Monday, June 21, 2010

Jordan Todosey

I was gonna put this in my last post, but it was so relevant I gave it its own post.  So, you know who I like?  Jordan Todosey.  Guess why.  You don't care?  Fine, be like that, but I'll tell you anyway.  SHE TWEETED US.  3 times, too.  Hey, Jordan?  We like you a lot.

Did you know she was in The Pacifier?  I liked that movie, but now I like it even more.  She wasn't a really important character, but she was in it so it counts.  She was then in some movie I've never heard of called "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio."  After that, she did an episode of "Instant Star," Santa Baby, and some more stuff I've never heard of before landing a gig on the most important show in Canada, Life With Derek.  And not even some little role like Kendra.  She was supposed to be RELATED to Michael Seater.  That's like a million Canada brownie points.  She can do whatever she wants in young adult television now.  That's just how it works.

Also, did you know there was a movie?  Something called "Vacation With Derek."  I wonder if that Ashley Leggat girl did anything after Life With Derek?  **IMDbs (yes it's a verb)** Nope, not really.  She was on an episode of that annoying Aaron Stone show and some other movie.  But that's it.

Speaking of her, now I'm wondering if Michael Seater did anything else...

Well, he's in 18 to Life.  And Degrassi Goes Hollywood.  Which makes him infinitely amazing.  What am I saying?  He's Michael Seater.  He's DEREK.  THE DEREK.  Why would he NOT be amazing?

Okay, back to Jordan.  Did you know Wikipedia doesn't have access to a free image of her?  I guess posting a picture of her here would be violating copyright?  Well, she's really pretty so I'm gonna do it anyway (shhh, don't tell the cops).

Oh, whoa, she's only 6 months older than me.  That's not that much considering the 9 years between me and Adamo Ruggiero.

Just thought I'd share that.  Oh, right, I was getting a picture.

This is her with a hat on...

And this is her dressed as a boy...

And this is her... um... what is this?  It's everywhere.  Did she DIE?  What?
No, probably not.  But this looks like it was on the news.
If anyone knows, leave a comment, please.  Or email us at :) Don't worry, no one ever emails us, you don't have to feel bad.
**This just in: The pic is from her appearance on FLASHPOINT.  Thanks, anonymous commenter.**

Ooh, look, she once said "It isn't always easy being me.  But for the most part, I wouldn't trade it for the world."  That's deep.
Then again, is it easy being anyone?  I doubt the president ever thinks "Wow, my life is easy."  And I'm pretty sure Degrassi is proof that teenagers don't sit around thinking "Well that was easy."  The girls sitting in their rooms pretending no one hits them can't help but cry while the gay football players who just want to be straight sometimes just want to scream.
Really the only people with easy lives are people who work at Staples and get to chill by the Easy Buttons.

Okay, I'm talking nonsense again.

I'm gonna publish this post before you stop reading because I make no sense.

Unless you already did.  In which case, sucks for you.  You don't get to see THIS picture:

"Everybody wants something they'll never give up, everybody wants something, they'll take your money..."

Personally, I just love Joey's hat.  And Snake's... hair?  Okay, there's a reason I don't watch Degrassi High.  What are they WEARING?  It's Canada, not Hawaii.


  1. the medical pic of her w/ tubes n her nost is from her appearance in FLASHPOINT saw d ep

  2. I love this post, lol

  3. she was cute as a kid

  4. "she was cute as a kid"???

    well she's fucking fuck-tastic now! no but seriously [if i were at all promiscuous in any way shape or form...which i'm not] i'd so drop my pants for her - as a guy or a girl ;)

  5. i love degrassi and i love Jordan AKA Adam in that show i never even thought she was a kid actress she looked and sounded like she first started her acting carer at 13 or 15 but she is still awesome in her own way!!!!

  6. adam got shot thats why he was in the hospital, sad moment for everyone in degrassi.

  7. Love this show!!! <3

    hebs + chickie = adub fub @blogger and tumblr!