because of the way he trys to beat Riley at the game.
    Sav must of done something to Holly J that made her mad .. because Holly threw the knife .. or maybe that just says that The episode where the school goes on lockdown is gonna be because Sav almost gets stabbed.
    Okay and Fiona is gonna get hit alot .. && so i think her boyfriend is gonna leave her or shes gonna leave her boyfriend ..If u look at the background u can read that it says BOYFRIENDS DISSAPEAR. And then Anya i dont know whats gonna happen with her ... but her background says THE 2-FACED GIRL. And yeah maybe Jenna is Bisexual or something because her background says SHE DOESNT KNOW HER OWN SECRET .. so im guessing shes probaly confused .. it happens It also shows that her boyfriend is walking away .. so they are probaly gonna breakup this season if he doesnt like her secret. Okayy i dont know that other new guys name but he's the one that Takes the ball from that asian chick and throws it .. and then punches the button so that the black kid falls into the water. IM GUESSING HES THE NEW BULLY && i think that hes gonna have something to do with the school being on lockdown. Okay and Clair is obiviously gonna hook up with Eli .. but i think theres something about him like another side that know one knows about .. and shes gonna figure out wut it is .. And when shes reading the Tarrot Cards it says THE LOVER && DEATH yeahh so idkk there might be a death this season .. OR NOT. Yeah and Ali likes the new kid && it shows they kiss in the kissing booth sooo . Ohh and Fiona is gonna try to cover up her bruises and blackeyes with makeup so know one will find out shes getting hit .. She might not want Declan or her mom to know so shes gonna try to defend the guy that beats her up. Yeah and then finally at the end it shows the wheel spinning and the reason it doesnt stop at just one is because everything u read on the wheel is gonna happen this new season .

  39. This is probably gonna be one of the bet seasons of Degrassi! I can't wait til the 19th!!! I LOVE DEGRASSI!!! <333

  40. adam the transgender will get beat up by some boys im guessing they probly dont know hes a girl or maybe they do thats why there beating he/her up and he/she gets thrown through a glass window

  41. the 2 people are fitz and eli, they get thrown against the wall from the police

  42. cant wait to see the new degrassi looks so cool but have to say the original is better

  43. If you want to know what happens, look right here.,_Season_10

  44. when jenna said, "you HAVE been looking at her." she was obviously talking about clair so maybe kc feels bad about cheating on her and wants her back but once he finds out about eli flirting w/ clair. .. ....idk wht he would do but kc wasnt the one punching eli it was fitz(he hangs out w/ johnny and bruce and fitz likes smart girls like clair so i guess tht's why he was giving eli a pounding. and tht girl bianca is just another alex so she's a lesbian and she's trying to take jenna away from kc and when the shark in the water promo said jenna is the girl who doesnt know her own secret. it meant that jenna might be a lesbian and doesnt even know it. tht transgender kid adam is drew's stepbrother and drew and alli are getting together i guess and maybe alli might plan on having s e x with drew when she said "my parents wont be home for another hour." anya and sav had s e x again and anya finds out that holly j is cheating on declan with sav. declan is worried about fiona being w/ that abusive guy and spinner found out about jane cheating on him w/ declan and knocked him out w/ a punch. riley needs to make sure not to get his secret out by not making drew pissed. i kno all of u girls especially me(a girl)like eli but in shark in the water clair put a death card down and eli made a serious face so maybe eli would get killed by fitz srry tht's what i THINK and since another student dies, the school's in lockdown. this season's gonna be goooooooooood! gosh i <3 degrassi

  45. Eli, the hot boy with a dark side who likes clare, is not British he's a canadian meaning hes SEXY!!!! :D

  46. I think it's Peter that spinner punches not Declan because isn't Declan in new York, because his mom got the job offer. And I don't think he would fly all the way back to canada to hook up widhff Jane. Oh and Eli is mad 'effin hott.!!! He is like dayum smexy.!!! <3333

  47. Anonymous 1 (try to identify yourselves, sorry, this is hard to answer you all) - That character's name is Derek Haig :) They do look kinda similar.
    Anonymous 2- We analyzed the same trailer HERE
    inose2musch - Are you sure, because Eli is bullied by Fitz...
    eric - We don't have access to creating "Pages" (well, we do, but the look ridiculous) so we're working on inserting a "Degrassi Season 10" label you can use to navigate our blog and find all that information and a little more.
    Anonymous 3 - I think Clare and KC are over... I was thinking he was looking at Bianca, but you could be right, I'll keep that in mind. Bruce and Johnny graduated... I think Fitz will be the crowd he starts to hangout with. I'm not quite sure where you're getting all your info, but I'd have an open mind if I were you, some of those things seem a little ridiculous (like why remake Alex's character?). But thanks for contributing, I'll be looking for those things season 10! :)
    Anonymous 4 - lol I detected a British accent when I first watched it... just imagine... a BRITISH-CANADIAN. Gorgeous + sexy = I would just about die.
    Sinder3lla - Degrassi Takes Manhattan is where that occurs... for some reason they're all gonna be in Manhattan. And Jamie Johnston isn't supposed to be in Degrassi anymore, so I don't think it's him. It does look like him, though. :)

  48. The part about Sav kissing a brown headed girl, is Holly J. I saw it on a Promo.

  49. wtf??? ummm eli isnt british....

  50. Anonymous 1 (above here): Which promo? Send us a link, please?
    Anonymous 2 (below anonymous 1): CHILL. JJ was just using that to describe his mysteriously smexy voice. A lot of people above here also used it. Relax your pants.

  51. Omg if you haven't seen the Degrassi Takes Manhattan Promo go watch it!! Cause Emma and Spinner hook up!!And Drew is so HOT scratch that SEXY!! :) <3 I cant wait til degrassi starts!!
    I <3 DEGRASSI!! :) <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  52. anonymous... chill :P just kidding, we saw the promo and wrote a review here:
    we love degrassi too:) but those heart things annoy me so... :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  53. i love degrassi it is the best show i have ever watched ever even my mom gets into it WOW and i was thinkin there was somethin rong with dat adam girl or boy whaterev he or she is(I LOVE DEGRASSI)DREW IS SO HHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT

  54. hi its me again so can u believethat degrassi cant get even more better than it already is i cant it is so crazy i wish i could me on degrassi does emmas old bf sean go to be on DEGRASSI THE BOILING POINT i hope he is.I LOVE DEGRASSI..........

  55. I think sav and holly j get together thats what it looks like then it looks like spinner and emma get married because it looks like emma is in a weddin gown and spinners says"what did we do"or something like that but who know i have to record the shows cause when they come on ill be in pennselvaia for vacation i live in hardee county flordia so yeah leavin tomorrow but mad cause i wont be able to watch (DEGRASSI THE BOILING POINT) this is goin to be the best summer ever cant wiat till degrassi:))))))))))))))))):))))))))))))

  56. Anonymous 1: My mom likes it, too! :D
    Anonymous 2: Daniel Clark has moved on from Degrassi, unfortunately... so no Sean Cameron in Degrassi: The Boiling Point :(
    Anonymous 3: Check out our other posts for related information, specifically "Friday Night Encore" and "Spinner and... Emma?" They'll tell you everything we know about what you just mentioned.

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  59. AH, OH MY GOD. I'M SO EXCITED. I've watched the trailer so many times, and it just makes me want to see the new episodes more and more. I wonder what's going to happen with Jane and Spinner since they've been together for a long time. :O
    AH, everything's so intense. SO EXCITED.


  61. jenna isn't bisexual..she has an std and sleeps with her boydriend then finds out she has an std thats why he's walking away


  63. If you dislike Degrassi, you don't need to be reading this blog.... But otherwise, feel free to comment :)

  64. I think Spinner and Emma hook up and get might get hitch ( when he said whAt did we do last night?) and I think Darcy might finally come back?

  65. Drew (a new character) is going to degrassi,
    Eli is not british, but he does drive around in a herse (one of those sorta limo looking things that carry dead ppl)
    Declan says "you promised no drama" to his sister Fiona because she starts things with Holly J. (his gf)
    Drew threatens Riley to tell everyone that he's gay if Riley doesn't let him be the QB1.
    In the preview, you can hear Declan yelling, "what did you do to my sister?!" he was saying that to one of the new guys. (the one that pulls Fiona to him and clearly hurts her arm.)
    The brunette Sav is making out with is either Anya or Holly J. I think it's Anya because she dyes her hair dark brown (or black) when it used to be reddish. He also starts going out with Holly J. secretly. But Anya finds out and gets mad, and tells Holly J. to be a good friend and keep it a secret. They do, but then Anya seduces Sav while he's going out with Holly J. That's what the "Shark in the water" preview meant by Anya being 2-faced.

    In the end, someone ends up bringing a weapon into the school and that's why the school is on Lockdown.

  66. wow, thanks for repeating everything that was said above.

  67. When Spinner says "What did we do last night?" who is the girl sleeping? It's a blonde? Not Emma or Jenna...I'm curious. Can't wait for new Degrassis to start tomorrow!

  68. Our post "Spinner and... Emma?" addressed that :) The blonde girl is Emma, and she's in the same wedding dress you see in that trailer that was first released with Nick Cannon just chilling on a couch while a million shots of Degrassi scenes fly by at a million miles an hour.

  69. Oh, also, there's no proof of a weapon, it seems a little Rick-ish, but ya never know. And I highly doubt Darcy returns, sorry :( her contract ended years ago... :(

  70. can someone please explain why declan's sister kissed him in front of holly j?!

  71. The "what did you do to my sister?" sounds like Sav's voice. I think that Drew ends up doing something to Alli- because in one of the promos Alli thinks Drew and her are BF and GF and Drew clearly does not think that's the case. And Sav is protective of his sister. Remember, there are 48 episodes (Yes 48!!!) this season so there are many possibilities! :-)

  72. Yeah, we know there's 48, and that's a good idea, could be possible :)

  73. I really think Holly J and Sav are gonna be together, And Holly J and spinner have sex Im Nina Dobrev's Cousin so I would know

  74. lmaoo .. yuh are soo wronq !

  75. @DegrassiCousin1
    Your Nina Dobrev's cousin ? Yeahh sure no one would believe that lol
    And Nina is'nt eveon on degrassi anymore.....

  76. LOL. you're wrong dudes, rather read this

  77. I think its so sad that jane and spinner broke up and wierd that spinner could move on so quickly and marry emma. i do agree, i think spinner is done on degrassi now that he's all grown up and is hitched, but do u guys think they will still keep Jane on even if she graduated? her line in the end of the movie last night "i can't wait to find out" when they were talking about their adventures and how janes hasn't even started makes me unsure as to whether she is going to stay on the show or not. any ideas???

  78. and Gatchie, the "what did u do to my sister" does sound like sav, but i'm pretty sure that that line is just from the movie :the heat is on. cuz thats what declan says to holly j after she locked fiona in the copy room.

  79. who is adam and drew?? and who does adam c in all those miriiors in the promo??

  80. I waz happy degrassi came right bac on July 19 cuz dat waz my bday. And they showin new eposides everyday

  81. new guy drew is hotttt

  82. Gatchie - I don't think they'd use the same line twice, so it seems the Sav line seems impossible now, unfortunately :(
    DegrassiCousin1 - Nina Debrov isn't on the show anymore, so I don't think your ideas are anymore valid than anyone's. Spinner's off the show now, anyway, so that can't be true.
    Anonymous 1 - That link was about scholarships... what?
    Anonymous 2 - Unfortunately, Paula Brancati is no longer on the show, meaning Jane is gone. I know, that's basically the saddest thing ever :(
    Anonymous 3 - Adam is the transgender kid, but we haven't been introduced to him yet. He sees himself as a girl in the mirrors. Drew is the boy who walks into the Dot at the beginning of the first episode. The new boy who's friends with Sav.
    Anonymous 4 - lol it was my Dad's birthday, too! Happy Birthday :D
    Anonymous 5 - YES HE IS. I love him so much :)

  83. I cannot believe that spinner and emma get married, WOW CRAZY

  84. okay all i would like to say is it is very freaking annoying how ali is all over drew.

  85. iI LOVE MUNRO CHAMBERS (A.K.A ELIJAH GOLDSWORTHY)HE IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE ALL OF WICH I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. ilov munro chambers her hot and spicy. he the clare i think are great togather, but i also think K.C and clare want each other back and dont know it

  87. ilov munro...
    he so sexy
    he and clare are meant for each other
    but K.C and clare want each other and no1 or them know and sees it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. none of that is real.
    fianos bf hurt her so she told declan...
    anya and sav hooked up again and then broke up..
    anya two-faced because she told a lie about being preg and it waz part of holly j. winning prez and anya switched sides to sav...
    than jenna started a rumor that clare waz getting a boobjob when she waz getting lazer eye surgry....
    clare: notice anything jenna
    jenna: so its true you did go through with the surgry
    clare:well i heard some nasty rumor
    jenna:well its not a rumor, you know i think this is part of a plan to get K.C back
    clare:you are so incure
    jenna:well i am not the one who got a boobjob
    clare:neither am i (pulls stuff out of shrit to foul jenna)
    jenna: oh srry wat do you tell every1 i made it up
    clare:they can think wat they want
    clare: yeh if i wanted K.C back i wouldnt need big boobs to get him


    then K.C mom gets out of prison and has K.Cmove in with her but he dont want to so watch to see wat happen...

    thxs for reading

  89. wow... thanks for wasting your time writing a recap of what everyone ALREADY SAW on TV.

  90. munro chambers is da hottest character to tell u da truth hes my future boyfreind

  91. i love degrassi
    eli is not british
    it was vince and eli thrown agianst the wall
    fionas abusive bf was bobby
    sav was kissing ayna
    riley and owen tied drew to the pole and drew is so hot
    sav screams cuz of his dads truck
    adam is a girl
    Eli does NOT!! beat claire
    drew is in allis house
    the death vision is cuz eli drives a hearse and his parents are involved in this death thing
    fiona does not commit sucide it was just to get attention
    the two football players were not fighting they were kissing it was riley and zane
    the school goes in lockdown cuz of wat happens to adam
    jenna is pissed cuz kc is acting weird

  92. we love degrassi as well (hence the BLOG)
    of course eli isn't british. he's just incredibly smexy
    his name is FITZ not vince
    yes, her bf was bobby but they broke up OBVIOUSLY
    we couldn't tell SORRY they didn't show her face
    yes riley and owen hazed drew and mrs. torres went ballistic
    yes, and bianca, adam, and eli were in the car trying to calm him down
    adam is transgendered but he was born a girl
    who said that eli beat clare? wtf?
    drew attends alli's "small get-together"
    eli drives a hearse, fitz hurt his car and started a war
    fiona loves attention
    riley and zane are on/off depending on riley's mood
    the school goes into lockdown in episode most likely in episode 1024, entitled all falls down
    kc is acting weird because he's avoiding his mother

  93. Hi JJ and Mango!
    I'd just like to point out that after an immensely intense count of every comment on this post, ELI WINS OVER DREW
    ttyl :P

  94. who the hell dies in this season. There have been alot of rumors but i havent been able to get a real answer. People have been saying its going to be a suicide and all but who knows. I think that craig should come back. He was my favorite charecter cause he was like extremly fucked up.

  95. First off...Adam is NOT a girl, the actor that plays him is a female. The CHARACTER is a male born in a females body. The character that does not make sense is Adam's brother (Drew). Drew has this FTM transgendered brother that he will stick up for in a second, but he is threatening to reveal Riley's identity??? Talk about a hypocrite! In a previous episode where Holly J confronts Anya about the volcano destruction, accusing her for reacting to Sav and Holly J's relationship, Anya does not even react to the news...WHY??? I just wish they would tie up loose ends...instead of characters disappearing. I think it has to do with POOR contract negotiations, they need to include a "character conclusion clause" so when a actor does not want to return they must do one more episode to complete the characters story.

  96. jenna is pregnant and does not want to get an abortion. kc is obviously upset and walks away.

  97. Eli is THE MOST beatuiful guy i've ever seen ! he is sooo pretty :)ahhhh,i think im in love <3 just kidding....maybe

  98. omg i juust saw the new episode does this meean casey is gonna go back to clair of meet someone else...? and eli is really cute i would faint if i met him

  99. Lets see...father in prison, mother has problems, girlfriend is pregnant with his child, ex has moved on, coach basically raped him (well kinda), he really has no friends, and I think we might have found the suicide.

  100. just wait until it gets around to all the girls that Casey left Jenna, because she was pregnant. Now is he going to do it with pills or a gun, stats say guys are more prone to violent forms of suicide and he has anger issues.

  101. I think Bianca is the new Alex. I think that after KC and them graduate they should put this show on hold. Then I say bring Isabella on as a teenager, she'd be about the same age as Jack(emmas brother). They could be the two protagonists for new edition of degrassi.

  102. I personally don't think Eli is cut at all... I mean.. I love is personality... but I just don't think he's good looking... now my boy DREW is a SEXY beast... and Sav... :)